Understanding Limbal Rings and Why They Are Attractive

30.10.2023 | Olga | Eye Fashion TTDeye Care

Hazel, sea green, sparkling or amber? Whenever someone asks us about our favorite eye color, the answer comes in different shades. There seem to be thousands of shades, and people find one color more attractive than others. At least that's what we thought.

However, more and more studies are showing us a completely different answer. It's revealed that eye color is not that important. Instead, a dark circle called a limbal ring on the eye can make all the difference!

In this article, let's delve into the concept of a limbal ring - how common it is, its appearance on eyes of different colors, and the distinctions between eyes with and without a limbal ring.

What Is a Limbal Ring?

A limbal ring is a dark ring that separates the iris from the sclera in the eye. If you are looking for a more straightforward term, it is the ring that separates the colored part from the white part of the eye.

A limbal ring is a dark ring that separates the iris from the sclera in the eye.

Are Limbal Rings Rare?

No, limbal rings are not rare. Most people are born with limbal rings, and they are particularly noticeable in newborns and toddlers, contributing to their adorable gaze. As individuals age, limbal rings may thin out and become less visible, usually starting in the 20s.

However, some people's limbal rings remain prominent into adulthood. The visibility of limbal rings is influenced by factors like eye color, with lighter-colored eyes more likely to maintain visible limbal rings as they age.

Why Are Limbal Rings Attractive?

Limbal rings make your sclera (aka whites) whiter, and make your iris more colorful because of contrast. The transparent iris makes them prominent and vice versa.

Furthermore, limbal rings are involved with your health. The healthier you are, the limbal ring is more noticeable. It is also true for age but reversed. Toddlers have the brightest limbal ring, and senior citizens have close to none.

Limbal ring is an indicator of youth, vitality, and beauty

So, limbal rings can be an indicator of youth, vitality, and, more importantly, beauty. Yes, you read it right, limbal rings make your eyes look beautiful, not the color.

We have evidence to support this. In a 2011 study by Donald Hoffman, Darren Peshek, and colleagues at the University of California, they discovered that both men and women find eyes with darker limbal rings attractive in faces.

However, the research showed that women are more inclined to choose a partner with a darker limbal ring than men. The study suggests that this preference is linked to natural selection, as women tend to select mates with better reproductive prospects, and the limbal ring serves as an involuntary indicator of a person's health.

What Does the Limbal Ring Look Like on Different-colored Eyes?

Now let's figure out what the limbal ring looks like in eyes of different colors. While the color of the iris can affect the appearance of a limbal ring, it's essential to note that limbal rings are inherently dark.

Different colored eyes with limbal ring

👀 Limbal Ring on Blue Eyes

The dark limbal rings look quite prominent and beautiful in lighter-colored eyes, like blue eyes, which make up about 8-10% of the world's population.

👀 Limbal Ring on Green Eyes

Green eyes are one of the rarest eye colors and only about 2% of people in the world have natural green eyes. Limbal rings are noticeable in green eyes.

👀 Limbal Ring on Brown Eyes

79% of people in the world are born with brown eyes and the limbal ring is hard to detect on dark brown eyes. However, some of them with light brown eyes have distinct limbal rings that can remain quite visible, as well.

👀 Limbal Ring on Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes, found in about 5% of people worldwide, are typically a mix of brown and green. Basically, the outer limbal ring becomes more noticeable with lighter iris colors.

Limbal Ring VS No Limbal Ring

Eyes with Limbal Ring VS No Limbal Ring

A distinct limbal ring features a darker circle around the iris, providing contrast, while the absence of a limbal ring means the iris maintains the same color to the edges. Here are the findings of the comparison:

- Limbal rings can visually enlarge your eyes.

- Eyes with limbal rings often appear more attractive.

- Limbal rings serve as indicators of a person's youth and health.

Limbal Ring Contacts to Wear

Nowadays, some colored contact lenses can make your eyes look more prominent. In some parts of Asia, wearing limbal ring contacts is more common than you would think. These lenses make the eye appear larger and more refined, hence added attractiveness.

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More FAQs about Limbal Rings

Q1: Why do I have a limbal ring?

You have a limbal ring because, like almost everyone, you were born with them. However, it's common for limbal rings to fade as people age.

Q2: How to make the limbal ring darker?

There's no way to naturally make limbal rings darker once they've thinned out or faded. However, you can use cosmetic colored contact lenses to temporarily achieve the appearance of darker limbal rings. Shop limbal ring contacts at TTDeye >>

Q3: When do limbal rings fade?

Limbal rings usually start to fade as you age, with thinning and decreased visibility typically occurring in your 20s. However, some individuals may retain prominent limbal rings well into adulthood.

Q4: Is it rare to have a blue limbal ring?

Having a blue limbal ring is not uncommon, and it can be associated with a condition called corneal arcus. This blue tint around the iris, although not rare, is linked to early onset corneal arcus, also known as arcus senilis, which may have connections to cardiovascular disease.

The picture below is a case of Arcus Senilis (Image credit: Wikipedia).

Arcus senilis


As we earlier said, the limbal ring is an indicator of a person's health, so it's better to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It will be a better solution to keep your precious rings for a longer period.

But, even if you have eyes without limbal rings, you don't lose faith in yourself. The attractiveness related to limbal rings is a first impression thing, a matter of mere seconds. Your personality and other features are there to create a more long-lasting and prominent impression on others.

If you desire eyes with a limbal ring effect, colored contacts are the solution. TTDeye offers various options for different eye colors. Shop TTDeye's limbal ring contacts here >>