Full Guide to Circle Lenses: Get the Best 27 Big Eye Circle Contacts

21.12.2023 | Lydia | Eye Fashion TTDeye Care

Circle lenses, the trend that started in Japan and Korea, has spread to Europe and North America in recent years! Also known as large-eye or big-doll-eye contact lenses, these lenses are celebrated for their eye-enlarging effect.

Why do circle lenses make your eyes look bigger? It's all about their larger diameter and a dark outer ring meticulously designed to create a bolder and more prominent eye look. If you're seeking accessories to enhance your eyes and make a stylish statement, colored circle lenses are a must-try!

This article delves into the mechanics of how circle lenses work, distinguishes them from regular color contacts, and offers recommendations for the best circle lenses to achieve captivating, big eyes👀. Keep reading.

What Are Circle Lenses? What Do Circle Lenses Do?

Circle lenses, also called large pupil or big eye contact lenses, are a type of cosmetic color contact lenses. These lenses make the iris look larger by extending its appearance onto the white part of the eye (sclera) through a dark-tinted area. This creates the effect of bigger and wider eyes, similar to the look of dolls' eyes.

Fashion folks with circle lenses on

Initially trendy in Japan, South Korea, and China, circle lenses have gained popularity in Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe. They are designed to alter the eye's appearance for a more captivating and doll-like aesthetic.

What Are the Best Circle Contact Lenses?

Explore various sizes and colors with TTDeye's extensive collection of circle lenses. Choose from diameters like 14.0mm, 14.2mm, 14.4mm, and 14.5mm to find the perfect fit for your desired look. Embrace shades like black, brown, blue, green, grey, pink, and yellow to express your unique style.

Black Circle Lenses

Unleash a classic Halloween look with Darknight Black circle contact lenses. Opt for a subtler touch with alternatives like New York Black, Snowflake Black, and Gem Black if you prefer not to go entirely black.

  Diameter Graphic Diameter Base Curve
Darknight Black 14.4mm 14.2mm 8.6mm
New York Black 14.2mm 13.4mm 8.6mm
Snowflake Black 14.4mm 14.2mm 8.6mm
Gem Black 14.4mm 14.2mm 8.6mm

💡 Note: Graphic Diameter refers to the size of the colored part of a contact lens.

Brown Circle Lenses

Trinity Brown and Edge Brown have a subtle dark limbal ring, which can blend perfectly with your everyday makeup. Starshine Doll Brown and Bohme Hazel's darker outer ring is very noticeable and the enlargement effect is even more obvious!

  Diameter Graphic Diameter Base Curve
Trinity Brown 14.0mm 13.5mm 8.5mm
Edge Brown 14.4mm 14.2mm 8.6mm
Starshine Doll Brown 14.4mm 14.0mm 8.6mm
Bohme Hazel 14.4mm 14.2mm 8.6mm

Blue Circle Lenses

For daily elegance, choose Daisy Blue and Immersing Blue circle colored contacts. Channel your inner Snow Queen Elsa with the enchanting Ice Blue. For a deep and captivating look, opt for the rich hue of Blue Sapphire.

  Diameter Graphic Diameter Lens Details
Daisy Blue 14.0mm 13.2mm 8.5mm
Immersing Blue 14.2mm 13.1mm 8.6mm
Ice Blue 14.0mm 13.6mm 8.5mm
Blue Sapphire 14.4mm 14.0mm 8.6mm

Green Circle Lenses

Experience the allure of our ultra-natural green contacts, creating the rarest eye color in the world effortlessly. Not only do they turn your eyes green, but they also provide a subtle enlargement, giving you mesmerizing eyes without you even realizing it!

  Diameter Graphic Diameter Lens Details
Trinity Green 14.0mm 13.5mm 8.5mm
Norko Green 14.5mm 13.8mm 8.6mm
Aegean Sea Green 14.2mm 13.6mm 8.6mm
Bailey Green 14.4mm 14.2mm 8.6mm

Grey Circle Lenses

Discover the enchanting effect of our gray circle lenses like Edge Grey, Trinity Grey, and Moon Garden Grey, subtly enlarging your eyes for a captivating look that you won't even notice! For a more doll-like appearance, Starshine Doll Grey is perfect and ideal for your cosplay adventures.

  Diameter Graphic Diameter Lens Details
Edge Grey 14.4mm 14.2mm 8.6mm
Trinity Grey 14.0mm 13.5mm 8.5mm
Starshine Doll Grey 14.4mm 14.0mm 8.6mm
Moon Garden Grey 14.2mm 13.6mm 8.6mm

Pink Circle Lenses

Ice Pink and Juice Pink circle lenses seamlessly blend into your daily routine, complementing a well-thought-out makeup look. However, reserve the strikingly bold Pure Pink design for your cosplay costumes, as its exaggerated Barbie pink aesthetic steals the spotlight!

  Diameter Graphic Diameter Lens Details
Ice Pink 14.0mm 13.6mm 8.5mm
Juice Pink 14.0mm 13.3mm 8.5mm
Pure Pink 14.5mm 14.2mm 8.5mm

Yellow Circle Lenses

With simple patterns, yellow circle contact lenses like Edge Yellow-Green, Mirage Yellow-Green and Egypt Yellow-Green are good for everyday wear. If you want bold cosplay lenses for Halloween or other special events, Mystery Yellow is a good option.

  Diameter Graphic Diameter Lens Details
Edge Yellow-Green 14.4mm 14.2mm 8.6mm
Mirage Yellow-Green 14.2mm 13.5mm 8.6mm
Egypt Yellow-Green 14.0mm 13.7mm 8.5mm
Mystery Yellow 14.4mm 14.2mm 8.6mm

Circle Lenses Before and After

Witness the impact of big circle contact lenses in this before-and-after example. Notice how the eye with the circle lens on the right appears significantly larger than the eye on the left without one.

Circle Lenses Before and After on Dark Brown Eyes

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Circle Lenses vs Regular Colored Contact Lenses

The contact lenses we are talking about here are colored contacts, also known as decorative, costume, or cosmetic contact lenses. These lenses come in various colors and designs, including natural tones, whiteout styles, special effects, and more!

1. Circle Lenses Make the Eyes Look Bigger

Circle contact lenses come in various diameters - like 14.0mm, 14.2mm, 14.4mm, and 14.5mm, which turn out to be slightly larger than regular color contact lenses. If you want bigger and bolder-looking eyes, go for circle lenses.

2. Circle Lenses Make the Eyes Look Younger as If One Is in Their Teens

Circle lenses help to enhance the limbal ring of the eyes. A limbal ring is the dark circle that separates the iris from the sclera in the eye. It was obvious when you were before 20 and faded as you age. It is believed to be an indicator of youth, vitality, and beauty.

On the other hand, normal colored contact lenses do not have a black rim and put more emphasis on natural-looking effects.

Circle lenses with a limbal ring

Are Circle Lenses Safe?

Circle eye contacts, like other contact lenses, are safe when prescribed by an eye care professional and used correctly.

In some countries, including the United States, a valid prescription is required to purchase large circle lenses. Even those with perfect vision who want color contacts for cosmetic reasons need a "Plano" prescription, which means zero vision correction.

Plus, it's important to have decorative soft contact lenses properly fitted. This can help maintain vision and eye health.

Final Words

Unveil the secret of Kawaii transformation with circle lenses! Crafted to enlarge and brighten your eyes, these lenses elevate your gaze to new heights.

Experience the magic of big eye circle lenses with an enlargement effect at TTDeye! Choose from a diverse palette of black, brown, blue, grey, green, pink, yellow, and more. Whether you need non-prescription (Plano) or prescription circle lenses, we've got you covered!