What Colored Contacts Can Make Eyes Look Bigger? Try Big Eye Contacts!

21.12.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion TTDeye Care

What Are Big Eye Contacts? According to The New York Times, big eye contact lenses, also known as circle lenses, are cosmetic contact lenses made to cover not only your iris but part of the white part of your eyes to make them look big and doll-like.

These adorable lenses are larger in diameter than normal color contact lenses, with a thick outer rim to emphasize the size of the prettiest peepers. These are designed to make your eyes look bigger, bolder, and more defined for "Big Eyes", perfect for that really cute girl-next-door appearance. They come in both regular and unexpected colors, some with special designs on them.

And they’re gaining popularity like you wouldn’t believe. Fashionable folk in Western countries have adopted the trend, too. Want to try out circle or big eye contacts for yourself? Our tips for buying are below.

What Are the Best Large Eye Contact Lenses that Make Eyes Bigger?

TTDeye Bailey Collection

Bailey is the new collection for 2022 summer. The limbal ring of this series is dark grey which will help to enlarge your eyes gently. It’s the perfect choice for those who want enlarge effect but not too much.

With the three classic shades and the yellow dots on the lenses, Bailey Series can bring you a summer vibe and pop your eyes up.

TTDeye Bailey Big Eye Contact Lense Collection

 Base curve: 8.6mm | Diameter: 14.4mm | Yearly Lenses 

TTDeye Edge Collection

With leopard-like patterns on the edge and irregular dots scattered in the lens, not only add rich layering but also help to create a natural enlargement effect. Other natural enlarge lenses for everyday wear.

These beautiful brownish colored contacts will transform any dull eyes into  a warm, lightly textured with underlying tones, helping you achieve a perfect feminine look. The circle lenses have taken over the beauty blogosphere by storm. Go grab TTDeye Edge Colored Contact Lenses and meet this trend!

TTDeye Edge Collection that Enlarge EyesTTDeye Edge Collection that enlarge eyes

 Base curve: 8.6mm | Diameter: 14.4mm | Yearly Lenses

TTDeye Vintage Collection

TTDEYE Vintage Collection has the super obvious limbal ring, which is black dot patterns. It helps both dark and light pupils to look bigger and deep. The green one is like a piece of velvet curtain under the sunshine, and the brown one is like a cup of hot Cappuccino in the winter.

With vibrant colors and a wide black circle, you will be as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn the Goddess, capturing everyone you meet in the blink of an eye.

❣️ Update: This product were no longer be sold.

TTDeye Vintage CollectionTTDeye Vintage Collection

Base curve: 8.5mm | Diameter: 14mm | Yearly Lenses

TTDeye Starshine Big Doll Eye Contact Lenses

TTDEYE Starshine Doll Series can be the first choice for those who want a doll-like look. Inspired by Christmas trees, these gorgeous colored contacts are decorated with stars of different shapes.

Black and grey or black and brown, these two colors have a perfect transition, from outside to inside, giving you big and shiny eyes like a lovely doll. The bigger coloring diameter brings you a pair of bigger eyes. Try it for completing your kawaii makeup!

TTDeye Starshine Big Doll Eye Contact LensesTTDeye Starshine Big Doll Eye Contact Lenses

Base curve: 8.6mm | Diameter: 14.4mm | Yearly Lenses

TTDeye Darknight Black Contacts

If you have light eyes and always wonder what you’ll look like with pure black eyes, or if you have been born with dark eyes and seek a “big eye” look, TTDeye Darknight Black Colored Contact Lenses are just what you need!

These all-black contact lenses provide more coverage than your average contact lens and create a blanked-out appearance, helping to complete all the special styles you want, from kawaii daily outfits to freaky Halloween makeups.

TTDeye Darknight Black Contacts

Base curve: 8.6mm | Diameter: 14.4mm | Yearly Lenses

Why Do Big Eye Contacts Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Big eye contacts, or circle lenses, feature a larger diameter than regular colored contacts and often have a dark outer ring that enhances the eye's definition. The enlargement effect is achieved through the interplay of several design elements.

🖍️ Larger Diameter: The larger diameter of big eye contacts covers a greater portion of the eye, making the iris appear bigger.

🖍️ Dark Limbal Ring: Additionally, the dark outer ring contrasts with the whites of the eyes, creating a boundary that enhances the perceived size.

What's the Difference Between Big Eye Contacts and Normal Colored Contacts?

Compared to regular colored contacts, big eye contacts prioritize the enlargement effect.

While regular colored contacts focus on changing or enhancing eye color, big eye contacts go beyond this by aiming to create a more doll-like or anime-inspired appearance. The distinct design elements, such as the larger diameter and outer ring, contribute to the unique visual impact of big eye contacts.

How to Choose the Right Large Eye Contacts?

It's not true that the larger the diameter of the lens, the better the doll-eye effect. Here are some things to consider when choosing big eye contact lenses:

1. Diameter

Contact lenses should cover your cornea completely and stretch an extra millimeter around the circumference of your cornea. For example, if your cornea is 12 millimeters, you should choose a contact lens that is about 14 millimeters.

Some laboratories also suggest ordering a contact lens with a diameter that is 3-3.5 millimeters greater than your horizontal visible iris diameter.

💡 Check out the specifications for Bailey Green Color Contact Lense, including its diameter and graphic diameter.

Colored Contacts Diameter and Graphic Diameter

2. Base curve

The average base curve for soft disposable contact lenses is 8.6 millimeters, with a normal range of 8.3-9.0 millimeters.

3. Pupil Size & Eye Shape

The size of your pupils and the shape of your eye should also be considered when choosing the diameter of your contact lenses.

For example, if you have a longer color range than your black eyes, your eyes may look unbalanced and unnatural. To achieve a big eye effect, make the contact lens smaller in diameter than your black eye.

Final Words

No kawaii look is complete without the big-eye effect of colored circle lenses. The contact lenses, made popular by Japanese street fashion trendsetters as well as K-pop singers, have been making a splash abroad for a few years now.

Unlike your average colored lenses, these Korean-manufactured contacts boast a slightly larger diameter as well as a black circle along the outer rim of the contact, which highlights the size of the lens and enlarges the appearance of the iris. Find the perfect contact lenses with an enlargement effect for your doll looks with TTDEYE!