16 Halloween Makeup Ideas 2024: Vampire, Devil, Skeleton & Mummy

18.01.2024 | Lydia | Eye Fashion

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's time to get creative with your makeup. Your eyes can be the centerpiece of your Halloween costume. Whether you're going for a classic, scary, cute, or trendy look, the right eye makeup can take your outfit to the next level.

In this article, we'll explore Halloween makeup ideas that will make you the star of any Halloween event. From classics like vampires and witches to scarier options like zombies and skeletons, and even cute ideas like Disney princesses or deer, we've got it all covered. Plus, we'll dive into trendy makeup ideas like Barbie and pop art-inspired looks.

So, whether you want to enchant or terrify, our Halloween makeup ideas will help you achieve the perfect look. Let's dive in and get ready for a memorable Halloween!

Classic and Easy Halloween Makeup

When it comes to Halloween, some costume ideas never go out of style. Classic characters like vampires, wolves, witches, and more have been haunting Halloween parties for generations. The best part? They're not only timeless but also easy to recreate with makeup.

Let's dive into the world of classic and easy Halloween makeup ideas!

1. Vampire Makeup

Sink your teeth into this classic Halloween look. Achieve vampire allure with pale skin, dramatic gold, red or dark eyes, and blood-red lips. Don't forget those signature fangs for an authentic touch.

📌 Vampires' eyes change color based on their diet: human blood turns them red, and animal blood makes them gold. To get natural vampire eyes, consider TTDeye's Twilight Vampire Red or Iris Gold-Brown lenses. For a more menacing look, go for Blind Black contacts, ideal for a thirsty vampire.

Vampire makeup for Halloween

2. Wolf Makeup

Transform into a mystical creature of the night with wolf makeup. Blend earthy tones to create a furry effect and accentuate your eyes for that wild, captivating gaze.

📌 Unleash your inner wolf through your eyes with TTDeye's werewolf colored eye contacts, available in three colors - Orange, Green, and Black.

3. Witch Makeup

Embrace your inner witch with this timeless Halloween makeup choice. Green skin, a hooked nose, and a pointy hat will complete your enchanting transformation.

4. Mummy Makeup

Wrap yourself in mummy bandages by using strips of gauze or torn cloth. Apply white and gray makeup to give your skin a decaying appearance.

📌 A pair of Zombie Curse White or Darknight Black lenses can complete your makeup, creating an eerie look without compromising your vision!

Mummy Look for Halloween

5. Frankenstein's Monster Makeup

Create the iconic look of Frankenstein's monster with green face paint, bolts on your neck, and messy black hair. Add stitches for extra authenticity.

📌 For eye makeup, opt for Polar Lights Yellow-Green colored contact lenses to achieve a teary-eyed effect.

6. Devil/Demon Makeup

Devil makeup and demon makeup are both popular choices for Halloween.

Devil makeup often features a more seductive appearance, with red or fiery tones, exaggerated eyebrows, and a mischievous or alluring vibe.

📌 We recommend red contacts like Dangerous Ruby or Pure Red to enhance your Halloween devil makeup. See @blackunicorn2991's devil makeup for inspiration!

Devil Makeup

On the other hand, demon makeup leans towards a darker, more sinister look, often involving black, gray, or blood-red colors, with a focus on creating a more frightening and malevolent presence.

📌 Black contacts, such as Darknight Black and Blind Black, can spice up your Halloween face makeup.

Horror/Scary Halloween Makeup

Prepare to send shivers down spines with our spine-tingling scary Halloween makeup ideas. These makeup looks will haunt your dreams and steal the show at any Halloween gathering.

7. Zombie Makeup

Rise from the undead with zombie makeup. Create rotting flesh, exposed bones, and sunken eyes for a spine-chilling effect. Add fake blood for an extra touch of horror.

💡 10 fantastic ideas like zombie cheerleader, zombie bride, zombie nurse, etc., await you when it comes to crafting the perfect zombie makeup look!

Zombie Bride

8. SFX Makeup

Take your Halloween makeup to the next level with 3D special effects makeup. Create realistic wounds, scars, and prosthetics for a truly horrifying transformation.

9. Skull/Skeleton Makeup

Become a living skeleton with the classic skeleton makeup look. Outline your bones and darken the hollow areas of your face for a ghastly appearance.

📌 TTDeye's Zombie Curse White, Gridding White, and Darknight Black are popular color contact choices for skeleton or skull makeup. See @rupalibaherasfx's amazing skeleton makeup for Halloween or Day of the Dead, with Gridding White on the right eye, Pure Red on the left.

Skeleton Makeup

Cute Halloween Makeup

In this section, we'll explore some cute Halloween makeup looks that are sure to steal hearts and make you the center of attention at any Halloween gathering. Let's dive into the world of cuteness and creativity!

10. Cat Halloween Makeup

Unleash your inner feline with (Cheshire) cat makeup. Whiskers, a cute button nose, and cat eyeliner will have you purring with delight.

📌 Pair your cat Halloween makeup with a pair of cat eye contacts. NOTE that you should put on your contacts before you start applying your makeup!

Cat Makeup

11. Deer Makeup

Channel the grace of a woodland creature with deer makeup. Use soft, earthy tones and delicate spots to capture the enchanting beauty of a deer.

12. Pumpkin Makeup

Channel the spirit of Halloween by becoming a cute pumpkin. Paint your face orange, add a green stem to your nose, and use black eyeliner to draw a jack-o'-lantern face.

13. Unicorn Makeup

Embrace the whimsy of a unicorn with pastel-colored face paint, a unicorn horn headband, and glitter accents. Add colorful eyelashes to a magical touch.

Trendy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Get ready to explore some of the most fashionable and forward-thinking Halloween makeup trends in this section. It's time to step up your costume game and show off your trendy side!

14. Barbie Makeup

Transform into a real-life Barbie doll with this trendy Halloween makeup idea. Think pink, glitz, and glamour to achieve the iconic Barbie look.

📌 TTDeye's range of blue contacts, such as Aquarius Blue, is ideal for achieving the classic Barbie eye look!

Barbie makeup

15. Pop Art Makeup

Step into the world of comic books with pop art makeup. Create bold, graphic lines and vibrant colors for a dynamic and eye-catching appearance.

16. Cyberpunk Makeup

Emulate the futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic with metallic and neon makeup this Halloween. Think metallic silver, bold neon eyeliner, and augmented reality-inspired designs.

Final Words

This Halloween, let your imagination run wild and experiment with these fantastic Halloween makeup ideas. Whether you prefer classic, scary, cute, or trendy looks, there's a Halloween makeup style that will suit your taste and personality.

Some looks prove to be difficult and need to be practiced. Grab your makeup brushes, get creative, and have a spooktacular Halloween!