11 Zombie Makeup Ideas for Halloween in 2024

18.01.2024 | Lydia | Eye Fashion

Zombie makeup is a staple when it comes to Halloween costume ideas. The undead look has been a favorite for ages, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you're dressing up as a zombie for a Halloween party, a spooky event, or just for fun, we've got you covered.

In this guide, we'll provide you with 1 fantastic DIY zombie makeup ideas suitable for females, males, and even children. We'll start with easy options and gradually move to more intricate looks, ensuring there's something for everyone. Let's dive right in!

Basic Zombie Makeup Kit

What makeup do you use for a zombie? Here are the essential items you'll need in your zombie makeup kit:

TTDeye zombie contact lenses

1. Classic Zombie Makeup

For beginners, classic zombie makeup is an excellent choice.

Use pale foundation to create a deathly complexion, add dark circles around your eyes, and use fake blood generously for that just-risen-from-the-grave effect. Tear up old clothes, mess up your hair, and you're ready to roam the streets like a classic zombie.

The classic style is an easy zombie makeup option, regardless of age or gender. It's highly customizable, allowing you to adjust the level of gore and scariness to match your party vibe.

Classic Zombie Makeup

2. Glitter Zombie Makeup

For a more unique twist, try Glitter Zombie Makeup, which is a great choice for those who love a touch of sparkle.

Start with a cream palette as your zombie base, but you can also use white face paint as an alternative. Next, apply a couple of grey shades to create a subtle contour effect. Once you're done, your makeup will be ready to pair with a fun outfit.

3. Zombie Bride

Zombie brides are a timeless favorite for girls.

Start with a white bridal gown and veil, and then transform them into tattered, bloodstained relics. Add dark smudges around your eyes and use gray makeup to create a decaying effect. It's the perfect blend of eerie and elegant.

Zombie Bride

4. Zombie Cheerleader

Give a sporty twist to your undead look by becoming a dead Zombie Cheerleader, suitable for both kids and adults.

Apply your classic zombie makeup and pair it with a zombie cheerleader costume. Finally, add fake blood splatters and complete the look with pom-poms smeared in red.

5. Zombie Nurse

Turn the caring nurse into a horrifying Zombie Nurse. This look is suitable for both women and men.

Dress in a nurse's uniform, and then follow the classic zombie makeup steps. Don't forget to add some bloody medical tools as props for that extra creepy touch.

Zombie nurse

6. Zombie Nun Makeup

The zombie nun makeup combines the iconic imagery of a nun with the undead aesthetic of a zombie, creating a truly unsettling yet captivating appearance.

Achieve the look by applying a ghostly base, darkening eye sockets, and using deep red or black lipstick. Enhance with dark eyeliner, and don a tattered nun's habit for an eerie and captivating transformation that combines the sacred with the sinister.

Zombie Nun Makeup

7. Alien Zombie

For a unique twist, combine the zombie and alien themes. Apply green, otherworldly makeup and add gruesome zombie details to your face. It's a guaranteed head-turner at any Halloween gathering.

8. Pop Art Zombie

Want to stand out? Try the Pop Art Zombie look like @blackunicorn2991. Create comic book-style dots and lines around your face using bold colors. This requires face-painting skills, a steady hand, and lots of patience.

Pop Art Zombie

9. Glam Zombie Look

For a glamorous touch to your undead ensemble, go for the Glam Zombie Look. Use glitzy makeup and add rhinestones for some sparkle. Combine this with classic zombie makeup for a dazzling but spooky appearance.

10. Bloody Zombie Makeup

If you want to focus on the gore, the Bloody Zombie Makeup is perfect. Splatter yourself with fake blood generously, paying attention to your clothing and face. The messier, the better!

11. SFX Zombie

For the ultimate zombie transformation, go for 3D Special Effects (SFX) Zombie Makeup. This may require some experience, but the results are worth it. Use prosthetics, latex, and fake wounds to create a truly realistic zombie appearance.

SFX Zombie Makeup

FAQs about Zombie Makeup

Q1: How to do easy zombie makeup?

You can follow the steps below to apply a simple zombie makeup:

1) Start with clean, moisturized skin: Apply a light layer of moisturizer to create a barrier between your skin and makeup.

2) Apply lighter foundation or pale grey or green face paint as the base color for your skin: Use a makeup sponge for even coverage.

3) Use darker gray, green, or blue shades to create shadows on your face: Concentrate these colors around your eye sockets, cheekbones, and jawline. Blend well to achieve a sunken and hollow look.

4) Create wounds and injuries (optional): Apply a thin layer of liquid latex to the desired area and let it partially dry. Once tacky, use your fingers to gently pull and tear the latex to create realistic-looking wounds. Fill these wounds with red and brown face paint to mimic blood and exposed flesh.

5) Apply fake blood: Use liquid or gel fake blood to add gore to your zombie look. Apply it to wounds, around the mouth, and in other areas to make your zombie look freshly "fed."

6) Set your makeup: Don't forget to dust your entire face with setting powder to prevent smudging and creasing.

7) Enhance the eyes: For a sunken-eye effect, apply dark shadows around your eyes, and use red or black face paint to create bloodshot eyes. TTDeye's colored contacts like Blind White, Gridding White, and Zombie Curse can add more glamour to your look!

TTDeye zombie contact lenses

8) Finish and accessorize: Once you're satisfied with your zombie makeup, finish the look with tattered clothes and any accessories you desire, like ripped clothing or props.

Or watch the simple video guide to inspire your zombie makeup for this Halloween!

Q2: How to make zombie eyes with makeup?

To create zombie's eyes, you can:

  • Use dark eyeshadows to add depth and dark circles around the eyes.
  • Apply red or black face paint to achieve the appearance of bloodshot eyes.
  • Wear white or red contact lenses for an eerie effect.

Q3: What colors to use for zombie makeup?

Stick to pale foundations and grey or greenish hues for the base. Use dark browns, purples, and reds for wounds and blood.

Q4: How do you dress up as a zombie easily?

Dressing up as a zombie is easy – choose old, tattered clothes you don't mind damaging, mess up your hair, and apply zombie makeup.


There are countless ways to transform into a spooky zombie for Halloween or any costume event. Whether you opt for a classic, glam, or SFX look, the key is to have fun and get creative.

So, pick your favorite zombie makeup idea, get your supplies (like zombie contact lenses) ready, and prepare to give everyone a fright this Halloween!