17 Vampire Makeup Ideas & Tutorials to Vamp Up Your Halloween in 2024

18.01.2024 | Lydia | Eye Fashion

Vampire makeup brings an air of mystique and allure to Halloween festivities. Whether inspired by the Adopt Me Vampire Dragon, classic Dracula tales, Twilight, or Vampire Diaries, these makeup styles let you embrace the darkness in style.

To truly embody the essence of these nocturnal creatures, consider the transformative power of colored eye contacts. In this article, we'll delve into various vampire makeup ideas for different preferences, from the classic to the glamorous, the scary to the cute.

1. Classic & Easy Vampire Makeup

For those seeking a timeless look, classic and easy vampire makeup is the perfect choice. With pale foundation, red lips, and subtle smoky eyes, you can capture the essence of eternal vampiric charm effortlessly.

💡🎯 Opt for crimson red contacts like Twilight Vampire Red, Devil Sclera Red, or Pure Red lenses to intensify the allure of classic and subtle vampire elegance.

Classic Easy Vampire Makeup

2. Female Vampire Makeup

Female vampire makeup introduces sexy and seductive elements. Think deep, mesmerizing eyes, bold lips, and an ethereal complexion. This style evokes the timeless beauty of female vampires in literature and film.

💡🎯 Enhance the seductive gaze with emerald Mystery Green or deep Sapphire Blue contacts.

3. Vampire Makeup Male

Men can embrace the undead allure with male vampire makeup. From brooding dark eyes to blood-red accents, this style adds a masculine touch to the classic vampire aesthetic.

💡🎯 To achieve brooding dark eyes, choose Darknight Black contacts or Blind Black lenses. For a blood-red allure, go for Twilight Vampire Red, Devil Sclera Red, or Pure Red lenses.

Classic Vampire Makeup

4. Gothic Vampire Makeup

Gothic vampire makeup adds a dark, dramatic flair. Deep, intense colors, intricate detailing, and Gothic accessories contribute to a hauntingly beautiful look.

💡🎯 Intensify the gothic allure with violet or blood-red contacts, creating a mesmerizing effect.

5. Vampire Makeup for Little Girl

Even little ones can join the vampire fun. Delicate touches like blood-stained lips and subtle eye accents create an adorable yet spooky look for girls.

💡🎯 Add a playful touch with light purple or aqua-colored contacts for a cute and spooky look.

Vampire Makeup for Little Girl

6. Sexy Vampire Makeup

Embrace the sensual side of vampirism with sexy vampire makeup. Sultry eyes, intense red lips, and a touch of allure make for an irresistible and captivating appearance.

💡🎯 Opt for cat-eye contacts in shades to accentuate the sensual gaze.

7. Vampire Victim/Bite Makeup

Take a twist on the traditional vampire with victim makeup. Blood streaks, wounded effects, and a distressed appearance make for a convincing portrayal of a recent vampire attack.

💡🎯 Emphasize the wounded effect with white or grey contacts for a hauntingly realistic appearance.

Vampire Victim Makeup

8. Scary Vampire Makeup

Step into the realm of horror with scary vampire makeup. This style employs intense, frightening elements like bloody fangs, sunken eyes, and a deathly complexion to induce shivers. Explore some chilling zombie makeup looks if you're into the horror vibe for Halloween!

💡🎯 Add a terrifying touch with all-black or blind-white contacts for a truly spooky look.

9. Glam Vampire Makeup

For a high-fashion twist on vampire allure, opt for glam vampire makeup. Think glittering eyeshadows, sleek contours, and bold highlights to bring out the elegance in the undead.

💡🎯 Glittering silver or golden contacts can elevate the glamour of your vampire aesthetic.

Glam Vampire Makeup

10. Dark Vampire Makeup

Dive into the shadows with dark vampire makeup. This style embraces a mysterious, otherworldly aura with deep, rich colors and intricate detailing.

💡🎯 Channel the darkness with deep, dark-colored contacts like midnight blue or charcoal grey.

11. Bloody Vampire Makeup

For a gore-filled Halloween, bloody vampire makeup is the way to go. Smeared blood, faux wounds, and a menacing stare create a fearsome and realistic vampire aesthetic.

💡🎯 Enhance the gore with red or black contacts, creating an unsettling and realistic effect.

Bloody Vampire Makeup

12. Cute Vampire Makeup

For a more playful twist, cute vampire makeup introduces charming elements like heart-shaped accents, glitter, and softer colors.

💡🎯 Play up the cuteness with vibrant and playful hues like pink or light blue contacts.

13. Victorian Vampire Makeup

Capture the essence of historical vampires with Victorian vampire makeup. Think elaborate hairstyles, intricate accessories, and a refined yet haunting appearance.

💡🎯 Achieve a vintage charm with subtle grey or brown contacts for an authentic Victorian look.

Victorian Vampire Makeup

14. Natural Vampire Makeup

Keep it subtle and understated with natural vampire makeup. Pale tones, minimalistic accents, and a focus on enhancing your natural features offer a subdued yet alluring vampire look.

💡🎯 Keep it subtle with TTDeye's Polar Lights Grey or other natural contacts for a captivating yet natural appearance.

15. Fanged Vampire Makeup

Highlight the iconic fangs with fanged vampire makeup. This style draws attention to the most recognizable vampire feature with bold, eye-catching details.

💡🎯 Highlight the bloody or thirsty effect by using red or black contacts.

Fanged Vampire Makeup

16. Vampire Dragon Makeup

Venture into the fantastical world of Adopt Me Vampire Dragon makeup and let your creativity soar. Drawing inspiration from this enchanting creature, your makeup can be a whimsical blend of dragon mystique and vampiric allure.

💡🎯 Opt for TTDeye's Awaken Demon Yellow eye contacts to achieve a dragon-like allure.

17. Blue Vampire Makeup

This might contest for the favorite Halloween makeup look for many people, as it has just enough edge to be different from all the other vampires! With a pale foundation, icy blue lips, and smoky eyes, you can create a subtle blue vampire makeup.

💡🎯 Don't forget to wear a pair of blue contacts to match your blue lips.

Blue Vampire Makeup

How to Do Vampire Makeup?

Here comes a vampire makeup tutorial to get your Halloween makeup done. As an example, we will show you how to do Vampire Dragon makeup step by step.

1. Foundation & Dragon Scales: Apply foundation as usual. Use iridescent eyeshadows in dragon-inspired hues for a scaly texture on your face.

2. Fiery Eyes: Create a fiery gaze with bold red and orange eyeshadows. Choose gold or yellow eye contacts for a dragon-like allure. For more options, check out TTDeye's collection of Dragon Contacts >>

TTDeye Awaken Demon Yellow eye contacts

3. Intricate Markings: Draw intricate dragon markings with eyeliner, adding a mystical touch to your look.

4. Vampire Elements: Add classic vampire elements like deep red lips and subtle cheekbone contouring for elegance. If you don't want dragon eyes, consider a pair of Vampire Contacts >>

5. Dragon Horn Accents: Incorporate dragon horn accents using prosthetics or creative alternatives like headbands.

6. Radiant Highlights: Highlight key areas for an otherworldly glow that mirrors a dragon's radiance.

7. Adopt Me Flourish: Include Adopt Me-themed elements subtly into your makeup for a unique touch.

8. Dramatic Lashes: Enhance allure with bold eyelashes, such as feathered or winged styles.

9. Dragon Accessories: Complete the look with dragon-themed accessories like earrings or necklaces.

Final Words

This Halloween, embrace the immortal allure of vampires with these diverse and captivating makeup ideas. Whether you opt for classic elegance, gothic drama, or playful cuteness, vampire makeup offers endless possibilities for creative expression.

Unleash your inner vampire and make this Halloween a night to remember. Don't forget to pick a pair of perfect vampire contacts to enhance your look!