7 Limbal Ring Contacts for Both Dark and Light Eyes

22.02.2024 | Annette | Eye Fashion TTDeye Care

It is subtle but makes all the difference. The limbal rings create a contrast between the sclera and the iris that makes the eye more attractive. 🥳 Now here's the good news! Most people are born with limbal rings in their eyes. 😥 However, they tend to fade as age grows.

TTDeye understood the real significance of this scientific discovery and took action accordingly. We've got a huge selection of limbal ring contacts here.

Whether you are just looking to enhance your natural eye color or trying to try something different for your eye, a pair of colored contacts with limbal rings is going to play a huge role!

What Is the Limbal Ring on Contact Lenses?

The limbal ring is a darker, contrasted circle that separates the white part of the eye from the color part, or in other words, the boundary between the sclera and the iris.

Colored contacts with a limbal ring

Are Colored Contacts with Limbal Ring More Natural?

Whether your contacts are natural or not depends on many factors, including the limbal ring, tint, opacity, and patterns.

Generally, colored contacts with a subtle or no limbal ring appear more natural and realistic. Contacts with a limbal ring that matches the lens color are considered more natural.

Types of Limbal Ring Contact Lenses

These are the main types of colored contacts with limbal rings. You can uncover the recommendations for each type and find the perfect lenses to complement your style.

1. No limbal ring contacts - They are the most natural-looking colored contact lenses. But, as we age, the depth of natural limbal rings wears out. If you are facing that, then maybe these contact lenses are not your thing.

👉 Recommendation: Polar Lights, HD, Queen

2. Slight limbal ring contact lenses - A slight limbal ring contact lens features a slightly darker ring. It complements your natural iris color with a slight contrast.

👉 Recommendation: Trinity, Himalaya, Bailey, Taylor

3. Strong limbal ring contacts - These lenses have a more defined and noticeable dark limbal ring that will enhance your eye color. If you are trying for a dramatic, bold look, then give these lenses a go.

👉 Recommendation: Edge, Euramerican, Menigo, Starshine Doll

4. Contrasting limbal ring lenses - If you are thinking about adding mystery to your eyes, then the contrasting lenses are more of your thing. These lenses have an outer ring that contrasts with the color of the iris.

👉 Recommendation: Edge, Euramerican, Menigo, Starshine Doll, Macaron

Top 7 Colored Contacts with Limbal Rings

Embark on a journey to redefine your eyes with our curated list of the top 7 limbal ring contact lenses.

1. Himalaya Colored Contact Lenses

🛒 Here to shop: TTDeye Himalaya Collection >

TTDeye Himalaya Colored Contact Lenses

When you want some lenses to balance your heavier eye makeup, the Himalaya series will be a beginner-friendly choice.

Many people would be afraid that contact lenses with a limbal ring would be unnatural. But when you wear the Himalaya collection, such worries will disappear. Although this series has an outer ring, it is not too much and can help to enlarge your eyes.

The very pop color can completely change your eye color, whether you have dark or light eyes. In any case, if this is your first time trying colored contact lenses or if you prefer one with a natural finish without much enlarging effect, try out the Himalaya range.

2. Edge Brown Colored Contact Lenses

🛒 Here to shop: TTDeye Edge Brown >

TTDeye Edge Brown Colored Contact Lenses

If you have brown eyes and are looking for something to enhance your natural beauty, these should be perfect for you.

A limbal ring of chocolate surrounding a light cocoa pattern can be the boost you are searching for. Available in both non-prescription and myopia prescription, the Edge Brown contact lens is the ultimate natural-looking contact lens.

3. Bailey Grey Colored Contact Lenses

🛒 Here to shop: TTDeye Bailey Grey >

TTDeye Bailey Grey Colored Contact Lenses

The limbal ring of our Bailey Grey lenses is dark grey, which will help to enlarge your eyes gently. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to enlarge their eyes but not too much.

These grey lenses will bring out the hidden sparkle of your eye. You will get the boost of a prominent limbal ring and enhanced color. They are available for both people with perfect eyesight and myopia.

4. Trinity Green Colored Contact Lenses

🛒 Here to shop: TTDeye Trinity Green >

TTDeye Trinity Green Colored Contact Lenses

Trinity Green is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a subtle change and want to lighten their dark brown eyes to a hazel green.

With a natural transition of three colors, brown, green, and then dark green limbal ring, you will get the transformation you desire but it won't be a shock. People will not even know you wear contacts and just think they have never noticed you have such beautiful hazel-green eyes before!

5. Nomi Blue Colored Contact Lenses

🛒 Here to shop: TTDeye Nomi Blue >

TTDeye Nomi Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Your gorgeous blue eyes were not getting the attention they deserve? Well, not anymore. TTDEYE launched Nomi series lenses for the 2022 spring.

The dark limbal ring blends well with your pupils and naturally enlarges your eyes. The matte pattern on the inner ring makes your eyes soft and hazy. The spring feelings brought by the fog pattern are the unique highlight of the Nomi series. If you want brighter blue lenses, Nomi Blue would be a good choice.

6. Yummy Pink Colored Contact Lenses

🛒 Here to shop: TTDeye Yummy Pink >

TTDeye Yummy Pink Colored Contact Lenses

Yummy Collection features a strong limbal ring and gives a beautifully bold look.

The colors in this series are more vibrant and pigmented than other lenses. So it is generally more suitable for some cosplayers. If you are going to try some cute looks, this is also a perfect choice to give you unique doll eyes.

7. Euramerican Blue Colored Contact Lenses

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TTDeye Euramerican Blue Colored Contact Lenses

The Euramerican Blue colored contact lenses can be used on almost any eye. They will add a prominent limbal ring and give a blue hue to your natural eye, which will be so natural that nobody will think of contact lenses!


TTDeye is renowned for its natural-looking lenses. The limbal ring contacts we recommend in this article are natural and mostly perfect for everyday looks. These will instantly boost your eye color and look.

But, always remember to check with your eye doctor for the latest prescription before trying any lenses. Ill-fitted lenses will harm your eye, more than you can imagine.