Top 6 Special Effects Contact Lenses to Try in 2023

20.03.2024 | Leah | Eye Fashion Product Review

Welcome to our exciting blog post, "Top 6 Special Effects Contact Lenses to Try in 2023," where we delve into the world of extraordinary eye transformations. Designed especially for SFX makeup artists and enthusiasts, this curated list showcases the most captivating colored contacts on the market. Get ready to explore a kaleidoscope of possibilities as we present a selection of mind-blowing lenses that will undoubtedly elevate your creative vision.

Who does not love the creamy golden eye of Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga? Or who didn’t try to look away while looking at Jane’s red eye? Every once in a while, these not so natural eye colors made us envious of the actors. They have all the fun, right? But, you don’t have to be in Hollywood to have fun. You can now look like a vampire or a werewolf, whenever you feel like it because special effects contact lenses are available for all of us. 

What are the special effects lenses?

Special effects contact lenses are soft contact lenses. These lenses are, in most cases, for daywear only. They have a non-transparent tint that covers the eye color. These lenses include both iris contacts and sclera ones. This feature helps with creating a fantastic alien look. 

Where can you find them?

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TTDeye Cosplay Contact Lenses

Believe it or not, has a huge inventory of contact lenses that they keep updating. You can also find contact lenses Online, beauty salons, flea markets, gas stations-but beware of buying any special effect contact lenses from unauthorized sources. As every kind of lens is considered medical devices, you should always get a prescription for these before buying any. Always try to buy from well-established brands such as that are licensed by the authority. 


Before you are going on a shopping spree for contact lenses, first check your eyes. Get a prescription from an eye specialist. Even if you don’t need any glasses or lenses usually before trying special effects lenses, you need to measure your eyes and find appropriate lenses for you. If you want to avoid any injuries to your eyes, getting a fit lens is a must.

Top 7 Special Effects Contact Lenses to Try

There are so many crazy special effects lenses to try out. Just browse through any online shop, and you will feel like you just hit the jackpot. But, if you are trying to be choosy, then we can help you with the very best special effects contact lenses to try:


1. Gridding White Colored Contact Lenses

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TTDeye Gridding White

Gridding White colored contacts are a unique and captivating option for SFX makeup artists seeking to achieve an otherworldly look. These lenses feature a mesmerizing mesh pattern that covers the entire iris, creating the all-white eyes. The intricate grid design adds depth and complexity to your eye transformation, allowing you to portray supernatural beings, ethereal creatures, or even post-apocalyptic characters with an eerie and haunting allure. With Gridding White colored contacts, you can effortlessly enhance your SFX makeup creations, adding a touch of mystique and enchantment to your overall aesthetic.


2. Darknight Black Colored Contact Lenses

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TTDeye Darknight Black

Black colored contacts are a staple in the world of SFX makeup, offering a bewitching and mysterious transformation for your eyes. These special effects lenses are designed to create an intense and dramatic effect, perfect for adding an air of intrigue to your SFX makeup looks. With their deep black hue, they can help you achieve a variety of chilling characters, from sinister demons to enigmatic vampires. Whether you're looking to create a hauntingly beautiful or terrifyingly dark aesthetic, black colored contacts are an essential tool for SFX makeup artists seeking to push the boundaries of their craft.


3. Zombie Curse Colored Contact Lenses

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TTDeye Zombie Curse

If you are more of a The Walking Dead fan, then these are perfect for you. It comes in various colors, so perfect for a whole gang. They provide almost full coverage and help create a blanked-out look. Be freaky, spooky, and scary at your cosplay party. You will be in the spotlight.


4. Avatar Yellow Contact Lenses

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TTDeye Avatar Yellow

Inspired by the mesmerizing world of Avatar, Avatar Yellow colored contacts offer SFX makeup artists a remarkable opportunity to recreate the iconic yellow-eyed look. These lenses allow you to transform your eyes into a striking shade of vibrant yellow, reminiscent of the Na'vi characters from the Avatar franchise. With the recent launch of Avatar 2, the popularity of these eye-catching lenses has skyrocketed, making them a must-have accessory for those seeking to bring their own Avatar-inspired characters to life. Whether you're portraying a Na'vi inhabitant or any yellow-eyed creature from your imagination, Avatar Yellow colored contacts will undoubtedly add an extraordinary touch to your SFX makeup, transporting you to a fantastical realm of beauty and imagination.


5. Reptile Glow Colored Contact Lenses

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TTDeye Reptile Glow

Take the Halloween costume party to a whole new level with these Reptile Glow Colored Contact Lenses. The yellow color feline look is unmissable. The black center and the yellow outer create quite an impact, upgrading the complete look. They are perfect to wear at night. These are soft lenses and high-quality materials.


6. Mystery Red Colored Contact Lenses

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TTDeye Mystery Red

Let’s all be very honest. Every one of us would love to look like a vampire for even just a minute. And you can exactly do that with these fabulous scary vampire contact lenses. Whether just for a themed party or Halloween, you cannot go wrong with these. They are very comfortable and the red color gives a feisty impression. If you have normal eyesight, you don’t need a prescription for them and they last 12 months. 


Are Special Effects Contact Lenses Safe?

Yes, absolutely. But, always buy from an authorized and approved brand. If you want to try something cheap and unauthorized, there can be a severe health hazard. Corneal abrasions, infections, and permanent vision loss are some of the risks you should be aware of. 

Do You Need A Prescription?

Yes, they are considered medical devices, and cannot be bought legally without a prescription. You must consult your eye doctor and get an eye exam. And, only after that, you can get the right lenses for your eye. A poorly fitted lens can cause an eye infection, so beware of that. And, if you get those long-lasting special effects lenses, you need to keep them clean. 


Final Words

Now that you have a glimpse of the crazy world of special effects contact lenses, you may be better prepared to choose your own. Whether you are a movie lover or a TV series lover, they have covered every lens you wanted to try. It does not matter if you are trying these lenses for one day or for a month, always take an eye exam first. Don’t try to save money, always get brands approved by the authority. Whatever you do, never buy them from the flea market or bargain shop. And, remember to discard after the indicated date. Just be cautious about these things, and you will be free to have the perfect crazy haunting look for your special party!