Tips on Wearing Halloween Contacts

07.07.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion


Many people wear Halloween contact lenses to make them cute or scary. However, you must know that Halloween contact lenses are also medical devices and should be worn according to prescription. Here, I will share some tips on wearing Halloween contacts.

Buying safe and appropriate contact lens


Contact lenses can be bought only with a prescription. If you get a pair of contact lenses without asking for a prescription, you should be aware of it. It is illegal in the US. Maybe it is a little complex to get a contact lens, but that’s a guarantee for your eyes’ health.

Washing your hand before wearing it


It is recommended by many eye doctors. You should wash your hands with soap and water and dry your hand. After this step, you can wear your contact lens. This step means avoiding bacteria from your hand infecting your eyes.

Dont wear it for over 4 hours for the first time

Even the most comfortable contact lens, I mean a pair of contact lenses that you can’t feel about its existence at all, should not be worn over 4 hours, because your eyes need time to adapt it. Just like you moving to a new environment and taking time to adjust yourself.

Clean it when you do not use it with an eye solution


When you buy a contact lens, the eye doctor will recommend an eye solution to clean your lens. Contact lens is easy to breed bacteria. It should be cleaned with a special solution but not water or any other kind of water.

Dont share your contact with your friend

Maybe a not symmetry contact lens is cool, but don’t exchange your contact lens with your friend. Everyone’s eyes environment is different just like our fingerprints. The one that fits your friend doesn’t mean to fit you as well. So, always remember to wear your own contact lens.

Keep in mind to take out the lens during sleeping or napping


No matter how tired you are after a whole day playing with your friends; you should take out your contact lens. Otherwise, your eyes may dry. What’s worse? The contact lens may attach to your eyeball and be hard to take out. We all know that our eyes also need breath.

After knowing so many tips on wearing Halloween lenses, you can work on buying a pair of lovely or sacred lenses. Where and how to buy may be another problem. If you are lazy to go to a store, online shopping can be a good option. Here is a nice online shop I find out recently. It is called ttdeye. They have a special series of Halloween contact lenses. So, it may save time for you to select. Here is a product of it called Ciels Contact.


It is possible that I have not listed all tips on wearing Halloween contacts. You can help me with perfection.