The Most-Liked Makeup Idea for Halloween 2024 on Instagram

19.10.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion

Halloween is the perfect time for adults and children alike to let loose and dress up as fun, wacky, and spooky characters. It’s a night where we get to leave behind the stress of the daily grind and focus on just having fun and having a good time. After a couple of tough pandemic years, Halloween is finally back with a vengeance. And you should make a boom at this year’s Halloween party.

Creative influencers always bring us various surprises with unexpected colored lenses for their Halloween. So whether you’re looking for inspiration or a new take on a classic Halloween look, check out Halloween makeup ideas by our talented makeup artists.

Stranger Things Makeup Idea

It’s been years since we’ve had a show that really set the makeup community ablaze with inspiration, but along came Stranger Things to inject some new looks. If you want a very trendy and easy look for this Halloween, dressing up as the characters of the Upside Down is a perfect idea!

When you enter here your eyes must turn white, otherwise, you must still be in the Hawkins. If you want to let people at the party be clear that you have met Vecna then, a pair of all-white lenses will be your necessity to cover your own eyes. TTDEYE Gridding White and Zombie Curse have become the most-choiced lenses for Stranger Things costumes. Whether dressing up as the tortured Max or the great devil Vecna in season four, you can use these lenses, just like @ellielewisartistry and @xstxefx did.

Here are more zombie makeup ideas, go and have a check!

Tomie Junji Makeup Idea

Tomie Kawakami is a young woman frequently described as almost impossibly beautiful by those she meets. She is known for her beauty and ability to become clones and infect people, turning them into one of her, so much so that Tomie is not a person and is simply the name every creature like her uses. As a result, her two-face makeup has become a trendy look that many makeup artists would like to try.

Whenever close to Halloween, there are always some artists who make creative Tomie makeup and then use PS to realize 100% restored Tomie’s look of the manga. If you have the techniques and energy, this look will definitely make you shine on social media. @looxbyhh used Darknight Black and Zombie Curse to do this dope Tomie look. Darknight Black makes her look more doll-like that more in line with the original manga, while the white lenses make her look evil and crazy.  @ximena.artistry used Gridding White for the dark side face of Tomie. You can also use Blind White to finish the evil side. Hurry up and complete the amazing transition with the two-face makeup looks.

Chucky Makeup Idea

Chucky is a killer Good Guy doll, that had his soul transferred into the doll by using voodoo. Despite his small size, Chucky has the strength of a full grown man. He has long, red hair and freckles, along with blue eyes. He wears blue overalls, a striped, multicolored shirt, and sneakers. Throughout the first three films of the series he looks like an everyday child’s doll, but with the fourth film came his famous scars and stitches, as well as a bloody eye.

@xstxefx used the TTDEYE Libra contact lenses to do the Chucky costume makeup for his doll-like blue eyes. Libra is an opaque one for both light and dark eyes to cover the original eyes. It can be your choice for cosplaying any anime characters with blue eyes. The light blue shade is very vibrant so the lenses will make your eyes pop up! @victoriagraceox, however, used Gridding White and Master Hypnotist to make Chucky look more creepy and scary. Come to TTDEYE.COM for your Chucky costume.

Skull Makeup Idea

In addition to the classic black and white skull makeup, the gifted artists always create a different skull makeup with an unexpected pop of color. @soymarian.mua creates her skull makeup inspired by Frankenstein with a combination of green and purple. With the Anime Eye Green Contacts, she totally got the Frankenstein vibe. We also recommend Mystery Green and Fissure Green for those who want a similar look. They will give you spooky green eyes.

@weddingsandwarpaint used red as the main shade to finish this super cool skull makeup. The red detailing in this skull look will really make your costume stand out among the rest, especially when you pair it with all-white lenses. TTDEYE Gridding White and Blind White can be the best choice. With the mesh pattern on it, you still can see through from the Gridding White. Without the transparent part, you can’t see clearly with the Blind White except for some lights. Both of them will cover your original eye color and give you really scary white eyes. Take them for creating more skull looks.

Glam Halloween Makeup Idea

If you don’t want to try some scary looks, glam Halloween makeup looks will take your costume to the next level. You’ll be less scary and more stunning. @greta.mikki used pink and hearts as the main concept for this cute clown look. Decorated with shiny pink and purple glitter and white lenses, this look is totally both gorgeous and in line with the Halloween vibe. Gridding White and Blind White will help you get the same look.

Every year, many makeup artists do scary doll looks, but when you want to keep gorgeous while having the dark vibe of Halloween, try @sweetysetsu’s look. She used black and purple as the main shade for this dark look. Featuring two different colored eyes, which adds to the creepiness of this look, the white eyelashes and wig also match well with the color of the eyes, which makes the whole look very harmonious. The combination of black and white is always the most common pairing for Halloween. In this look, sweetysetsu used Blind White and Snow Flake Black. We also suggest Darknight Black and Gridding White for this classic combination.