How to Use Cosplay Contact Lenses All Year Round?

10.10.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion TTDeye Care
🤡Naturally, Halloween or cosplay contact lenses are most popular during the spooky season but there are plenty of other occasions that can be enjoyed with a pair of these bold contacts. From various events to costume ideas, these contact lenses are a fun way to complete a range of costumes and get into the holiday spirit. Here are just a few ways that you can use cosplay contact lenses all year round, as demonstrated by our wonderful MUAs.

Cosplay Lenses With Graphic Eyeliner

Move over classic cat-eye, there’s a new hero in town! Graphic liner is the new trend sweeping the beauty industry and here at TTDEYE, we are obsessed. Whether you’re trying out a bold new look for a festival, or simply want to update your makeup routine for your next night out, graphic liner with cosplay lenses is a great way to make your eyes pop.🔮



Cosplay Lenses with Creative Makeup

Cosplay lenses are not only for cosplay but also for creative makeup looks. Come see how @marvorista and @mua_ellee interpret themselves with some cosplay lenses. The Magic series is always used for anime or cute makeup. However, @marvorista uses them for this amazing illusion makeup. All lenses from the Magic series can be your choice for a colorful costume. From the gorgeous swan-like look by @mua_ellee, we can see that the Avatar Yellow can be used not only for cosplay or horror makeup but also for a creative fancy look.💎




Cosplay Lenses with Colorful Palette

It’s amazing how history repeats itself and trends that fall out of fashion one year always seem to return a decade or two later with reinvigorated energy. This is the case with colorful eye makeup. If you’re still looking for the perfect look for your cosplay lenses, try getting your eyeshadow to match it. @sanshinelights combined our Saikou Purple contact lenses with a stunning purple butterfly look perfectly. The Saikou Purple definitely pops this look up! @jenmua used colorful eyeshadows to perfectly match the color of the Molang Red lenses to complete this lovely eye look.



Have fun with your eye colors. Create your color palette with TTDEYE Colored Contacts. We look forward to seeing your fresh take on eye color this year!🌈


Final Words

If you want to create your own makeup look then make sure to browse our full range at where you will find various styles to choose from in both prescription and non-prescription. Below, we have added some quick links to help you find the styles you are looking for:


Cosplay Contact Lenses

Anime Contacts 

Zombie Contacts 

Vampire Contacts


We would love to see your ideas for incorporating Cosplay Contact Lenses into your looks all year round, so make sure to tag us on Instagram for your chance to have your design shared! Need to stock up on contact lenses for your next costume? Check out the full range of Cosplay Contact Lenses on TTDEYE.COM. Are you feeling inspired now?