Do Colored Contacts Work On Dark Eyes?

10.09.2023 | Leah | TTDeye Care

Do colored contacts work on dark eyes? Yes, colored contacts work on dark eyes, but you’ll need to choose a more opaque lens for the color to show through your iris. Less opaque lenses will make a noticeable difference and can be used for a more natural change. 

The eagerness to change our look from time to time is quite large, especially when it comes to make-up trends, outfits, hairstyles, or tattoos. But have you ever wondered what a beautiful change it would be for another eye color? Dark eyes people can also have bright and pop colors eyes. TTDEYE will help you find opaque but natural contact lenses. Keep reading!


Typically the goal of wearing colored contact lenses when you have brown eyes is to either lighten your existing shade to something that’s warmer or opt for a color like blue or green that tends to be cooler. While it might seem that choosing any color is random, these shades definitely fall within one of two categories. Himalaya has four shades for you to choose from.

Also, think about the usual makeup colors you tend to gravitate towards and see if those will complement or clash with the contact lens shade that you’re interested in. While it’s easy enough to go out and purchase some new eye shadow and lip color to make sure things blend well together, it’s still important to think about your face as a whole.

A mixture of vibrant main shades along with deeper grey and black tones gives wearers a look that’s soft, subtle, and youthful all at once. Featured by the solid and vibrant coloration, Himalaya Series offers you the best way to cover no matter dark or light eye colors. Plus the vivid iris-simulating design and the dark outer ring that adds depth and dimension, Himalaya Collection should definitely be in your colored contact lens line-up. Click here to get yours👉TTDEYE Himalaya Collection


Just have a drink! Gradient colors, purring bubbles, that’s Rio. Like a cocktail, the “Rio” has a bright and distinctive shape. The two colors collide with each other inside the lens, with fresh bubbles and a dark outer ring, this cup is full of flavor. 

The sky blue and vivid blue make up the base shade of these lenses. Two tones of blue with a purple limbal ring make your eyes look like Galaxy. And the color is so pigmented that will cover your original dark eyes. If there really is a mermaid, then the eyes should be similar to these.

These two colors of the Rio collection are very spiritual and good for both go-to looks and cosplay makeup. These lenses will give you very unique eyes and make you stand out from the crowd. Come and try these two-tone contacts! Check here for more details👉TTDEYE Rio Collection



The Vanilla collection is launched in 2022 fall. Its design is so delicate that it can blends well with your own dark eyes, giving the impression that your own eyes are that color. In addition, we designed six different shades for people who want a different colors of eyes. You have a wonderful variety of colors, giving you the opportunity to finally choose the color you have always dreamed of. Get the best colored contacts with Vanilla Series for gleaming eyes!

Among them, the violet purple is sure to make you stand out. It’s subtle purple, not over the top but if you have lighter brown eyes, it shows up very beautifully. Everyday kind of color. All shades from this collection are subtle, yet still, make a statement. But more of an everyday kind of color. It’s good for when you really want your eyes to stand out! And trust me they will! Throw on some eyeliner and you’re unstoppable! For those who want to go for a more subtle change then TTDEYE Vanilla Series Contact Lenses is a must-try! Check here for more👉TTDEYE Vanilla Collection


One of the biggest hoops to jump through for all you dark-eyed dreamers is getting your eye color to hide behind your new lenses. This becomes an even larger problem for you when it comes to searching for the most natural colored contacts for dark eyes. Many people use natural-looking colored contacts to cover their dark eyes on a daily basis, so they have to be looking good at all times! Since you’ll be wearing them here, there, and everywhere you don’t want your natural eye color glaring through your new favorite natural shade.

For the best blend between your natural eye color and new fashion color, we recommend trying the tri-tone lenses. As the Huda collection demonstrates, these color lenses for dark eyes feature a blend of three colors. The inner ring tends to be brown, which will help your eyes blend more naturally with the new bright shade. This will help give a more realistic finish. The seven shades of this collection can meet your different color needs. Check here for more👉TTDEYE Huda Collection.


If natural-looking contacts aren’t your thing, we have some awesome opaque contact lenses suitable for any fancy dress party. You can spend days or even weeks finding and making the perfect costume but your look will be lacking without some fancy contacts. The lenses I want to recommend to you today are ones that can be worn with both daily and heavy makeup.

One of the biggest selling points for our Havana lenses, apart from the awesome designs, is that they are mostly completely opaque colored contacts meaning your natural brown eyes won’t peak through any transparent patches. Havana has three colors for you to choose from, brown, yellow-green, and blue-grey. They are all opaque to cover your dark eyes and change your eyes to vibrant blue or light yellowish green. Find the Havana Collection here👉TTDEYE Havana Collection

Final Words

In the world of fashion, sometimes too many choices can be a bad thing, but not having options can also be equally as difficult. Individuals with brown eyes often feel stuck in this gray area, where they aren’t sure which colors will enhance their eyes and which ones can help to totally transform their style. With this simple guide that tells you how to choose the best colored contacts when you have brown eyes, you’ll never again wonder which lenses are right for you!

While we do place a lot of importance on selecting the right color for your dark eyes, it’s for a good reason. Colored contact lenses are tools to enhance your natural beauty and it’s crucial that you are happy with your selection. Whether you wear them every day or choose to save them for special occasions, they can be considered an investment in your look and shouldn’t be selected lightly.

Spend some time browsing TTDEYE.COM to find the right shade that works for you and your fashion goals, and maybe even select a few colors to see which ones you feel most comfortable in. You might want one shade of blue for daily wear and green options for nights out. Ultimately there is no wrong answer, but it is important that you determine what you’re aiming for before buying. Then, head over to TTDEYE and find the right color for you!