10 Best Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes for Daily Wear

19.02.2024 | Lydia | Eye Fashion TTDeye Care

Brown eyes are the most common worldwide, with about 79% of people having them. They come in different shades, from lighter honey tones to almost black.

Wondering if colored contact lenses work for brown eyes, even the dark ones? Yes, they do! Hazel, light brown, grey, green, and blue contact lenses all work great with dark brown eyes. Want to see how they look and pick the best colored contacts for brown eyes? Keep reading on this page!

What Are the Best Colored Contacts for (Dark) Brown Eyes?

These color options are suitable for everyday wear. Some bring only subtle changes, while some completely transform your eye color.

If you'd like to find lenses for special occasions, go for Halloween contacts.

Tips for Choosing the Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

Colored contact lenses come in various colors and designs, offering many choices. To pick the best colored contacts for brown eyes, consider these insider tips:

  • Opt for hazel or light brown contacts for a subtle change.
  • Select grey, blue, or green contacts for a more dramatic transformation.
  • Choose opaque-tinted or semi-opaque-tinted lenses for an effective change.
  • Get a prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist before purchasing.

TTDeye Polar Lights Grey on Brown Eyes Before and After

Best Hazel Contacts for Dark or Light Brown Eyes

Hazel-colored contact lenses combine brown and green and sometimes have flecks of gold, grey, or blue, similar to natural hazel eyes. This warm shade can make dark brown eyes appear brighter and add hints of gold, enhancing their depth and complexity.

We recommend the TTDeye Trinity Green and Iris Brown-Green as the best hazel colored contacts for brown eyes.

1. TTDeye Trinity Green

Trinity Green Contacts feature a hazel-green shade with a natural transition of three colors: brown, green, and a dark green limbal ring. They can help brighten and deepen your dark eyes.

2. TTDeye Iris Brown-Green II

Iris Brown-Green II Lenses consist of two parts: the light brown body resembling a flower shape and an olive green outer ring. They blend seamlessly with brown eyes for a natural look.

Best Hazel Contacts for Dark or Light Brown Eyes

Best Light Brown Contacts for Dark Brown Eyes

Warm colors like honey brown or cognac brown can brighten dark eyes and enhance their natural warmth. Consider trying lighter brown contacts like TTDeye Polar Lights Brown or Taylor Brown for this effect.

3. TTDeye Polar Lights Brown

Without a limbal ring, Polar Light Brown Lenses can naturally switch up your dark eye color with a touch of elegance. You can lighten and enhance your dark brown eyes without looking artificial.

4. TTDeye Taylor Brown

With a brown circle ring and the natural golden brown pattern imitating a human's real iris, Taylor Brown Contacts will make your dark brown eyes appear bright and detailed. They have good coverage and can easily blend with your natural eye color. It can be incredibly beautiful in the sunlight.

Best Light Brown Contacts for Dark Brown Eyes

Best Grey Contacts for Dark or Light Brown Eyes

Grey contacts can give your brown eyes a bright and cool look. This contrast can make your brown eyes stand out in a striking way. Consider trying TTDeye Celestial Grey or Polar Lights Grey for a dramatic change.

5. TTDeye Celestial Grey

Celestial Grey Lenses come with a light grey base with subtle rays of pale yellow patterns, creating a natural and realistic look. Ideal for brown eyes that stand out, they add a touch of coolness and mystery to your gaze.

6. TTDeye Polar Lights Grey

Polar Lights Grey Contacts are single-tone lenses that have a light grey shade, resembling clear crystals for charming and attractive eyes. With medium opacity, they suit both light and dark brown eyes.

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Best Grey Contacts for Dark or Light Brown Eyes

Best Blue Contacts for Dark or Light Brown Eyes

Blue colored contact lenses can add depth and sparkle to your brown eyes. Depending on the shade of blue and the natural color of the brown eyes, the outcome can vary.

Light blue contacts may blend with the brown, producing a darker blue-brown hue, while bright blue contacts can create a vivid contrast, giving the eyes a captivating sea-blue appearance.

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7. TTDeye Daisy Blue

Daisy Blue Lenses feature a dark blue outer ring that adds depth to your eyes. Inside, there's a light grey daisy blooming, giving your eyes a natural enhancement and preventing them from looking dull. The lens's high color rendering works well on both light and dark brown eyes.

8. TTDeye Juice Blue

Juice Blue Contact Lenses feature a swirl pattern of light blue and light grey, making your dark eyes bright and captivating. The light brown inner ring blends seamlessly with your pupil, giving a natural look that's hard to notice you've changed your eye color.

Best Blue Contacts for Dark or Light Brown Eyes

Best Green Contacts for Brown Eyes

Green colored contacts create a noticeable but natural change in brown eyes. The effect depends on the shade of green and the natural brown tone of your eyes.

Warm-toned greens like lime, kiwi, and yellow-green maintain warmth, while cool-toned greens such as mint, jade, and turquoise offer a fresh appearance.

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9. TTDeye Fuji Green

Fuji Green Contacts feature light green in the inner ring and darker green in the outer ring, adding a fresh and vibrant touch to your appearance. The opaque lenses effectively cover brown eyes and work well on both light and dark eye colors.

10. TTDeye Polar Lights Yellow-Green

The yellow undertone behind Polar Lights Yellow-Green won't overwhelm the warmth of brown eyes. Instead, blend seamlessly with your natural eye color, resulting in a realistic change. These lenses are particularly effective for light brown eyes.

Best Green Contacts for Brown Eyes

Final Words

In summary, there are various choices for the best colored contacts for brown eyes. Choose from options like hazel, light brown, grey, blue, or blue shades for the best fit. The outcome depends on factors such as the tone and opacity of the lenses, as well as the natural shade of your brown eyes.