Best 6 Green Contacts for Brown Eyes: Natural for Daily Wear

01.02.2024 | Leah | Eye Fashion TTDeye Care

The reasons people choose to wear colored contact lenses are diverse. There are times when you may want to enhance your natural color to make it look more bold and vibrant. Other times, you might be in the mood to change your look entirely, and that's when you'll want to opt for a different eye color from your natural shade.

Colored contacts are becoming more and more instrumental in achieving your desired style. More than makeup or a new hairstyle, your eyes can effectively realize the way that you want! Want a pair of exotic green eyes? Do green contacts work on brown eyes? Absolutely!

Whether you have naturally light or dark eyes, green-colored contacts work WELL! That's why green eye contacts is one of the more popular options here at TTDEYE. We’ve listed some of our best green contact lenses for brown eyes, all are incredibly natural and perfect for everyday wear!

Will Green Colored Contact Lenses Work on Brown Eyes?

Yes, green colored contact lenses can work on brown eyes. The final result may vary depending on the tone and opacity of the lenses and the natural shade of the brown eyes.

Generally, opaque green lenses tend to be more effective in covering brown eyes and creating a noticeable green color. It's always a good idea to try different shades to find the best match and desired effect for your eye color.

❗ Additionally, consulting with an eye care professional before purchasing colored contact lenses is recommended to ensure proper fit and safety.

How to Choose Green Contacts for Brown Eyes?

Green colored contact lenses often offer a wide range of shades and hues, catering to various preferences and natural eye colors.

  • Warm-toned green contacts: tend to have a yellow undertone and infuse a gentle warmth to the eyes. These include shades like light lime green, lime, kiwi, spring green, green yellow, etc.
  • Cool-toned green contacts: feature a hint of blue undertones. Shades such as mint, jade, and turquoise present a refreshing allure.
  • Hazel green contacts: appear as a blend of colors, such as green with brown or gold flecks.

With good coverage, TTDeye's green color contact lenses work on both light and dark brown eyes. The final result varies based on the specific shade of green and the natural color of your eyes. Here is a before-and-after effect of green contacts over brown eyes.

TTDeye Himalaya Green Before and After

Best Green Contacts for Brown Eyes

These green contact lenses complement brown eyes. Find out how natural and realistic they look in the eyes of fashion folks.

1. TTDeye Trinity Green

These green lenses are the perfect choice for those who want grass-green eyes for everyday wear. If you are looking for a subtle change at first and want to lighten your dark brown eyes to a honey-hazel green, this Trinity Green is a perfect choice!

With a natural transition of 3 colors, brown, green, and finally a dark green limbal ring, you can achieve the look you want. However, it won't go overboard, and it's unlikely that anyone will even realize you're wearing contacts. They may simply wonder why they never noticed you have such beautiful green eyes before!

TTDeye Trinity Green Contacts on Brown Eyes

2. TTDeye Himalaya Green

Featured by solid and vibrant coloration, the Himalaya Series offers you the best way to cover no matter dark or light eye colors.

Himalaya Green's mixture of viridian green, deeper grey, and black tones offers you a look that’s soft, subtle, and youthful all at once. Plus the vivid iris-simulating design and the dark outer ring that adds depth and dimension, Himalaya Green should be added to your collection of colored contact lenses for brown eyes. It's a must-have!

TTDeye Himalaya Green Contacts on Brown Eyes

3. TTDeye Queen Green

Queen Green is one of our best-selling colors and is the lightest green shade in the natural lens collection. The Queen collection does not have a dark limbal ring or border around the lens.

The lens Queen Green itself looks like a very light yellowish-green. But when you combine it with your dark brown eyes, you get a beautiful light green result!

TTDeye Queen Green Contacts on Brown Eyes

4. TTDeye Real Khaki

Ideal for individuals with both dark and light eyes, Real Khaki takes a new approach to green colored contacts by blending unique tones for a multifaceted look. Hints of green, yellow, and brown all come together in a seamless union. The lenses have a limbal ring, so they are one of the more dramatic and enlarged options.

This lovely color, Real Khaki, has been the popular choice for those who want yellowish-green eyes.

TTDeye Real Khaka Green Contacts on Brown Eyes

5. TTDeye Bailey Green

Playing it safe with green colored contacts over brown eyes is one thing but when you want to wow a crowd, Bailey Green is the way to go. These lenses feature an intense pattern that’s made up of green, gold, and light brown tones, creating a color that has movement and depth. A defined pupil hole helps to enhance the bold look, telling the world that your green eyes are something you’re proud of.

TTDEYE launched the Bailey Series for the 2022 summer. If you are looking for a perfect green for your summer looks, get them!

TTDeye Bailey Green Contacts on Brown Eyes

6. TTDeye Kiwi Green

As we’ve seen, green colored contact lenses can take on a variety of tones, and Kiwi Green is perhaps one of the more unusual options. The base color is highlighted by brown and gold, making it a fun and playful look any time. Wearing these green color contacts over brown eyes can create a striking contrast.

TTDeye Kiwi Green Contacts on Brown Eyes

Final Words

If you’ve always dreamed of stunning green contacts for brown eyes, then there’s no better time to see all that TTDeye has to offer. With global shipping and professional customer service, we bring the perfect green lenses straight to your door. Choose from TTDeye's Green Contact Lenses for your dark brown eyes now!