Best 6 Blue Contacts for Brown Eyes: Natural & Realistic

03.02.2024 | Leah | Eye Fashion TTDeye Care

😍 Born with brown eyes? Have you ever wondered what you would look like with different eye colors? Can you imagine your face with lighter eyes? Fortunately, today you can choose the color you want to give to your eyes. It couldn't be easier with TTDEYE using the latest color technology while also focusing on long-lasting comfort.

Can you wear blue contacts with brown eyes? Certainly! What are the most realistic blue contact lenses for brown eyes? We've shortlisted our favorite light to dark blue contact lenses to guide you to your perfect eye colors! 💙 Keep reading this article to know what incredible options you have at TTDeye!

Light Blue Contacts for Brown Eyes

1. Polar Lights Blue

  • Light blue shade
  • No limbal ring
  • Prescription from -8.00 to 0.00 available
  • Can be reused within 1 year 

These blue lenses are one of TTDEYE's best-selling lenses. Without the limbal ring and radial patterns, the Polar Lights series blends naturally with your eyes. They give your eyes a natural light blue shade which is perfect for everyday wear.

The blue hue of Polar Lights Blue Colored Lenses is not a normal or boring one, instead, it twinkles like a gorgeous polar light. But in the next second, it brings you down to the ocean bottom, giving you the purest eyes of the little mermaid.

Polar Lights Blue Colored Lenses

2. Nomi Blue

  • Bright blue color contacts
  • Deep blue limbal ring
  • Prescription from -8.00 to 0.00 available
  • Reusable with 1 year

TTDEYE launched the Nomi series lenses for the 2022 spring. The deep blue limbal ring blends well with your pupils and naturally enlarges your eyes. The matte pattern on the inner ring makes your eyes soft and hazy. The spring feelings brought by the fog pattern are the unique highlight of the Nomi series. If you want brighter blue lenses, Nomi Blue would be a good choice.

Nomi Blue Eye Contacts

3. Ice Blue

  • Light ice blue shade
  • Better for light brown eyes
  • Subtle black limbal ring
  • Support prescription from -8.00 to 0.00
  • Period of use: 1 year

As the name suggests, the Ice Blue Contacts appear an ice-clear light blue color. These 2-tone ice blue contacts are best for light brown eyes. Featuring a dark limbal ring and blue dot patterns, these blue lenses look bright and natural. The subtle limbal ring enlarges your eyes naturally, great for daily wear.

TTDeye Ice Blue Colored Contacts

Dark Blue Contacts for Brown Eyes

4. Himalaya Blue

  • Natural yet bold blue lenses with high opacity
  • Distinct dark outer ring
  • Prescription from -8.00 to 0.00 available
  • Period of use: 1 year

Featured by solid and vibrant coloration, the Himalaya Series offers you the best way to cover no matter dark or light eye colors. Plus the vivid iris-simulating design and the dark outer ring, your eyes will turn as deep and clear as the lake in the Himalayas. Himalaya Blue is one of the best blue lenses to cover your dark brown eyes.

Himalaya Blue Colored Contacts

5. Egypt Blue

  • A mix of lemon yellow, blue, and black
  • A black limbal ring to deepen and enlarge your eyes
  • High opacity, showing up on both dark and light eyes
  • Prescription from -8.00 to 0.00 available
  • Period of use: 1 year

These Egypt Blue lenses are made up of 3 shades. Yellowish-brown shade near the pupil helps them blend better with brown eyes. With a natural transition to blue and a dark limbal ring that naturally enlarges your eyes, Egypt Blue will definitely give you big doll eyes, sexiness hidden in cuteness, and exoticism showed in resplendence, making others can not look away.

That's why plenty of our good friends on social media love these brilliant contact lenses so much!

Egypt Blue Contacts

6. Real India

  • A blend of blue and brown
  • An ocean blue hue on the outer limbal ring
  • Power from -8.00 to 0.00 available
  • Period of use: 1 year

With the ocean blue shade and delicate pattern simulating human's real eyes, Real India - a blue and brownish contact lens can really give you fresh blue eyes, and make you feel like wandering along with the reflecting pool of the Taj Mahal.

If you're looking for a unique style and new look, you will not want to miss these beautiful Real India contacts!

Real India Contacts

A Before & After Example of Brown Eyes with Blue Contact Lenses

Our lenses are crafted for both light and dark eyes, but it's important to note that the same blue contacts may appear differently based on your eye color.

For those with light brown eyes, bright blue contacts can transform them into a vibrant sea blue. If you have a darker shade of brown eyes, opt for light blue contacts to achieve a beautiful dark blue eye color.

Check below a before and after example of TTDeye Polar Lights Blue Contacts on light brown eyes.

TTDeye Polar Lights Blue Contacts on light brown eyes

Insider Tips for Choosing Blue Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

The key is to choose colored contacts with high opacity to effectively cover your natural brown eye color. Also, go for cooler and lighter shades for a striking transformation. TTDeye provides highly natural yet opaque lenses that seamlessly blend and cover dark eye colors, giving you a vibrant and captivating look.

Whether you prefer a subtle change or a more dramatic transformation, TTDeye's blue color contacts will make your eyes stand out and sparkle, delivering impressive results. Shop blue color contact lenses to enhance your dark brown eyes at TTDeye!

Besides Blue Contacts, What Are the Best Lens Colors for Brown Eyes?

Explore beyond blue – rare eye colors like green and grey offer unique options for your contact lens list. The good news is that green and grey contacts complement brown eyes beautifully! Here are some recommendations to enhance your brown eye color.

Green Contacts for Brown Eyes

👁️ TTDeye Trinity Green | 1 Year

👁️ TTDeye Queen Green | 1 Year

Grey Contacts for Brown Eyes

👁️ TTDeye Himalaya Grey | 1 Year

👁️ TTDeye Polar Lights Grey | 1 Year

Final Words

Blue contact lenses are suitable for dark brown eyes and dark skin tones. They give a subtle and angelic look to people who like attractive, mystical, and above all, divine looks! Let's find out what you will look like with TTDEYE blue colored contacts for brown eyes, and to "create" a new you.