Natural and Gorgeous Colored Contacts For Dark Eyes - TTDeye Reviews by Mal & Okemute Ugwuamaka

10.08.2023 | Leah | Product Review

Many beauties are looking for some reviews to choose their first colored contacts more easily. In this article, we can see how 9 pairs of colored contacts work on dark brown eyes with Mal and Okemute Ugwuamaka, who both have natural dark brown eyes.

Mal's Review

As a beauty influencer on YouTube, Mal is professional in sharing beauty related content. This time, she chose some enhancing shades of TTDEYE Colored Contacts for her brown eyes. She said that TTDeye is one of her favorite contact brands and she has been wearing TTDeye contacts for over 7 years. This tour is about reviewing 4 pairs of new colored contacts launched in the Summer of 2022. Let’s check out what did she say about them!

The lenses Mal tried on:

Bailey Brown

Bailey Green

Ailurus Brown

Ailurus Grey

Bailey Brown on her eyes is more like a soft hazel color leaning more towards the caramel side and they have a really beautiful limbal ring. This allows Mal to get rid of the stereotype that wearing a lens with a limbal ring is not as natural as wearing a lens without a limbal ring. These lenses definitely can give you a more natural appeal and look.

Despite her recent obsession with green lenses, this green still stuns her. They still look very natural to her again. The deeper limbal ring is giving it a very pretty, which is like a tension that’s just jumping to her eyes.

Both Bailey Brown and Bailey Green would be gorgeous for your everyday or party look. They would blend and mesh really beautifully.

Before putting Ailurus Collection in her eyes, she knew that she was gonna love these ones. These contacts are gorgeous because the limbal ring is actually like a gradient that fades into the center where it has a lighter sort of more hazel color. And the limbal ring is almost greyish tone. The combination of hazel and grey makes the contact super unique and looks stunning. Ailurus Grey looks grey-blue on her eyes. The subtle kind of deeper bluish color on the outer edge limbal is fading into that lighter icy grey in the center. These are stunning.

Okemute Ugwuamaka's Review

Okemute Ugwuamaka is a content creator on Youtube mainly consisting beauty, hair, makeup & fashion. Her quality content will hook you, and make you keep watching her amazing haul and makeup tutorial. She will review 6 pairs of TTDeye colored contact lenses and show you how our lenses work on dark brown eyes in this video. She showed the lenses under ring light and natural light so you can see how the lenses look on the eyes under different lights.

The lenses Okemute tried on:

Pper Brown

NASA Brown

Ailurus Grey

Pper Grey

Rio Brown


Pper Brown is the one have three shades of brown going on in there. This one is not doing the most really salty and nice. If you like brown contact lenses, you’re definitely going to love this one. Pper Grey also has three shades on it. It is natural which is great for beginners as well. Okemute felt really nice and comfortable when wearing these lenses. They are also super easy to put on.

NASA Brown is also a very calm and salty shade of brown. If you are a newbie to contact lenses, and looking for something really soft and nice to start with, this is a very nice one to try out. NASA Grey has a deep shade of grey in the outer corner and a light shade of brown in the center. This collection has very interesting details on it. If you look closely, there are some tiny stars in there. The light brown shade in the center highlight that area, which make your eyes shine.

Ailurus Grey is going to give sexy and sultry vibes all up your face. You will love it even though it is very extra to an everyday look. We have two shades going on in there—a light shade of blue at the outer ring and a very piercing shade of gray in the center, These two together create magic. This would be so nice to spice up your makeup look, like gorgeous smoky eyes.

Rio Brown has two tones of brown. It gives an ombre effect. There is half of a dark shade of greenish brown and half of a lighter shade. Besides, with some bubble patterns on them, these lenses will make eyes unique, subtle, and cute.

If you are dark brown eyes and looking for new colored contacts, this will help you a lot. TTDeye has a variety of colors, styles, and different types of lenses. You can really find something to suit your needs. 

Thank @Mal and @Okemute Ugwuamaka for the amazing reviews.💕