2022 Trending Halloween Costume Idea👻🎃

02.03.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion

These classic Halloween costumes will be the choice of most people, and if you want to keep up with the trend and then take advantage of your affinity for the pop culture and draw inspiration from this year’s crop of charismatic characters, then you’re looking in the right place. From popular TV shows and movies to viral red-carpet outfits and the Internet’s best memes, there’s no shortage of Halloween costume inspo to sink your teeth into.

The following movie and TV figures are sure to make appearances at your next Halloween costume party, parade, or gathering. Read on to find inspiration and, of course, colored contacts to complete your costume. Here, we round up the best Halloween costume ideas inspired by 2022’s most memorable moments. Which look best suits you?

Max Mayfield in Stranger Things

“Max, wake up!!!” That’s definitely a code red. In this year’s return of Netflix episodes, Stranger Things Season 4 is undoubtedly one of the episodes that received the most attention. Max’s grief and guilt for not being able to save Billy made her vulnerable to Vecna who began murdering teenagers in Hawkins to open portals to the Upside Down. Max’s famous scene occurs when Vecna got her. When she floats over Dustin, Lucas, and Steve and her eyes turn white, that’s the timing when Vecna is going to take her life.

Grab yourself an 80s sports jacket plus over-ear headphones and you’ve got almost everything you need for a cool Maxine costume. However, you are still missing the last thing to complete the Max costume—blue contact lenses for normal Max and all-white contact lenses for Max while she was in Vecna’s trance. Sadie Sink as Max has a pair of bright and vivid blue eyes. TTDEYE Polar Lights Blue, and Himalaya Blue can restore the charming blue eyes of Max for people with dark brown eyes in a moment. As for the floated Max, TTDEYE Gridding White and Blind White can be your best choice. Friendly tip: remember to listen to “Running Up That Hill” when you get to the party.

Vecna in Stranger Things

“Stranger Things” gets a new antagonist with Vecna in season four. A fearsome sentient creature aligned with the Upside Down, Vecna had humble origins as the human Henry Creel. After being sent into the Upside Down by Eleven, he then became an explorer of the realm, discovering an exotic, storm-like mass of particles, and using his power to destroy humanity.

The Duffers have named classic horror antagonists Freddy Kruger, Pennywise, and Pinhead as the primary inspirations for Vecna. Concept artist Michael Maher worked with the Duffers to develop Vecna’s design. The “body-vines” on his face are the key to cosplaying him. The mask is all you’ll need to transform yourself into the biggest villain stalking Hawkins. A pair of white contact lenses to cover your original eyes are also a necessity for the Vecna costume. TTDEYE Gridding White and Blind White can help you to have a horrible white pupil. Go get one and get into the Upside Down for this Halloween!

Emily in Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride (also known as Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride) is a 2005 stop-motion animated musical dark fantasy film. Emily was murdered years ago by her former fiance on the night of her secret elopement that set her off to a life in the Land of the Dead with the wedding dress.

As a corpse, she’s still graceful. Her current only colorful features are her purple lips, in contrast to her monochromatic blue coloring. After her death, her long wavy hair (which was presumably dark colored) and her once pale skin turned blue, while her big eyes became wide and circular with black dots as pupils. Therefore, TTDEYE Zombie Curse and TTDEYE Ricky and Morty will help you get Emily’s eyes. Of course, makeup is indispensable for restoring Emily’s gaunt, sunken look, and do not forget the strapless dirt-stained wedding dress.

Cassie in Euphoria

If the Y2K fashion of East Highland High School still lives rent-free in your head, why not pay homage to one of the show’s main characters? You’re all about Cassie’s blue outfits.

Cassie has long natural blonde hair, blue eyes, and a curvy “hourglass” figure. The clothes she wears throughout the episodes are usually blue, which symbolizes the character’s sadness and loneliness. She has fun bright blue makeup on Halloween when she dresses up as Alabama Worley. That look can definitely make you stand out at the Halloween party. And blue lenses are needed for this costume. Egypt Blue and Nana Blue can perfectly match your blue eye makeup and give you a Euphoria vibe.  Just be the Y2K queen in 2022!

Wednesday Addams from WEDNESDAY

The autumn release of Netflix’s new show Wednesday couldn’t be better timed. This year’s go-to goth girl has to be Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega. This is an upcoming American comedy horror television series based upon the character Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family and is set to premiere on Netflix on November 23, 2022. Wednesday is a student at Nevermore Academy. She attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous killing spree, and solve a supernatural mystery from her parents’ past.

If you show up at a Halloween party in this Wednesday costume, you will slay the whole! Lean into the fresh spin on the Halloween icon by opting for a printed black dress, a pointed collar, and, of course, those signature long dark braids. In addition to these clothes and hairstyles, if you want to further increase your spooky dark vibe, then try wearing a pair of black lenses. For this kind of horrible doll-like look, we always recommend Darknight Black for you. And HD Black will be the natural black one for your everyday wear so that you can not only use these lenses for this Wednesday costume but also for daily looks. This can be the choice for those who are in need of an easy and last-minute Halloween costume idea. Tips: when you take photos, remember to rock a frown to pull off this costume. Wednesday Addams is known for being very serious and very creepy.

Wanda Maximoff from Wandavision

Wanda Maximoff is a fictional character primarily portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) media franchise based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Wanda is initially depicted as a Sokovian refugee who, along with her twin brother Pietro, volunteers to be experimented on by Hydra. The Mind Stone amplifies her natural telekinetic and energy manipulation abilities known as Chaos magic. Wanda initially comes into conflict with the Avengers but later joins them and becomes one of its most powerful members.

The big Scarlet Witch reveal. By the end of the series, Wanda has fully transformed into her first-ever Marvel comic costume. We’ve seen hints at it before but the “WandaVision” look brings together the cape, gloves, boots, and (most importantly) crown. If you want to take your cosplay to the next level, go with this full set, which includes a tight-fitting top, an ankle-length cloak, a headpiece, leggings, and elbow-length gloves. Elizabeth Olsen herself has very attractive green eyes with a natural limbal ring. If you are going to finish this Marvel hero look, TTDEYE Trinity Green and Nomi Green will give you a natural effect. If you want to copy Wanda‘s look when she was in a fight, then red contact lenses are essential. TTDEYE Egypt Red and Mystery Red can be perfect to cover your original eyes and give you magic eyes.