What Contact Lenses Are Makeup Artists Using For Makeup Tutorial?

09.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Celebrity Beauty

Makeup artists typically use color contact lenses for special effects, costumes, and specific looks. The type of lens used can vary depending on the desired effect and the needs of the performer. The colored lenses can add an extra layer of detail to their creative looks or help to enhance their gorgeous daily makeup. They also provide an opportunity for creative expression and can add a unique element to a performance or photo shoot. If you are looking for some new ideas for your 2023 looks, check out this article for hit makeup tutorials and tips on how to match colored contacts with your look! We have selected three different types of makeup artists for you to follow in their tutorials to try some different makeup looks.

Are you a lover of face painting makeup? @t.rinluck has created many patterns on her face and her gorgeous looks get hit on Instagram. If you are looking for some fresh ideas about what to paint on your face to get a stunning look, check out her content for inspiration.

Have you ever thought of using a brush to write a music score? Her creativity is showcased so beautifully and it’s clear she has a real talent for applying makeup. And the black note patterns make the whole makeup dynamic, and the grey lenses are a bright match. She also used this grey lens for a “Serpent of the Autumn Waters” look which is super glamorous. Her paintings are very varied. She also created some cute dreamy looks for 2022 Halloween. With NASA Purple contact lens, she added a kitten on her cheek to the purple cloud makeup to make the whole look more vivid, and the green and white accents were amazing. The star pattern of the lens even makes her eyes animated. So the matching of lenses and makeup is also crucial.

Check her tutorial video:

Black Note Makeup Tutorial🎼 🎵🎶 🖤

Champagne Serpent Makeup Tutorial 🐍✨🍂 

Cute Cat Halloween Makeup 🐈‍⬛💫☁️

If you’re a makeup beginner and want to create a stunning look with simple colors and lines, @nubiafiguerooa’s tutorials are ones you shouldn’t miss. She always does some makeup hacks for beginners. For instance, you can use a toothpick to get your eyeliner really clean and sharp or use a makeup pad to get a perfect shape for your cut crease eye makeup. These tutorials are super easy and helpful for beginners who want to try some different looks. And she loves wearing different colored contacts for different looks. Natural lenses are her usual choices, like the Polar Lights collection. She wore Polar Lights Blue for the pad tutorial and Polar Lights Yellow-Green for a graphic liner tutorial. They are supernatural lenses for any kind of looks, try one for creating your liners.

She used the hairpin clips to draw the Christmas lights eye makeup, which is much simpler than using a pen. Also, the choice of Himalaya Grey is also brilliant. Nomi is another choice if you want an enlarged effect for doll eyes. She wore Nomi Blue and Nomi Green in the two tutorials on drawing eyeliner with toothpicks. You can follow her choice for colored contacts if you prefer natural colors.

Check her tutorial video:

Makeup Pad Eye Shadow Hack

Easy Christmas Lights Eye Makeup

Toothpick Eyeliner Hack

Graphic Eyeliner Tutorial