What Contact Lenses Are Instagram Influncers Wearing?

02.03.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Celebrity Beauty

With influencer marketing reaching new heights every day, beauty influencers (both skincare and makeup influencers) serve as a reference point for the latest beauty finds in the market. Influencers on Instagram not only drive a massive conversion in the cosmetics industry, but the colored contact lenses they wear with their makeup looks also hook their followers up to buy.

It’s no secret that top influencers (especially in the beauty industry) have totally transformed the media landscape and the way customers purchase products. If you want to try some lenses but are not sure what to choose, you can pick the post of these beauty influencers as a reference. They will show the most realistic effect and color. The followings are some influencers' feeds that hit more likes with TTDEYE colored contacts. These lenses can be your everyday go-to choice.

Berryygsn Worn Kitten Green

@berryygsn, who has 82,000 followers on Instagram, shared selfies with Kitten Green colored contacts. It’s just so stunning that got nearly 10,000 likes. The comment complimenting her amazing and beautiful eyes has even become one of the top comments. Under the sunlight, the green shade perfectly fits her vibe and makeup.

Kitten Green is a green-brownish shade contact lens. With the yellow dots patterns printed on the lens, it will light your eyes up. The outer circle and the inner circle are perfectly blended with the natural pattern, which can make your eyes as clear and deep as the cat’s eyes. Different contact colors bring you different vibes, try more colors of Kitten Series for realistic charming eyes.

Base curve: 8.5mm | Diameter: 14mm | Yearly Lenses 

Denisseduarted Worn Real Aqua 

@denisseduarted, who has 145,000 followers shared the pictures that she is wearing the Reak Aqua for her vacation look. This feed hits over 5,000 likes. She has dark brown eyes, and these contacts perfectly cover her dark eyes and give her natural grey eyes!

Real Aqua is a lens that uses grey and blue as the main shade. The blue limbal ring can enlarge your eyes and the grey shade will cover your original eye color to give you unique two tones eyes. These greyish blue contact lenses are perfect for your vacation looks.

Base curve: 8.5mm | Diameter: 14mm | Yearly Lenses

Andreastaffiere Worn Trinity Green & Himalaya Grey

@andreastaffiere has 23,000 followers on Instagram. In the first picture, he was wearing Trinity Green for his blue eyeliner look, while he was wearing Himalaya Grey for his second white liner look. This feed got nearly 10,000 likes and over 100 comments. He really knows what kind of look will match the lenses perfectly.

Trinity Green has the supernatural transition from brown, green to dark green. For those who want hazel green eyes, this is a perfect choice. Himalaya Grey can cover both light and dark eyes, and enlarge your eyes a little bit but not too much. These two lenses are the most popular ones on our website. They will change your eye color naturally and pop your eyes up.

Base curve: 8.5mm | Diameter: 14mm | Yearly Lenses

Final Words

When you choose your contact lenses, think about the usual makeup colors you tend to gravitate towards and see if those will compliment or clash with the contact lens shade that you’re interested in. While it’s easy enough to go out and purchase some new eye shadow and lip color to make sure things blend well together, it’s still important to think about your face as a whole.

Colored contact lenses are tools to enhance your natural beauty and it’s crucial that you are happy with your selection. Whether you wear them every day or choose to save them for special occasions, they can be considered an investment into your look and shouldn’t be selected lightly. These influencers light their makeup look up with the colored contacts just because they chose the right shade to match their vibes.

Spend some time browsing TTDEYE.COM to find the right shade that works for you and your fashion goals, and maybe even select a few colors to see which ones you feel most comfortable in. You might want one shade of blue for daily wear and green options for nights out. Ultimately there is no wrong answer, but it is important that you determine what you’re aiming for before buying. Then, head over to TTDEYE and find the right color for you!