10 K-Pop Idols Who Look Insanely Gorgeous With Colored Contact

09.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Celebrity Beauty

The trend of colored contact lenses has taken off worldwide and the stars of K-pop are right at the forefront. With groups like BTS and BLACKPINK sporting the shiny doll-like circle lens trend, they are a must-have to complement your look.

Let’s look at some K-pop idols and shop TTDEYE for a matching look. 

V from BTS

V’s stunning and deep eyes already had the hearts of ARMYs but when he appeared with his bright blue-greyish eyes with different hair colors, they couldn’t help but fall in love with him even more! While the colored lens can be used by people to create an innocent look, numerous K-Pop idols utilize them to create a more powerful image. The use of colored contacts usually varies from the type of concept the idol groups are trying to achieve. 

For example, In the music video of “DNA”, the bright colored lenses help capture the fierce and concept. Polar Lights Blue-Grey, Fuji Grey and Super Natural Grey are perfect blue grey shades that will give you a mesmerizing and youthful look to mirror V’s!

Jimin from BTS

Everyone agrees that Jimin has an irresistible charm. With these bold grey contacts in, his charm is out of this world. Jimin is definitely a grey contact lens lover. He often wears gray contacts whether on tour, on the comeback stages, or on the stage of music awards shows, his grey eyes always make people dizzy whether he is their bias. The exquisite expression has turned countless K-pop fans into ARMY.

Join the BTS contact lens craze now. Achieve his ethereal look with these grey lenses. TTDEYE Polar Lights Grey and Queen Grey are very suitable for Jimin’s grey eye looks. Without the limbal ring, it will be perfect for everyday wear. Also a perfect choice for a Kpop idol makeup.

Felix from Stray Kids

Any K-pop lover who didn’t see Felix’s Seoul Festa look with different colored contacts will be included in their list of the most regrettable things in life. Felix’s unique freckles paired with the different colors of his pupils, making him more of an exotic style. The view of fancam focus of this him is also growing fast.

Try to create different eye colors with TTDEYE for your K-pop dance cover stage or K-pop makeup. Donut Brown and Donut Blue can be your choice for covering these eyes with different colors.

JUN from Seventeen

JUN of Seventeen surprised everyone with the song “Limbo” last week. In the music video, the vampire-like look makes him more attractive. The light color eyes with his soft makeup also explain the song better. Not only that, but his look during the tour also appeared with light color pupils, which undoubtedly made all the CARATs go crazy for him.

If you want to imitate stage makeup, these kinds of grey light color contacts are essential and they can give you a perfect sense of K-vibe. TTDEYE Himalaya Grey and Real Crystal are almost identical to the color of JUN’s contacts in his tour look, so beauties who want a perfect coverage of grey contacts should not miss this one.

BaekHyun from EXO

Even after all these years, Baekhyun’s look at the 2016 MAMA is still fresh in many people’s minds. The “overdose” stage at that time really made EXOLs overdose. With the look of light gray contacts with red eye shadow and black eyeliner, you must admit that the stylists of SM really know what kind of look is suitable for each idol.

BaekHyun is a completely different person without contacts and with contacts. When he is not wearing contacts, he looks like a cute college boy, but when he is wearing contacts, he becomes the center of the stage and attracts the attention of boys and girls. In the concept photo of “obsession” album, Baekhyun also showed his unique charm by wearing light color contacts. Fuji Grey, Polar Lights Grey, and Queen Grey can be recommended if you want the same look as Baekhyun.


HyunA can be said to be the one who is at the forefront of fashion among female solo idols. HyunA’s look is always a topic of discussion every time she comebacks, and she has created a trend of imitation makeup on all social media platforms.

HyunA likes all bright and shiny colors. Her contacts are usually very bright and bold. Although they are not suitable for everyday wear, HyunA’s contacts can be used when you want to create a creative look or heavy makeup. In her new mv of “Nabillera” she has once again won the hearts of many fans with her exaggerated and colorful look. Her bright blue eyes attract attention and make her a spiritual fairy. TTDEYE Polar Lights Blue, Queen Blue and HD Blue are perfect for the same bright blue eyes of  HyunA. Check here for more details.


The blue/grey Korean contact lens trend has been attempted by many other idols, but no one does it like BLACKPINK’S Lisa. The BLACKPINK girls are known for experimenting with subtle and natural colored contacts. If you’re a fan of the group, we recommend sticking to hazels, blues, and greys. 

The swagger Lisa exudes in this look from BLACKPINK’s ‘Pink Venom’ music video is unmatched! The baggy yet stylish streetwear combined with the gorgeous hair, and makeup screams confidence. Now combine her style with her rap verses – powerful. You too can look like a living doll and recreate the BLACKPINK contact lens look with these TTDEYE Iris Grey-Blue II contacts, Berry Blue contacts, and Crystal Ball Blue contacts.  

SANA from Twice

Sana during the “Scientist” era captured the hearts of ONCEs again with her purple hairstyle. The pink dress outlined her figure perfectly, and with the sweet dance and glittering makeup, she shone on stage. The greyish contacts she wore certainly pop her makeup look up, making her eyes even more doll-like.

What is more surprising is the recent look of Sana in the new song “Talk that Talk”, which is released on Aug. 26. Her long, straight black hair gives the glamour of maturity, and with her black suit, no one can say no to this Sana! The green contacts she wore undoubtedly make people fall more into her charm. TTDEYE Trinity Green, JK Green, and Kiwi Green are perfect for this look.

Yeji from ITZY

On June 11, Mnet Digital Studio M2 posted ITZY Yeji and Ryujin’s “MIX & MAX” content on its official YouTube channel of “STUDIO CHOOM”. The collaboration which is highly anticipated even prior to its release truly exceeded K-pop enthusiasts’ expectations upon performance. As a result, just three days after the cover was launched, the female idols achieved new feats and broke records, cementing their status as “fourth-gen K-pop representatives” with their influence and impact. In the video, the two female idols performed a dramatic performance cover of “Break My Heart Myself” by Bebe Rexha. The two members depict the concept of twins, matching their visuals from hair, makeup, and costumes. It also attracted attention with the story development conceived in the movie “Terminal”.

Moreover, the duo boasted excellent choreography on top of their synchronized dancing and incredible facial expressions that match the dance atmosphere. Due to this, immediately after its posting, the dance cover ranked second on YouTube's Trending Worldwide, realizing the keen interest of fans around the world. 

In this legend dance video, Yeji’s look has also been well-received. Many cover dance videos have imitated her makeup. Not only does the black eye shadow and long straight black hair make her look very sickly, but the bold grey lenses also give her makeup a more intense look that perfectly fits the concept of the song and dance. She was also known as Tomie Kawakami in real life because of this makeup. Try the TTDEYE Euramerican Grey, NASA Grey, and Ailurus Grey for this Yeji look!

Karina from Aespa

If you haven’t been to Kwangya, you’re probably not a qualified K-pop lover. Aespa,  a girl group from SM Entertainment, has been sweeping the Kpop industry since they debut. The visual of Karina that looks like made by AI made many people become fans of the group.

“Don’t you know I’m Savage?” Do you still remember Karina’s classic look in the music video for “Savage”? Before the second chorus, she surprised fans with a close-up shot of wearing different contact lenses. The red right eye and the blue left eye give her look a more AI vibe. Choose TTDEYE Mystery Red and Himalaya Blue for this look. If you want to get her more daily makeup and stage looks, then Trinity Grey and JK Grey are for you. She really loves the grey contacts and the one with the outer ring will make your eyes more dynamic!

Final Words

As stated before, the use of circles and colored contact lenses is normal within Korea. While many are not used to the beauty practice, idols still continue to use contact lenses as many individuals find them attractive. We believe that the dramatic effect of having blue, green, or purple eyes really adds to the performance visuals of the group.

To help you connect to your idols even though they are far away, why not try out their style? As contact lens enthusiasts, we’ve noticed the growing trend of Korean contact lenses. Now you can experiment with your looks just like your favorite members. Use TTDEYE Colored Contacts to capture the cute and colorful style of your bias.