Summer Kpop Girl Group's Songs inspired Colored Contact Lenses

10.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Celebrity Beauty

🌴What are your summer K-pop picks? Every summer, kpop girl group songs become an indispensable track in many people’s playlists. Do you have the necessary summer contacts ready? If you are confused, let's match the summer vibe of your contacts according to the following three kpop summer songs.


🦋Butterfly(LOONA ) - Butterfly Fairy/Butterfly

Billboard described "Butterfly" as having a "bass-infused, synthy melody" with "a sense of bright airiness and groovy beat drops." It also highlighted the focus on the diverse vocal tones that moved between “autotuned wails, breathy verses, and coy raps”. Lyrically, the members sing about flying like a butterfly and letting dreams take flight.

According to a description on the song’s music video, its title is a nod to the fact that “LOONA causes a Butterfly effect through music for the listeners to gain courage, find oneself, and raise one’s voice. Anyone under influence is another LOONA.” The “butterfly effect” is a theory in which the smallest elements affect the whole of existence. LOONA’s reach has spread seemingly at random throughout the farthest reaches of digital spaces, where the phrase “Stan LOONA” rallies fans.



The best contacts for this song are the two with the butterfly pattern. The Butterfly collection contact lenses do not have an obvious limbal ring, the middle is a butterfly pattern, which is called Monarch. Monarchs are large, beautifully colored butterflies that are easy to recognize by their striking orange-brown wings. They are seen as a symbol of rebirth and spiritual transformation. With these brilliant contacts, we hope you have a positive change in the future.

The Butterfly Fairy contact lenses are printed with seven butterflies and come in three different colors of grey, blue and green for you to choose from. It can change your eye color to make your eye makeup more dreamy while having a dark limbal ring which can help enlarge your eyes and also give you a kpop girl group vibe.🌼


Butterfly Fairy Green cr. @neocbb



              Morpho Butterfly Blue cr. @sarahmua4


💜Pporappippam(SUNMI) - Egypt Purple/ NASA Purple

Sunmi revealed that she was originally working on another song but because these days people feel down and heavy-hearted for the pandemic, she wanted to make something that could help them feel refreshed rather than something deep. The song title, which is a romanization of the Korean words for the purple-hued night, was chosen because the violet-colored sky made her feel an undefinable sense of love and joy, but also because she thought that the color purple best described her.

Egypt purple and NASA purple are the best contacts to match the vibe of this song. The Egypt purple is a deep violet shade colored contact lens with a dark limbal ring that helps enlarge your eyes while covering your own eye color to make your eyes change to beautiful purple. NASA purple has a natural transition from brown to purple, while the lenses are printed with stars and planetary orbits to make your eyes more dreamy. It turns your eyes into a violet-colored sky, charming and gorgeous, just like the purple-hued night. ✨

                   Egypt Purple cr. @jenmua


                         Nasa Purple cr. @roda__beauty


🧁Ice Cream Cake(Red Velvet ) - Rio/Saikou

Not only does the group's name “Red Velvet” represent their two different images, but it also represents the duality sonic concept that the group was focusing on since their debut in 2014. While the “Red” concept shows the group’s “sweet, bubblegum side”, the “Velvet” concept highlights the group as “sultry sirens” with slow-burning, Janet Jackson-esque R&B jam. Ice Cream Cake marks the first release from Red Velvet to contain both “Red and “Velvet” compositions, which was eventually followed by two different releases that focused solely on a single sonic concept: The Red in September 2015 and The Velvet in March 2016.

The song has since received critical acclaim from music critics, calling it an “addictive” and “unpredictable” pop infection, and showcased the group’s potential. It also attained commercial success, becoming the group’s breakthrough and second top-five hit, peaking at number four on Gaon Digital Chart and number three on Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart. 

The best summer vibe lenses for matching this summer song can be Rio and Saikou. Like a cocktail, the “Rio” has a bright and distinctive shape. The two shades collide with each other inside the lens, with fresh bubbles and a dark outer ring, these brown and blue lenses can give you a pair of fresh eyes! The Rio Blue, in particular, will remind you of the summer ocean and pool, adding a clean vibe to your summer look. Saikou series lens is a must-have contact lens for sweet girls! This lens has three parts, pink purple as the main color, a sky blue surround, and a little goose yellow in the middle. The color of it is just like the ice cream cake, soft and sweet. The irregular outer circle of chocolate color naturally enlarges the eyes and doubles the sweetness. 🍨

                                 Saikou Purple cr. @helenariot

               Rio Blue cr. @lady_kawaii

So what other summer kpop songs do you love the most?