02.03.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Celebrity Beauty

K-Pop has swept the world off its feet with its high-quality music, matchless choreography, and undeniably good-looking idols. With the skyrocketing popularity of BTS, they paved the way for other Korean trends to soar: from fashion to the hippest makeup, and now, to contact lenses.

To better illustrate the concept of performances and photo shoots, they usually wear different colored contacts to match their makeup or hair color. This is also a crucial step in their styling. Among the members, V and Jimin are the ones who wear the most contacts. Other members also wear colored contacts, but not as often. If you want to get colored contacts similar to BTS, keep reading.

Grey Colored Contacts

No one can say no to V in the "Fake Love" period. Slightly curly long hair with black suits, the grey lenses add a mystery vibe to his look, which is perfect for the sense of decay of this song. TTDEYE HD Grey can be the choice if you are looking for the contacts TaeHyung was wearing.

Jimin is definitely a grey contact lenses lover. He often wears gray contacts whether on tour, on the comeback stages or on the stage of music awards shows, his grey eyes always make people dizzy whether he is their bias. The exquisite expression has turned countless kpop fans into ARMY. TTDEYE Polar Lights Blue Grey is very suitable for Jimin’s grey eye looks. Without the limbal ring, it will be perfect for everyday wear. Also a perfect choice for a Kpop idol makeup.

Brown Colored Contacts

It is not necessary to have a very dramatic color to pop the idol's makeup. The stylists of BTS know this very well. The light brown color changes their dark brown eyes subtly which can also give them a completely different vibe for the shooting. V wore the light brown contacts in the concept photos of "Love Yourself結Answer", and golden brown circle lenses in the “BTS 2022 Season Greeting”. The golden eyes match the eye makeup perfectly and fit the vibe of the soothsayer concept. Similar brown contacts can be Polar Lights Brown, Iris Gold Brown, and Sunflower Brown. If you prefer a lens with a limbal ring, the sunflower brown is the better and more golden one.

JungKook had two eyes with different colored contacts, which surprised ARMYs and was on Yahoo Japan’s real-time search. With blue right eyes and brown left eyes, Jungkook made the “permission to dance” stage more attractive and fresher. You can get the Amber Brown, Polar Lights Brown for the brown choice, Iris Blue, Polar Lights Blue and Super Natural Blue for the blue one.

Blue Colored Contacts

J-Hope released a new solo album Jack In The Box on the15th of July. The album represents his own musical personality and vision as an artist. He wore blue contacts for his smokey red eyeshadow in the music video, which interpret the dark and freaky style perfectly. TTDEYE Nomi Blue Contacts are a brilliant choice. The limbal ring can make your eyes more doll-like and a dark blue shade can cover your eyes.

Green Colored Contacts

Green contacts are also the choice for the styling of BTS. RM wore dark green circle lenses in the “Butter” music video. It’s so charming with his blue hair. TTDEYE Fuji Green is the dark green lens without the noticeable limbal ring.

And Suga wore yellowish green lenses for the “Yet to Come” comeback stage making his whole look more cat-like. TTDEYE Super Natural Yellow-Green can change your eye's color subtly and give a totally different vibe.