Do Victoria's Secret Models Use Color Lenses?

04.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Celebrity Beauty

Victoria's Secret Show is a Visual and aesthetic feast. In front of the camera, the angels are gorgeous, with firm skin, and lovely figures, they are not only sexy goddesses in the eyes of boys, but also woman’s imitated objects. Both on stage and in real life, there's a lot we can learn from Victoria's Secret's makeup look. As we all know, a pair of eye contact lenses always makes your eyes shine, our angels also know that. Today, we are going to observe their eyes and in the meantime, learn about eye makeup and lenses combinations

Irina Shayk with Yellow-Green Lenses

The beauty in the picture is Irina Shayk, a 30-year-old Russian model, who with Bradley Cooper welcomed their first child, Congratulations to them, bless this kid is going to be the most beautiful creature to ever walk the earth. In this pose, her Sunken eye sockets set off the bridge of the nose, making it looks more prominent, her handsome eyebrows look spirit, her nude lips with black hair give people a sense of demure, deep dimples make the image of a more delicate and sweet, but the most brilliant part, the Green lenses, which adds a wild beauty to the pure face. Apparently, Shayk is in her golden age of work and love, fighting, girl!

Gigi Halid with Wildcat Blue

Gigi Halid has quickly become America’s sweetheart of the modeling world with her California girl good looks and sunny disposition, the top model always knows to choose a pair of right lenses to create a perfect look. At Victoria's secret show, she obviously loves light green lenses, in her first style, she just likes the grown-up Dorathy in 《wizard of Oz 》came out of the screen, light blue-green eyes make her look like a fairy or a princess, and this color definitely matches her suit. In the second shape, she plays a young and lively girl, with light eyes, highlighting her assertive personality.

Liu Wen with Dark Brown Lenses

Liu Wen is a Chinese fashion model, being the first model of East Asian descent to walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The New York Times named her "China’s first bona fide supermodel". Liu is a unique classical Asian beauty, with black hair and dark eyes, the whole style is unforgettable. She always follows her own fashion principle: the more simple, the more gorgeous. On the choice of contact lenses, she usually chooses a pair of natural dark brown lenses, making her eyes brimming with radiating vigor.

Okay, just choose a pair of lenses to decorate your eyes and remember you look amazing as well as the secret babies.