Are Colored Contacts Safe? 9 Factors to Consider for Safety

26.02.2024 | Lydia | TTDeye Care

Are colored contacts safe? Are TTDeye contacts safe? Absolutely. FDA-approved colored contact lenses prescribed and fitted by your optometrist are safe to wear. They're just as safe as your regular contact lenses, provided you follow basic hygiene guidelines when handling them.

However, because colored contacts are often used for fashion rather than correcting vision, there are misconceptions about their safety. Let's find out. 🧐

1. Are Colored Contacts Bad for Your Eyes?

Not at all.

Are colored contacts dangerous? No, FDA-approved colored contact lenses are safe for everyone to use and offer clear vision. However, you must follow specific hygiene guidelines to clean and upkeep contact lenses.

Firstly, clean your lenses every time you wear them using recommended solutions. Also, wash your hands thoroughly before handling them, ensuring no soap residue remains. Avoid using hand sanitizers.

Additionally, avoid wearing them while sleeping, which can be unsafe and uncomfortable. Instead, store them in a clean lens case filled with fresh solution.

Are colored contacts dangerous?

2. Do Colored Contacts Make You Uncomfortable?


Colored contact lenses are comfortable to wear for most people. They are made of soft materials designed for comfortable wear on your eyes. However, it's recommended not to wear them for more than 8 hours a day.

3. Are Non-Prescription Colored Contact Lenses Safe?


Non-prescription colored contacts, also known as Plano or zero-power contacts, are used for cosmetic reasons rather than vision correction. On the other hand, prescription colored contacts not only change eye color but also correct vision issues.

Whether you choose prescription or non-prescription colored contacts, it's important to get a prescription from an optometrist to ensure the safety of your eyes.

Are Non-Prescription Colored Contact Lenses Safe?

4. Are Halloween Contacts Safe?


Halloween contacts, like any other type of contact lenses, can be safe if they are obtained legally and used properly.

Ensure they are FDA-approved and prescribed by an eye care professional. Avoid illegal or unregulated contacts, as they can harm your eyes. Remember to follow good hygiene and wear the lenses for the recommended time to reduce the risk of problems.

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Are Halloween Contacts Safe

5. Is It Safe to Wear Colored Contacts Over Prescription Contacts?


It is unsafe to wear colored contact lenses over regular contacts. Layering lenses in this way can lead to discomfort, vision problems, and potential eye health issues. They're designed to rest on the surface of your eyes. Wearing them together won't keep them in place properly.

If you need to correct nearsightedness and change eye color simultaneously, opt for prescription colored contacts.

6. Are Colored Contacts Safe for 12-Year-Olds?

There isn't a set age limit.

When your child can start wearing color eye contacts depends on their maturity and interest, as contact lenses require careful care.

Parents or guardians should supervise and decide with their children. When both are ready, consulting a doctor for advice on suitable options is wise, as the doctor can recommend the best contact lens option.

 Are Colored Contacts Safe for Kids?

7. How Long Is It Safe to Wear Colored Contacts in a Day?

It depends.

For new contact lens users, start by wearing them for less than 6 hours a day. As your eyes adapt, you can gradually increase to 8 hours daily for better comfort and eye health. Remember to never wear them overnight.

Limiting the use of contacts is important for both your eye health and the longevity of the lenses.

8. Are Colored Contact Lenses Safe to Wear While Driving?


You can wear most colored contact lenses while driving. However, it's not recommended to wear highly opaque lenses like Blind White, Mesh White, or Blind Black. Opaque lenses can block your field of vision, which can be unsafe while driving.

Are Colored Contact Lenses Safe to Wear While Driving?

9. Are Colored Contacts Safe to Wear While Showering Or Swimming?


Never bathe or swim with your contacts in. It's important to take out color contact lenses before showering or swimming. Keeping them in while they are wet increases the risk of infection or irritation.

More Misconceptions about Colored Contacts

🔍 Colored Contacts Look Unnatural.


The appearance of colored contacts depends on the type you buy. If you choose high-quality ones, they'll look natural. Unless someone is closely examining your eyes, it's hard to tell.

Besides quality, the color of the contacts is important too. Since most people have natural eye colors, using colored contacts can seem odd. So, pick colors that complement your face and eyes to avoid looking unnatural. Shop from the most natural-looking colored contact lenses 🛒>

TTDeye Natural Looking Contacts

🔍 Colored Contacts Can Create Infections In The Eye.


Every colored contact lens undergoes extensive testing before being approved for daily use by consumers. As long as you stick to your contact cleaning routine before wearing them, you shouldn't encounter any problems with eye infections. Infections usually occur when colored contacts are used with dirty hands.

🔍 Coloured Contact lenses Can Be Shared.


Using someone else's contact lenses is a strict no-no. Each person has a unique chemical composition, and sharing lenses can transmit diseases. Since eyes are vital parts of the body, it's impossible to know if wearing someone else's lenses can spread infections.

🔍 Coloured Contacts Are Costlier Than Regular Contacts.


Prices vary like regular lenses. The cost depends on the brand and quality you choose. Colored contacts generally cost the same as regular ones, especially for replacements. The replacement schedule depends on how long you intend to use them or as prescribed by your eye doctor.

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Changing your eye color with colored contacts is purely for aesthetics. Nowadays, you need a prescription from an eye doctor to get colored contacts. When buying them, look for the FDA-approved eye-wear brands like TTDEYE before making your decision!