Everything about TTDeye Contacts: Best Sellers, Coupons, Safety & Shipping

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TTDeye is one of the top-rated colored contact brands, trusted by over 1 million fans on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Online discussions cover topics such as the safety of TTDeye contacts, obtaining discount codes, shipping times, and fees.

Additionally, we provide a list of our best-selling colored contact lenses to help you make the perfect choice. Let's get started!

What Are the Best-Selling TTDeye Contacts?

TTDeye's best-selling contacts are mostly natural-looking styles. All of them are 1-year colored contacts suitable for both nearsighted and normal-vision individuals, as well as for both light and dark eyes.

🛒 TTDeye Polar Lights Grey, Brown, Yellow-Green, Blue Grey, Blue

The Polar Lights Series is always the top choice for natural lens enthusiasts.

Polar Lights Grey offers a crystal-like appearance for a charming look. Polar Lights Brown features an elegant light brown shade. Polar Lights Yellow-Green mimics the light-colored pupils of humans, creating a realistic effect.

Unlike single grey lenses, Polar Lights Blue-Grey uses light brown as an intermediate color, blending seamlessly with your pupil texture. Polar Lights Blue gives you eyes reminiscent of the purest hues of the little mermaid.

TTDeye Contacts

🛒 TTDeye Trinity Green, Brown, Grey

The TTDeye Trinity Collection is known for its limbal ring, which enhances the eyes.

Trinity Green blends green, brown, and blue tones for a stunning hazel-eye look. Trinity Brown offers a warm brown shade, while Trinity Grey features light warm brown patterns around the pupil for a natural transition.

TTDeye Colored Contacts

🛒 TTDeye Himalaya Grey, Blue, Brown, Green

The Himalaya Collection lenses feature a distinct outer ring that enhances and adds depth to the eyes.

Himalaya Grey showcases lifelike iris patterns, while Himalaya Blue offers a bold and vibrant transition. Himalaya Brown adds warmth to your gaze with its solid tones, and Himalaya Green features vivid iris-inspired designs that add depth and allure.

TTDeye Contacts Lenses

🛒 TTDeye Amber Brown

If you already have naturally dark eyes, Amber Brown will subtly enhance your look, mimicking the way your eyes shine in the light. For those with light eyes, it'll give you the natural and beautiful light brown eyes you've always wanted.

TTDeye Colored Contact Lenses

🛒 TTDeye Iris Brown, Grey

The Iris Series features a small diameter, iris-like pattern, and no-limbal-ring design, allowing these contacts to blend seamlessly with your natural eyes.

Iris Brown offers a natural transition between light and dark brown. Iris Grey features a unique grey and brown color combination, enhancing your natural beauty with vivid eyes reminiscent of your natural hue.

TTDeye Color Contacts

🛒 TTDeye Pearl Grey

The TTDeye Pearl Grey Contacts feature multiple tones including grey, yellow, and black. These lenses seamlessly blend with your natural eye color, giving you a lighter and brighter appearance. The black outer ring adds depth and enlarges your eyes for a captivating effect.

TTDeye Contacts

Note: Before shopping for contact lenses, it's important to check your eyes and get a prescription from an eye specialist! Extended Reading: Are Colored Contacts Safe >

Where to Get Coupons for TTDeye Contacts?

Here are 3 ways to get TTDeye discount codes.

🅾 Social Media Influencers or Creators

We collaborate with many influencers and social media creators who offer exclusive coupon codes for our colored contact lenses. Here's how to find them on Instagram:

1) Follow TTDeye's Instagram account or search for relevant hashtags. Alternatively, you can Google "TTDeye discount code Instagram" or similar keywords.

2) Browse through the posts and look for ones that feature a TTDeye coupon code.

3) Once you find a post with a code, simply copy it and use it at checkout. The lens highlighted in the post is Misty Blue - 1 Year.

Get TTDeye coupon codes on Instagram

📩 Subscribe to TTDeye's Weekly Newsletter

Don't miss out on our weekly email coupons! Here's how to get them:

1) Scroll to the bottom of the TTDeye website.

2) Enter your email address in the subscribe box.

3) Click "SUBSCRIBE" and you'll start receiving our weekly newsletter with TTDeye coupon codes.

Subscribe to TTDeye's Weekly Newsletter

📣 Discount Code for the First Order

Get a discount code for your first order at TTDeye! Here's how:

1) Visit TTDeye's official website.

2) Click the yellow "50% OFF" icon to open the campaign pop-up window.

3) Enter your email and click "GET MY DISCOUNT". That's it!

Get Discount Code for the First Order on TTDeye

Are TTDeye Contacts Safe?

There's been some talk online about the safety of TTDeye contact lenses. Let's address the three main concerns people have and determine whether TTDeye contacts are safe to use.

🔎 Is TTDeye FDA Approved in 2024?

What is FDA? FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration in the US. FDA approval is necessary for products sold in the US that may pose a risk of injury or illness but can also offer health benefits. Contact lenses are classified as medical devices by the U.S. FDA, and a prescription is required to prevent eye injury.

Founded in 2011, TTDeye contacts are crafted under the supervision of a certified Quality Management System, ensuring compliance with US FDA, CE, and ISO 13485 standards.

We prioritize long-term commitment in our business operations. To ensure the utmost guarantee of your health, all TTDeye contact lenses undergo rigorous testing through a meticulous procedure.

🔎 TTDeye Has a High Rating on Trustpilot

TTDeye scores 4.4 out of 5 from 874 reviews on Trustpilot as of February 2024, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. For example, we received the following feedback💬:

- "The color is natural and lenses are comfortable on the eyes and can be worn for hours."

- "Exceptional when it comes to prescription contacts! And the colors are very nice on dark almost black eyes!"

- "So far I’ve tried 3 colors and with each I would receive tons of compliments. Contacts are not harsh on the eyes or irritating."

- "Great customer service! Pretty immediate. Made a fault on my end of the order and it was solved quickly by the service tech by message."

We noticed a few negative comments about shipping. We always focus on customer experience, so we're already working on ways to improve the shipping experience, so stay tuned!

TTDeye Has a High Rating on Trustpilot

🔎 TTDeye Colored Contacts Review

A text comment doesn't quite cut it, but we've got something better! Check out the video review of TTDeye's colored contact lenses on YouTube. The lens featured in the videos include Trinity Green, Himalaya Grey, Donut Pink, and Blind White.

TTDeye Shipping

International shipping times can vary due to several factors including distance, customs, weather, and costs, making it challenging to control. We're constantly working to improve and enhance the shipping experience for our customers worldwide.

🔎 Free Worldwide Shipping for Orders Over $35

Spend $35 or more and you can get free worldwide shipping! Our shipping covers the destinations in the United States of America (including Alaska, Hawaii and APO, EPO, DPO addresses), United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, EU, UAE, and many other countries around the world.

🔎 Where Does TTDeye Ship from?

Your parcel will be dispatched from H.K., China within 48 hours of placing your order. You'll receive an email notification as soon as the parcel is shipped, containing a tracking number to monitor its status.

While most orders are processed and dispatched within 48 hours, some items with high prescriptions or shortages may experience slight delays of 2-3 days due to customization and stocking. Thank you for your understanding.

🔎 How Long Does TTDeye Take to Ship?

Shipping times can range from 7 to 50 calendar days and are affected by various factors like distance, customs, and weather. While we strive to control shipping speed, it can be challenging.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by delays. As a gesture of goodwill, we include complimentary gifts in every parcel, such as a lens case, hand mirror, and stickers. For more details, please refer to our shipping policy.

🔎 TTDeye Tracking

You can track your TTDeye contacts order HERE. The tracking number is included in the reminder email once your parcel has been sent.

Final Words

TTDeye contact lenses like Polar Lights Grey, Trinity Green, and Amber Brown mentioned in this article are the all-time best sellers. Rest assured, all our lenses adhere to the U.S. FDA, CE, and ISO 13485 standards for quality and safety.

Before making your purchase, be sure to obtain a valid prescription from your eye doctor and examine your eyes carefully for the perfect fit and eye health.

After ordering, please be patient while we process your shipment. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by potential shipping delays. As a token of our appreciation, we've included some gifts for you in the parcel. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us!