Natural Colored Contact Lenses for Beginners

02.03.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Product Review

If you’re reading this article, chances are, you’ve been flirting with the idea of venturing into the world of colored contacts, but you just aren’t sure what kind of style suits you, and how to choose between the vast array of options available on the market.

As a first-time wearer, you will almost definitely be fitted with soft contact lenses, these are by far the most comfortable, easiest, and quickest to get used to and healthiest options, which probably helps explains why 87% of contact lenses fitted around the world are soft lenses. Most of TTDEYE’s lenses are soft lenses and come in a wide range of styles, whether natural or a little bit dramatic, there is sure to be the right one to be your first contact lens. Whether you’ve seen your favorite Kpop idols dazzle you on stage with their sparkling peepers, or spotted your friends wearing a natural pair on a daily basis, find out how you can own the look with this guide.💗

Polar Lights Collection

 Base curve: 8.5mm | Diameter: 14mm | Yearly Lenses 

Polar Lights Series features a true tone and real shade which blends seamlessly into your original eye color. It does not have an enlarging effect, and when worn, it adds a subtle natural sparkle to your peepers.

These are one of TTDEYE’s best-selling lenses. Without the limbal ring and radial patterns, they will make your eyes bright and alluring which is perfect for everyday wear. Five colors for your daily looks. Check here for all shades 👉TTDEYE Polar Lights Series.

Himalaya Collection  

Base curve: 8.5mm | Diameter: 14mm | Yearly Lenses 

When you want some lenses to balance your heavier eye makeup, the Himalaya series will be a beginner-friendly choice. Many people would be afraid that contact lenses with a limbal ring would be unnatural. But when you wear the Himalaya collection, such worries will disappear. Although this series has an outer ring, it is not too much and can help to enlarge your eyes. The very pop color can completely change your eye color, whether you have dark or light eyes.

In any case, if this is your first time trying pigmented lenses or if you prefer one with a natural finish without enlarging effect, try out the Himalaya range. Check here for all 4 colors👉 TTDEYE Himalaya Series.

Trinity Collection

Base curve: 8.5mm | Diameter: 14mm | Yearly Lenses 

Featured by an irregular outer ring, khaki green, grey, and red-brownish main tone, and subtle warm brown transition around the pupil; in spite of the small diameter, Trinity Series will cover your iris gently and enlarge your eyes in a natural way. If you’re wondering what it would be like if you had a pair of hazel eyes, this collection is perfect for you.

The natural transition between the three colors makes these contacts blend in perfectly with your eyes so that others can’t tell you’re wearing contacts at all! They will definitely embellish your features and give the eyes an irresistibly enchanting look. Whether you decide to wear them on special occasions or every day, one thing is for sure: you’ll simply captivate all the attention yourself. Find your summer vibes here👉 TTDEYE Trinity Series.

Huda Collection

Base curve: 8.5mm | Diameter: 14mm | Yearly Lenses 

If you are becoming interested in the circle lenses with a limbal ring but are not sure what kind of style will fit you well, give these lenses a chance! The three-tone lenses will always be the right choice for beginners because they will help the lenses blend more naturally with your eyes. With a pair of Huda Contact Lenses, you will give yourself a fresh, subtle, astonishing look. If you don’t really want to go all-out in changing the color of your eyes, but simply want to jazz up your look a bit, this may be the best choice for you. Lenses from the Huda series will definitely give you big doll eyes, sexiness hidden in cuteness, and exoticism showed in resplendence, making others could not look away.

If you’re looking for the right color for you, the Huda collection has you covered for almost any color. Not only that, but these colors don’t look too dramatic on your eyes, making them perfect for everyday wear, giving people the impression that you have a unique pair of eyes and catching everyone’s eye when they glance at you. Check here for all 7 shades👉 TTDEYE Huda Series.

Real Collection

Base curve: 8.5mm | Diameter: 14mm | Yearly Lenses 

If you want to have something to use in your daily life, these authentic real-life-looking lenses are the best option for you. All lenses from the Real series are featured with a special limbal ring for each shade. The color of the inner part will cover the color of your original eyes, and the outer rim that matches the color of the inner rim enlarges your eyes while blending more naturally with your eyes, giving you brighter eyes.

This series is not only available in the usual colors of brown and gray but also has a special color combo. With a special color match of blue and brown full of exotic tones, TTDeye Real India Colored Contact Lenses make your eyes a blue hazel blue shade. The light grey inside and the dark grey edge of Real Crystal help to create a realistic silhouette as they allow your natural eye colors to play into the crystal grey shades. Check here for all 5 shades 👉TTDEYE Real Series

Final Words

The trend of colored contact lenses is here to stay. It started around the early 2000s and is still going strong. Millennials and Gen-Z’ers are veering towards zero power color contact lenses to make a style statement.

Color contacts are not just for fashion. Even those who need powered lenses have a wide array of power color contact lenses to choose from. Color lenses are now considered an accessory staple to add to your stash of fashion must-haves for night outs or brunches with friends. Color contact lenses add extra depth and character to your outfit and make your eyes pop.