Best 10 Colored Contacts for Men: In Blue, Green, Grey & Brown

30.01.2024 | Lydia | Eye Fashion TTDeye Care

Take a look at the search queries about male colored contacts on Google.

"Can guys wear colored contacts?"

"Is it OK for guys to wear colored contacts?"

"Do straight guys wear colored contacts?"

It seems that colored contact lenses are considered a female accessory. Men wearing colored contacts tend to be gay or to be insecure. Stop these stereotypical ideas! The pursuit of beauty isn't exclusive to women; it's natural for men to seek beauty as well.

Colored contact lenses are only just one of the magical products that can make a person more attractive, regardless of one's gender. In this article, I'd like to share a few colored contacts FOR MEN, with a wide range of color options, suitable for everyday wear and special occasions such as Halloween.

Blue Contacts for Men

It is believed that blue is the most attractive eye color in males. The rarity of blue eyes, found in only 8-10% of the world's population, adds to their allure. For non-blue-eyed people, the secret to getting blue eyes is to wear colored contacts. Come here for more blue contacts >

1. Polar Lights Blue

Polar Lights Blue is our top recommended blue eye contact for guys. TTDeye's Polar Lights Blue Contacts are 1-tone color lenses with a high opacity, so they work great in light and dark eyes. The limbal ring-free lenses appear a light blue color and look very natural.

2. Profound Blue

Another recommendation for blue colored contacts for men is Profound Blue. With an ice blue hue and exceptional color opacity, TTDeye Profound Blue Contacts deliver a natural finish, enhanced by the absence of a limbal ring.

Blue Contacts for Men

Green Contacts for Men

Found in only 2% of the global population, green eyes are the rarest eye color in the world. Here are a few green contact lenses for men. If you want to discover more, check out the whole collection of green contacts >

3. Vanilla Green

Vanilla Green color contacts have an olive green shade, making you feel like you are in the field after the rain. Paring with a very subtle outer ring, Vanilla Green can enhance and brighten your eyes naturally. The strong opacity makes them cover your original eye color effectively.

Green contacts for guys

Brown Contact Lenses for Men

Brown is the most common eye color in the world, but it doesn’t mean that brown colored contact lenses have lost their appeal for most people. There are light brown, dark brown, tan, and lots of other color options for contact lenses for you to choose from.

4. Crystal Ball Caramel Brown

You can change your eye color to whatever shade of brown you like. Here I strongly recommend a pair of beautiful colored contact lenses for guys, Crystal Ball Caramel Brown, which provides a caramel brown hue and can make your eyes look kind of dreamlike.

Brown Contact Lenses for Men

Grey Contacts for Men

Grey color contact lenses always give a professional, smart and competent look, which are nice options for elite men. In addition to the two below, here are more grey contacts to choose from >

5. Euramerican Grey

Euramerican Grey offers a light grey hue with a delicate black limbal ring and small black dots. Designed to mimic the intricacies of real human eyes, these details seamlessly blend with your natural eye color for a naturally enlarged effect.

6. Celestial Grey

Celestial Grey Contacts feature a light grey shade and have pale oat patterns. These lenses perfectly capture the mystery and purity of light grey eyes, evoking a gentlemanly charm.

Grey Contacts for Men

Men's Halloween Contact Lenses

Colored contacts can play a big role at the Halloween party. Here are various choices of Halloween colored contacts for guys. Highlighted here are the following four.

7. Mystery Yellow

Mystery Yellow Contacts are ideal for men looking to enhance their Halloween costumes. These bright colored contacts can change your overall image and highlight your cosplay outfit! 3 colors can be spotted on Mystery Yellow, including a petal-shaped yellow inner ring, an orange center, and a black outer ring.

8. Snowflake Black

Snowflake Black Contact Lenses are perfect for those who want to secretly enlarge their eyes. Less is more. With a simple one-tone black circle and a 14.4mm diameter, these lenses aim to enhance your natural eye color while subtly enlarging your eyes.

9. Darknight Black

Darknight Black contact lenses feature a large diameter of 14.4mm, giving your eyes a bigger appearance. Ideal for Halloween parties and cosplay events, these pure black contacts can help you achieve the eerie look of a starving vampire or sinister demons from hell.

10. Zombie Curse White

Zombie Curse pure white contacts are a classic choice for Halloween. Offering more coverage than standard lenses, they create a blanked-out appearance, perfect for completing your spooky makeup looks, whether you're dressing up as a zombie, ghost, skeleton, devil, or any other eerie character.

Men's Halloween Contact Lenses

Male Celebrities Who Wear Colored Contacts

Here are a few instances where male celebrities have been spotted wearing colored lenses.

1. Chris Brown: The singer has been seen wearing colored contacts to enhance his eye color on stage and in music videos.

2. Kanye West: Known for his bold fashion choices, Kanye West has been rumored to wear colored contacts to switch up his look.

3. Pete Davidson: The comedian and actor has been seen sporting colored contacts for different roles and appearances, adding a unique touch to his style.

4. Zac Efron: While not confirmed, Zac Efron has been speculated to wear color contacts for certain roles where he needed a different eye color.

5. Jared Leto: The actor and musician has experimented with colored contacts for various movie roles, showcasing different eye colors to match his characters.

These examples show that colored contact lenses are not just for women but can also be embraced by male celebrities and ordinary individuals to change their looks and express their style.

Male celebrity with blue eyes

Final Words

Colored contact lenses are not limited to any specific gender and can be worn by anyone who wants to change or enhance their eye color. Many guys wear colored contacts for various reasons, such as to match their outfits, for special occasions like Halloween or cosplay, or simply to experiment with different looks.

Whether it's for fun, fashion, or personal preference, colored eye contacts offer a way for guys to express themselves creatively and stylishly. Shop on TTDeye!