What Is Colored Contact Lens?

29.03.2022 | Madison | TTDeye Care


Definition of Colored Contact Lenses

What is colored contact lens? As a tool to correct vision, contactlens is widely known by people. Compared with contact lens,

colored contact lens has a vascular tunic which can change the eyes’

color that both myope and normal sight people can wear.Having the function of enlarging and brightening our eyes, it becomes many fashionista’ s essential.


Types of Colored Contact Lenses

According to the use period, colored contact lens can be classified to daily,monthly and yearly. The daily should be abandoned after using 24 hours, it doesn’t need care so it’s convenient and fit for those occasional demander, such as dating and stage performance.

Equally, the monthly means you should abandon it after using 30 days no matter  how many times you’ve used it, once you open its packing box, you can’t use it any more after a month. By the way, it needs regular care.

And the yearly, has the best material compared to the other two types. The yearly suits green hand very much and has the highest price-quality ratio. However,there will be protein precipitation on it after wearing for a long time, so your care should be more serious.

According to the wearing effect, there are three types: natural(similar to the eyes’ color) , hybrid(bicolor, tricolor and four-color) and art(for acting some special characters such as red and white).


How to Choose the Right Colored Contact Lenses

  1. Through formal channels: Colored contact lens belongs to the third type of medical equipment ofour country. Operation of the business must have the Permits  for Medical Device Operation Enterprise in order to ensure the security assurance of the products.


  1. Define the quality through thickness: Generally, colored contact lens ismade up of three layers,However,low-grade colored contact lens tend to have only two layers,brushing pigment directly on the surface of the nexine or outer sphere.This kind of film can cause corneal abrasion as soon as it touches eyeballs,which affects our eyeballs' health.


  1. Decide the type according to complexion: Purple and blue contact lens are suitable for fair-skinned people,which make them look innocent and cute.Yellow or wheat skin people had better wear brown contact lens,which make them look natural and healthy.


Instructions and Advice on Using Colored Contact Lenses

Clean it correctly in time, never share it with others, and most importantly, colored contact lens may make the cornea out of contact with air,then the eyes can't metabolize normally because of being lack of oxygen. So try to avoid wearing colored contact lens every day and make sure your wearing time is no more than five hours a day.


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The queen chocolate is a very natural color and matching your daily makeup. Queen chocolate is one of the colors that are most similar to our pupil, so its main function is to make our eyes look larger and more lively.




The crystal ball deep gray is a graceful color that can lighten your face. As you can see,it looks like there is the galaxy in the eyes with this colored contact lens. Its water content is 38%~45%, And it is 0.004mm thick, so don’t worry about the comfort. The period of use is 12 months, therefor, the care for it cannot be neglected.