TTDeye 2022 New Launches Sum up!!

04.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Product Review

Did you get your hands on TTDeye Colored Contacts this year? As we wave 2022 goodbye, we embrace the new or continued beauty trends offered by the New Year. In 2022, we’ve released a number of new lenses to help you keep up with the ever-changing beauty trends. There are lenses to help you cosplay new manga characters, and natural lenses in a variety of colors and more detailed patterns for you to wear every day.

Before wondering what you can expect to become popular in 2023, we have prepared a list of TTDeye’s new-launched contact lenses this year for you. If there are your favorite styles, then hurry up and grab them home!

 New Lenses for Winter 2022

Blue Sapphire

Refreshing sapphire sparkles in your eyes, colliding with the deep sea, bursting with a dreamy blue feeling!

TTDeye Blue Sapphire lenses offer a deep, beautiful rich blue color. With perfect coverage, this clean blue lens will completely change your look. At the same time, the white patterns on the lens serves to brighten your eyes, giving you vivid eyes both in photos and in real life.

If you’ve always wondered what you’d look like with Blue eyes, don’t pass up on these contact lenses.

New Lenses for Autumn 2022

1. Vanilla Collection

The Vanilla collection is launched in 2022 fall. Its design is so delicate that it can blends well with your own dark eyes, giving the impression that your own eyes are that color. In addition, we designed six different shades for people who want different colors of eyes. You have a wonderful variety of colors, giving you the opportunity to finally choose the color you have always dreamed of. Get the best-colored contacts with Vanilla Series for gleaming eyes!

Among them, the violet purple is sure to make you stand out. It’s subtle purple, not over the top but if you have a lighter ish brown eyes, it shows up very beautifully. Everyday kind of color. All shades from this collection are subtle, yet still, make a statement. But more of an everyday kind of color. It’s good for when you really want your eyes to stand out! And trust me they will! Throw on some eyeliner and you’re unstoppable! For those who want to go for more a subtle change then TTDEYE Vanilla Series Contact Lenses is a must-try!

2. Menigo Collection

With a rich, vibrant blend of 3 tones, these colored contacts will give your eyes a look that is both sophisticated and sparkling. With fresh color matching, and soft transition, TTDeye Menigo Series colored contacts can just transform any dull eyes into stunning jewelry.

The diameter of the colored area of this lens is bigger than other lenses, which will make the iris of your eyes will also look more prominent. The black limbal ring can naturally enlarge your eyes and give you a doll look. Just like avocados, the green transition in the inner ring is very natural and fresh. The brown one is just as juicy as passion fruit, these magical Menigo brown contacts will give you the most watery and purest experience you’ve ever had. Black and grey will never let you down!

Get these rich and fruity colored contacts to add a pop to your new look now!

3. Piepie Brown

Ready to get the sweet new look with TTDeye Piepie Brown? Shaped like a big egg tart, these amazing lenses will make you focus of attention at any occasion. The center has pie-like line patterns giving your eyes a different charm. The transition from yellow to brown gives you bright eyes.

In the meanwhile, the design of the big diameter creates a strong enlarging effect. You’ll definitely love the finish and how the brown color pops out! 

4. Taffee Brown

No more worry about looking “unnatural” or “fake” while wearing colored contacts! The dark and light brown colors scatter irregularly on the middle layer of the lens, to make sure the 2 tones blend together beautifully, giving you natural and vivid eyes. With the white patterns around the iris, this one will brighten your eyes can catch others’ attention.

Whether you’re looking to lighten up your eyes or try a different color, TTDeye Taffe Brown Colored Contact Lenses are ready to help you achieve any style you desire!

5. Bohme Hazel

Are you also obsessed with dark brown eyes? Like the fiery red maple leaves in autumn, TTDeye Bohme Hazel has an overall warm hue and is perfect for your sweet and radiant look.

The 3 tones-dark brown limbal ring, light hazel inner ring, and half-transparent part surround your iris to create a sparkling pearl effect. The pattern transition is naturally layered, making the eyes look like chocolate.

6. Gem Black

Are you looking for natural black contacts that give a pair of gleaming, penetrating eyes for everyday wearing?

With black as the main color, TTDeye Gem Black Colored Contact Lenses explains to us “less is more”. We understand how much you love your natural eye color, so they won’t change it, but enhance it with an amazing enlargement effect. In addition, the faint purple of the inner ring quietly adds a sense of vitality to your eyes. Gem Black will blend perfectly with your beautiful eyes and makes them brighter than ever!

7. Wisp Hazel

Like slight waves on water, a little light twinkle in your eyes. TTDeye Wisp Hazel contacts give you the purest eyes like clear lake water. The regular limbal ring gives your eyes a sense of a cute doll look.

Dark brown limbal ring, light brown inner ring, and white dots create a shiny pearl effect, which lights up the stars in your eyes under illumination, no matter sunlight or lamplight. Unlike other lenses, you don’t need dramatic makeup to match these contacts. Perfect for everyday wear.

8. Triz Collection

The limbal ring of this lens is similar to the Euramerican collection. Regular short lines surround your pupils to help enlarge your eyes. With the yellowish-brown inner part, this lens will blend naturally with your eyes.

Two colors for you to choose from-light brown and light grey. Get one to become more glamorous and elegant.

New Lenses for Summer 2022

1. Bailey Collection

Bailey is the new collection for the 2022 summer. The limbal ring of this series is a dark grey which will help to enlarge your eyes gently. It’s the perfect choice for those who want an enlarged effect but not too much. With the three classic shades and the yellow dots on the lenses, Bailey Series can bring you a summer vibe and pop your eyes up.

This is another top choice for people with dark eyes, especially if you want to achieve a mysterious, alluring look. Bailey green can give you light green eyes with a natural enlarged effect. With a pair of Bailey brown contact lenses for dark eyes, you will give yourself a fresh, subtle, astonishing look. Whatever shade of brown your eyes are, grey is sure to look good on them.


2. Ailurus Collection

“Ailurus” is a must-have contact lens for “catgirls”! The inner rim of the lens looks like a cat with a wagging tail, while the dark outer ring of the same color not only enlarges the eyes but also makes your eyes like a cat’s eyes, elegant and seductive.

Playing it safe with colored contacts is one thing but when you want to wow a crowd, Ailurus is the way to go. These lenses feature an intense pattern that’s made up of light grey and light brown tones, creating a color that has movement and depth. A defined pupil hole helps to enhance the bold look, telling the world that your green eyes are something you’re proud of. 


3. Pper Collection

These lenses are also an option for everyday wear. It is unique in that the middle part that surrounds the pupil is a sun-like pattern that makes your eyes bloom in a different way.

The outer ring of mist is like the dense fog on the sea. The dotted pattern of the inner ring is like the stars on the sea. Both brown and grey cover your eyes perfectly and pop your everyday look up!


4. Rio Collection

Gradient colors, purring bubbles, that’s Rio. Like a cocktail, the “Rio” has a bright and distinctive shape. The two colors collide with each other inside the lens, with fresh bubbles and a dark outer ring, this cup is full of flavor. 

Sky blue and vivid blue make up the base shade of these lenses. Two tones of blue with a purple limbal ring make your eyes look like Galaxy. And the color is so pigmented that will cover your original dark eyes. If there really is a mermaid, then the eyes should be similar to these.

These two colors of the Rio collection are very spiritual and good for both go-to looks and cosplay makeup. These lenses will give you very unique eyes and make you stand out from the crowd. Come and try these two-tone contacts!


5. NASA Collection

Saturn’s ring around the center of the pupil, scattered small stars, crescent-shaped highlights... “NASA” is like taking you to mysterious outer space. The starry sky in the inner ring merges with the same color in the outer ring, making your eyes look like a planet, shining and charming.

All lenses from the NASA collection have a natural transition from brown to the main shades, while the lenses are printed with stars and planetary orbits to make your eyes more dreamy. Especially the purple one can turn your eyes into a violet-colored sky, charming and gorgeous, just like the purple-hued night.

Try these soft purple lenses for your creative dreamy makeup!

New Lenses for Spring 2022

1. JK Collection

The JK green lenses are similar to the Trinity green. It is more grass-green than trinity one, which will turn your eyes dark green. The brown transition section makes the lenses blend well with your own eyes. They will give you the summer vibes you are looking for. 

With a soft brown as the base shade and a dark grey limbal ring, the brown one will very naturally change your eye color and make your eyes more charming. The natural transition between the three colors makes these contacts blend in perfectly with your eyes so that others can’t tell you’re wearing contacts at all!

They will definitely embellish your features and give the eyes an irresistibly enchanting look. These grey contacts will be more noticeable on dark eyes and give you an exotic look.

With a dark grey limbal ring, it can add definition to the outside of your iris. You can make your eyes look larger for a doll-like effect or create a more clearly defined iris and add a remarkable shine.

If you have a lot of colored contact lenses, or you are just a new beginner, you are not wanting to miss the JK series. While looking natural, it also brings you some extra charm.


2. Nomi Collection

The dark outer circle blends well with your pupils and naturally enlarges your eyes. The matte pattern on the inner ring makes your eyes soft and hazy. The spring feelings brought by the misty pattern are the unique highlight of the Nomi series.

If you want brighter lenses, this would be a good choice.


3. Nana Collection

With lively color matching and pigment radial lines, it looks like the winter shares the chilling coldness and inside warmth. And the outer ring can naturally enlarge the eyes, making the eyes like snow and flame at the same time.


4. Saikou Purple

Saikou series lens is a must-have contact lens for sweet girls! This lens has three parts, pink purple as the main color, a sky blue surround, and a little goose yellow in the middle. The color of it is just like the ice cream cake, soft and sweet. The irregular outer circle of chocolate color naturally enlarges the eyes and doubles the sweetness. 


5. Valerian Blue

This is the obvious choice for those who want a dreamy or anime look. This blue shade is very unique. The perfect combination of green and blue makes the entire shade as unpredictable as the Aurora. In a blue-violet hue, we added some white dots to this pair of lenses to give you natural sparkling eyes. The dark green limbal ring gives a perfect balance to the overall tone.

If you want to try something different with blue lenses, this one can be your first choice. You will definitely be the center of attention when you wear it.

Final Words

With all that being said, if fancy eye color and a different you were on your resolutions list for 2023, we welcome you to come to check out and continue to follow TTDeye. We want you to feel your deepest beauty because your eyes allow you to share your true self with others. That’s the kind of beauty we’re after. Getting to that place is empowering. It is confident. And it is beautiful. Your eyes are beautiful enough, but what’s wrong with discovering a different you? TTDeye will open the door to a new world for you and make you more confident!

TTDeye thanks you for your support in 2022. With a new mindset and new goals, feel assured that 2023 TTDeye has many great things to you find all you need for a blessed and beautiful new year!

Wear Your Glow in 2023