ShouId I Put My Contact Lenses Before Or After Makeup?

15.12.2022 | Leah | TTDeye Care

You Should Always Apply Your Contact Lenses Before Wearing or Removing Your Makeup!


Many beauties use contact lenses to give the impression of more charming eyes. Contact lenses are effective to make a more interesting eye effect so you look different.

Although the contact lens is an impressive innovation for eye fashion, but it can also be risky if you don’t use it cautiously. Using contact lenses in air-conditioned rooms, sleeping without removing contact lenses, or using contact lenses with dirty hands are some of the common things you need to avoid. But there are also things that are rarely noticed but have great potential to damage contact lenses and harm the eyes, namely MAKEUP.

If you want to keep your eyes healthy and your makeup looks perfect when using contact lenses, you should check out some of the following important notes.

Why apply contact lenses come first?

  • First, you don’t want to smear your makeup. So, wear your lenses first as it will prevent you from being in contact with the mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.
  • Next, you don’t want to harm your eyes. Getting makeup chemicals into your eyes can be dangerous and may lead to infection. Even if you’re certain that makeup won’t get into your eyes when inserting the lenses, don’t take the risk. It’s not worth it.

Here are more techniques to keeping your eyes looking and feeling good:

  • Wash the Face First

This is an important first step to take. Before you apply makeup and use contact lenses, wash your face thoroughly. Also, make sure your hands are clean when putting the soft lens into the eye. If you do not wash your hands, there will be bacteria that can cause infection.

  • Use Soft Lens Before Makeup

Before applying makeup, you should use a soft lens first. If you use a soft lens after makeup, then the makeup that you apply will be messy because of the touch of the hands or soft lens liquid.

  • Start Face Make Up

For the use of foundation, you should rather select a liquid foundation and try to avoid using solid-textured foundation. The solid foundation contains glitter and the powder can get inside your eyes.

  • Applying Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow can support the beauty of your eyes while using a soft lens. Use an oil-free and fragrance-free eyeshadow product to avoid eye irritation. Apply slowly starting from the eyelid to the eyebrow. Close your eyes when applying eyeshadow, so that the powder does not affect the eye.

  • Use Eyeliner Pencil

Avoid using liquid eyeliner, especially if you are not a pro. If you are not careful, the eyeliner can touch the eye and make a sore eye. You better use pencil eyeliner because of its dry texture and more easily applied.

  • Applying Mascara

For mascara, choose the waterproof one. Waterproof mascara prevents messy makeup and faded mascara if you drip the soft lens liquid into the eye.

More you should know:

  1. Insert your contact lenses before applying makeup. Ensure that your hands are clean before touching your contacts – wash your hands thoroughly to avoid transferring any creams, oils, or lotions to the lenses.
  2. Use only hypo-allergenic makeup. Lots of brands create eye makeup products for sensitive eyes that should cause little to no irritation.
  3. It’s highly recommended to use cream-based beauty products when wearing lenses. But if you’re more comfortable with powder makeup, just make sure to close your eyes during the application to avoid any residue in your eyes. Brush off any excess powder before opening your eyes. When removing your eye makeup, remove your contacts first with clean, dry hands. Be cautious not to tap them into your makeup. Then use your eye makeup remover.
  4. Change or clean your eye makeup brushes at least every three months as bacteria tend to accumulate and thrive in old brushes over time, which may lead to eye infection if they get in contact with your eyes. Furthermore, don't share your makeup with others as it’s unhygienic.
  5. Don’t share your eye makeup with others.

Final Words

Getting makeup in your eye is annoying. But it's even worse with contacts because it can stick to the lenses instead of flushing right out. Follow these tips to keep your eyes looking and feeling good. 💖


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