Eye Fashion Trends for 2024

03.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion

The new year marks the perfect opportunity to start fresh. Yes, we’re talking hair colors, nail art, and hairstyles. But let’s not forget about the great and creative world that comes with colored contacts. There are endless opportunities for self-expression and joy that come from eyeshadow palettes, eyelashes, and contact lenses. So, we want to share the contact lens trend predictions for 2024. Please keep reading if you are hunting the new lenses for your new year looks.

Viva MagentaPantone’s color of the year

Go bold in the new year with Viva Magenta, Pantone’s Color of the Year. The crimson hue is inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the strongest and brightest dyes in the world. “As virtual worlds become a more prominent part of our daily lives, we look to draw inspiration from nature and what is real,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. The assertive shade will encourage you to be braver with your makeup look choices.

Here we have selected some contact lenses in Magenta shades for you. If you’re looking for a colored lens that will pop up your 2024, make your choice among these lenses. Aries is one of the lenses from our Constellation Collection. It has three tones and is opaque so that it can cover your own eye colors and give you cute anime-like eyes. Sparkler Pink is a daily one for pink lovers. It will give you starry eyes that attract attention. Macaron Pink and Anime Eye Pink can be chosen for alt girls and makeup artists who want to do some creative looks with magenta tones. Cheetah Pink and Succubus’ Eye are the perfect choices for cosplayers and SFX makeup artists. Check TTDEYE.COM for more magenta tones lenses for your cheerful new year.

Other Color Contact Lenses Recommendation for 2024

This time, we will recommend contacts in a different way. We’ll give you recommendations for 2024 contacts by different tints. We’ll give you a better idea of how different contacts look on your eyes and how to choose the style you want.

Most colored contact lenses are designed to mimic the natural look of the colored part of the eye, called the iris.

Since this area is made up of colorful shapes and lines, some color contacts feature a series of tiny colored dots and radially arranged colored lines and shape to help the lenses look more natural to the eye.

The center of the lens, the part that lies over your pupil, is clear so you can see.

Color contacts come in several kinds of patterns:

Single-tone Dot Pattern

Polar Lights/ Fuji/ Queen/ HD

One-tone contact lenses are an excellent choice if you want to alter the color of your eyes in a more natural and subtle manner. Opting for 1-tone color contacts do not really require much brainstorming as to whether or not they will look good on you or if they will work well with your natural eye color.

TTDeye’s Polar Lights, Queen, and HD collection are among the 1-tone contact lenses that provide an awesome and beautiful effect to both light and dark eyes. Featuring nice dot patterns, this set will look good on virtually any type of eye color. Donning this pair of colored contact lenses provides the wearer with a nice appearance that is both striking and beautiful.

Other 1-tone color contact lenses provide a much darker hue that allows the wearer to adopt a more exotic. Fuji collection, for instance, can add some sparkle to your eyes with its premium shade that is both exquisite and striking. These lenses provide a dramatic effect to any natural eye color, giving your eyes a fierce yet dazzling appearance.

One-tone contact lenses should be subtle enough that it looks natural when worn, but striking enough that it demands a second glance from everyone you meet. These colored contact lenses offer the right balance to compliment the look you are trying to achieve without shocking your friends and the people around you. What you want is the right tone that blends well with your appearance, as if you were born with those eyes. We recommend Bella Hadid’s razor sharp smoky eye from Cannes when you wear these natural lenses. It will definitely give your eyes a fresher appearance.

Pattern Imitating Human Pupil 

Iris/Iris II / Vanilla/ Taylor

Iris pattern contact lenses are the perfect option for contact lens wearers looking to add beauty and some sparkling effect to their eyes. These lenses are available in a variety of colors meant to mesmerize and add some uniqueness and elegance to the wearer’s eyes in a natural way. Whether you have naturally light or dark color eyes, the right pair of iris-like pattern lenses will definitely give your eyes some personality that will match the impression you are trying to project.

If you want your eyes to emulate the sparkle and glamour of diamonds, the  Iris and Iris II Series are contact lens design that is guaranteed to put some exquisite shine into your eyes, whatever color they may have. Iris and Iris II Series surround your pupil with a brown inner circle and transition to the corresponding color with an iris pattern that blends naturally with your own eyes. Available in gold, blue, brown, green, gray, and violet hues. The Vanilla Series contacts will be more pigmented than the Iris series. It can completely cover your own eye color and change your eye colors. The Taylor Collection will use a natural transition of three colors to transform your eyes into the ideal shade. Your eyes will never look as exquisite and piercing as when you wear a pair of these contact lenses. If you are going to copy the glamorous look of Kylie Jenner, lenses from Taylor Collection will add a different kind of attraction to your looks.

Three-toned Blending Pattern

Trinity/Egypt/Fruit/ Pony

If you want a bolder and classier circle lens design, then 3-tone contact lenses are definitely the best way to go. Three-tone lenses incorporate 3 color shades into 1 contact lens. Working in harmony, the colors in 3-tone lenses will provide a unique and natural sparkling effect to the wearer’s eyes. Whatever the natural color of your eyes is, these circle lenses will give those peepers a shine that is hard to miss.

The Trinity collection lenses are also among the most popular when it comes to 3-tone contact lenses. This particular model has a yellowish color pattern in the middle, which actually blends well with both light and dark colored eyes. Available in green, grey, and brown, the Trinity Series produces one of the most natural and sparkling effects in any colored contact lens in the market. That is why it has become a TTDeye sensation with the different styles and contact lens designs they provide. It is worth mentioning that the Trinity Green of this one gets a lot of love because it goes with all kinds of makeup and turns your eyes into a natural hazel color. For example, when you want to imitate Kendall’s winged liner makeup, this one is definitely the way to go!

If you are going for that cute and sweet look, you should definitely go for the Fruit and Pony Series. These two series offer a variety of 3-tone circle lenses that will give your eyes just the right sweetness and elegance. Inspired by fresh fruit, the Fruit Series is comprised of 5 fruit or, in this case, colors: the Kiwi Green, Berry Blue, Hami Melon Brown, Passion Fruit Grey, and Grape Purple. Sounds sweet and juicy?

Pony Series can make your eyes look bigger. The brownish inner ring in the middle and the outer ring lock the main shade in the middle, which let your eyes turn into other bright colors. Your eye will never look any sweeter, and cuter, than when wearing a pair of these lenses.

Obvious Limbal Ring Pattern 

Himalaya/ Menigo/ Edge/ Yummy

Cosmetic lenses with a strong limbal ring have a defined darker outer ring which gives the eyes a more dramatic look. The standout feature of these lenses is their darkened limbal ring that adds depth to the wearer’s eye color and gives the perception of a larger iris. They can offer the fantastic doll contact lenses effect which is created with a darkened limbal ring.

If you are trying to highlight your eyes, then Himalaya Collection is going to make you joyful. They will enhance your natural color by creating an illusion of bigger eyes. Yummy Collection features a strong limbal ring and gives a beautifully bold look. The colors in this series are more vibrant and pigmented than those in Himalaya Series. So it is generally more suitable for some cosplayers.

If you are looking for something to enhance your natural beauty, Edge Collection should be perfect for you. A limbal ring of chocolate surrounding a light transparent light shade can be the boost you are searching for. Available in both non-prescription and prescription, Edge Collection is the ultimate natural-looking contact lens for daily doll-like eyes.

Another choice for lenses with the dark limbal ring is from our autumn new lenses—Menigo Collection. With a rich, vibrant blend of 3 tones, these colored contacts will give your eyes a look that is both sophisticated and sparkling. The transition in the inner ring is very natural and fresh, locked by a black circle that emphasizes your big doll eyes. These Menigo Green Colored Contact Lenses will be the finishing touch to your looks or the highlight point of your daily outfit!