How to make gorgeous eye makeup

10.05.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion TTDeye Care

Be one delicate and pretty woman, just start with eye makeup.

I always hold that whether you are a lady or girl, you always own unique beauty. May be elegant and noble just like Princess Kate, or hot and sexy just like Gisele Bundchen, or cute and sweet, and so on. Whether you are a student or staff, you always have the right to chase and show your pretty, and live every day glamorously and dazzling. And eye makeup looks play so important role in expressing your personality and charm. TTdeye color contact lenses

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Maybe some girls have made up for a long time, and it’s great, however, for others with little or no eye makeup don’t worry, I will share with you 4 main types of eye makeup set in the following. I’m you will be skillful combine my introduction and day-by-day practice.

Today I mainly introduce you to 3 main aspects of eye makeup ideas on the basis of an all-important question.

1. Eye makeup styles

2. Eye makeup steps

3. Eye makeup tips

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Types of eye makeup

As we all know, we should adopt different eye makeup designs on various occasions. Such as heavy makeup for balls, parties, and bars, and light eye makeup for daily life.

7 Types of basic eye makeup

1. Flat eye makeup

2. Gradual eye makeup

3. European eye makeup

Kinds of Eye Makeup

4. Smoky eye makeup

5. Colorful eye makeup

6. Segmental eye makeup

7. Locally modified eye makeup

Though there are mainly 7 kinds of eye makeup, each basic eye makeup can also turn into various sorts of eye makeup effects. For example, the Segmental eye makeup can divide into two-phase, three stops, or several stops. And smoky eye makeup can be grouped into forward style, backward type, and spread eye makeup.

3 Main elements that affect your eye makeup

1. Overall makeup style. For instance, if you want to express natural and elegant beauty, you should avoid exaggerated eye makeup sets.

2. Rely on your eye proportion and skin organization.

3. Your comprehensive temperament.

Elizabeth Hurley eye makeup

Owning a three-dimensional face and deep eyes may be every girl's dream. However, you can modify the facial outline through makeup.

Eye makeup

1. After finishing the foundation, use gold eye shadow blooming on the place just as an image, and then smear deep coffee eye shadow on your eyelid.

Eye makeup

2.Then is the most important point to paint the mixed makeup. You need to paint one eyeline with brown eyeliner in the eye shadow edge of upper eyelid, finally blooming the shadow with eyeshadow brush. This step will make your eyes deeper.

Eye makeup

3. Finally, use shadow powder to modify your nose and lipstick for your mouth according to your personal preference.

Eye makeup

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Gorgeous twilight eye makeup

Want to own fascinating makeup like Bella, just look at the following eye makeup steps

Eye makeup

1. Use a brush to dip a little light eye shadow, and swear it from the depression under the brows to the root of the nose bridge

Eye makeup 2

2. Use brush paste light-colored eye shadow up the position between the range of double-fold eyelid, besides, the folded region in the eyelid should be vacated. In order to enhance the outline, we should draw inside at the end of the eye

Eye makeup

3. Continue to blooming light-colour eye shadow on the palpebra inferior, the range should be wider than common, just as the image

Eye makeup 4

4. Paint one shape as an image using deep coffee eye shadow, don't need so big range

Eye makeup

5. Keep an eye head, using deep coffee eye shadow blooming from the first half of the palpebra inferior to the end of the eye, and make the deep eye shadows in your eyes overlap.

Eye makeup

6. Use a slight sliver of tip shadow to brighten the eye head

Eye makeup

7. With black eye shadow glue adjoin the eyelash to put on eyeliner, full with the gap between the eyelash and eyelid.

Eye makeup

8. Lengthen eyeliner on the end of the eye, almost 7mm

Eye makeup

9. Along the palpebra inferior delineate eyeliner with purple tip shadow to make the eyes more charming.

Eye makeup

10. Apply mascara to eyelashes, the fan of eyelashes will make your eyes bigger.

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Eye makeup tips make eyes perfect

Eye makeup is the most important part of entire face makeup. Several steps such as smearing eye shadow, delineating eyeliner, painting eyelashes, as well as clipping eyebrows, need to deal with carefully. It’s not easy to put on good eye makeup, however, if you practice more, you will own the gorgeous eye makeup. Following are 3 tips you need to know when painting eye makeup.

1. Eye makeup order

It’s your fault if you think it hasn’t the order about smear eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. Actually, we should smear eye shadow first, paint eyeliner secondly, and finally smear mascara.

2. How to remove eye makeup rightly?

First, wet your cotton pads and then edge out spare water, pour eye-specified remover on it, then cover these cotton pads on your face.

Second, after you apply the remover for almost 30 seconds to 1 minute, softly clean your eyes from up, you can shed your eye makeup easily.

Third, remember that don’t polish eyelashes hard when this glamorous intelligent mascara is difficult to clean out, which will bring forth eye patterns. The only you need to do is use the cotton swab full of remover clean mascara softly from the root of an eyelash to the top.

Finally, if you are thinking about where to buy suitable cosmetics for your beautiful eyes, maybe you can go to,  hope this can help you. If you have any questions, leave your comment. 

Just be pretty, my girls.