Captivating Charisma: Unlocking Your Style with Grey Colored Contact Lenses

15.11.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Product Review

In the realm of fashion and self-expression, finding unique ways to captivate attention and stand out from the crowd has become an art form. Amongst a kaleidoscope of options, one trend has effortlessly caught the eye of style enthusiasts worldwide - the mesmerizing allure of grey colored contact lenses.

Grey lenses have swiftly become the go-to accessory for those seeking an elegant and intriguing look. With a range of shades from silver mist to deep charcoal, these lenses offer a captivating charm that leaves heads turning and conversations buzzing. In this captivating guide, we'll explore the transformative power of grey lenses, showcasing their versatility and the endless possibilities they hold. Whether you're looking for a subtle enhancement or a bold makeover, these lenses have the potential to unlock your true style and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

If you want to know clearly about grey eye contacts, you'll love this post.

So let's check out now.

Ok, these are the top 5 hottest questions during our survey, let’s solve them one by one.

Reasons We Recommend Grey Lenses

As many data shows, from 2011 colorful lenses show up for dazzling stage effect, as technology has matured, more and more good colored contacts into our eyes, with plenty of colors and figures, welcomed by countless people no matter age and gender, from ordinary to superstar, we can hardly to find one person who doesn’t wear color-changing contact lenses.

However, we also know that the right and suitable colored contacts can bring us pretty, while wrong and improper contact lenses only take us embarrassed.  It's so important to choose one colored contact lenses that can match us well in 2023, as well as bring a fantastic feeling. 

TTDeye  Charming Grey Contact Lenses for Sale

But how? This is the big questions. Faced with so many beautiful color lenses for eyes online, which one is so worth buying?

If you have no idea about this question, then I will suggest you move on to the next, then you will get some ideas. 

6 Strong Reasons That I Recommend You Grey Contacts

1. Eye contact grey is more natural than other colored eye contacts. Due to real and charming, natural-looking grey contacts are popular with fashionistas, such as the famous beauty boy- Jake Jamie also recommends TTDeye queen grey color contacts, also well a popular fashion
blogger Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier are also gorgeous with grey eyes.
2. Colored contact grey is the top 1 hot sale lens these 2 years of TTDeye. Maybe one people's choice represents nothing, however nearly 500,000 people's choices can talk something to us, at least, these data tell us some people buy grey eye color contacts again and again.
3. Though natural, grey eyes contacts are also well-marked. If keep under observation you will find almost every brand has published grey contact lenses. Grey eye contact lenses are also recalled as the most photographed contact lenses.

Grey Contact Lenses with Eye Makeup
4. Widely used for many occasions, no matter for cosplay, or hybrid effects, we can also wear grey contact lenses in our daily life, matched with suitable makeup and clothing, to show our elegance and gentleness at the same time.
5. As one classical color, grey can match perfectly with other colors, mainly with grey, match with other colors, grey contact lenses bring us various choices and styles.
In a word, if you have no ideas which contact lenses you should buy, then grey contact lenses absolutely are your first choice. 100+ TTDeye's best grey contacts are here, visit to choose your favorite lenses.

After buying our dreamy grey contact lenses, in order to use them well, and protect our eyes to the maximum extent, which things we need to do?

3 Important Things We Should Do Before Wear New Color Contacts

1. Calm down just to examine whether there have mistakes or not with our new grey color contact lenses, such as if they're mistakes of degree, if does lens is good or not.
As TTDeye customers, we try our best to offer you well-packaged grey eye contact, however, if there is any problem you can also email us, and we will deal with it as soon as we can, usually don't over 24 hours.
2. For intact color contact lenses grey, we'd better don't wear them right now. Normal saline of original contact lenses will make our eyes uncomfortable.
The right way for these new grey circle lenses is to put them into specialized contact lens cases with a professional care solution, which should be 6 hours at least. After the soak, then you can wear these grey prescription contacts freely.
3. All TTDeye's grey colored contact lenses are yearly disposable. Usually, we recommend you wear 8-10 months is better. During several months of usage, maybe there was little damage resulting from using frequently of these best grey circle lenses. So 8-10 months is suitable to wear.

TTDeye Color Contacts  Wearing Way

After soaking our grey contacts, we find this just the one we find, when wearing, however, it is the slide, what a pity. 

Don't worry, continue to the next you will find a perfect way to deal with it. I think everyone needs to look at this even if your color contacts don't slide. There're ways to help you avoid your grey-colored contact lenses slide, which I think is important.

Want to know more information about eye protection, come to "Something about contact eye exam"  

What Should We Do When Our Grey Colored Contacts Slide?

Are you worried about the slide problem that occurred on your grey colored contacts non-prescription?

Is there one reason that you don't wear colored contacts?

Actually, the problem is not as scary as you thought and also has a perfect solution just only you know your eyes clearly.
In a word, the main reason that causes a slide of grey eye contact is because of its base curve.

TTDeye Grey Contact Lenses Pros and Cons

So what's colored contact lenses' grey base curve

Generally speaking, the base curve refers to the radian of lenses. When the radian is more close to our eyeball, we will feel more comfortable. Once the lens's radian is bigger than our eye's radian, the movement and slide easily take place.

However, when the light grey contacts radian is smaller, our eyes also don’t feel easy. Most people’s eye radian is between 8.4-8.6, these colored contacts with 8.6±0.2 will be suitable for you.

Besides this, another reason that can result in light grey eye contact sliding is the pros and cons of colored contacts is on the opposite, especially your eye contacts grey never occur slid before, however, this time they slide, probably because we don’t wear them correctly.
The simple solution is just to take out your lens and adjust its pros and cons, and wear them after being washed with specialized care solution.
How to tell from the cons and pros of grey contacts? 
Just look at these pictures below

Grey Contact Lenses Pros and Cons

Totally designed based on real people’s eyes, wear TTDeye gray colored contacts, you don’t have to worry about slide problems any longer. Go to TTDeye for various color contacts to pick up your dreamy colored contacts now.

Third, countless people want to- Grey Contact Lenses Materials

Commonly, there are 3 materials for natural grey contact lenses in marketing.

First, the HEMA common materials. For healthy eyes, wearing natural grey contact lenses is OK. However, we have to pay attention to our eyes clean, don't wear natural-looking grey contacts for a long time.
During these times, it's better to don't wear contacts grey such as staying up late, taking a plane, and periods of girls.

Second, silicone hydrogel materials. These grey color contact materials are fit for people whose eyes are dry. By the way, not higher water content colored contacts are better. Color contacts' water content refers to the water that color contacts need. Higher water content means color contacts will draw more water from your eyes.
Usually, 42% water content of light grey contact lenses is best, just like all of TTDeye contact lenses.

Third, non-ionic raw material, which suits people with sensitive eyes and quickly has a foreign station feeling. Usually, hefilcon materials own high softness, which has the best feeling among these 3 color contact materials.
In a word, when choosing grey eye contact, the price isn't the only evaluation criterion. In order to ensure our eyes are safe and healthy, we should read their parameters carefully and then choose the one most suitable.

Though above, we have a general idea about our grey contact lenses. We know how to pick up, which things we should do for the new color contact grey, and how to avoid color contacts slide. 

What’s The Right Way To Deals With Abandoned Grey Eye Contacts?

After 8 or 10 months of use, we have to say goodbye to our color-changing contact lenses, so which is the best way to deal with it?

Just throw them down to drain, or send them to the garbage?

Instead of the drain, garbage will be the best way for our discard colored contact when considering our natural environment.

Oct 19, Arizona State University scientists just issued their statement, among which they said throwing colored contact lenses down the drain may lead to plastic pollution.
During Charles Rolsky and Varun Kelkar's research, they found almost 1.8-3.36 billion lenses are thrown down the drain, and about 20-23 metric tons of plastics affect water.

TTDeye Contact Lens
In a word, when we just flushed our grey or other colored contacts into the drain, they will have arrived at wastewater-treatment plants, the equipment will fragment color lenses into microplastics, however, they don't disappear.

While these microplastics flow into the ocean or somewhere, eaten by fish or something else, they can create so much bad influence on our environment.

So as we became pretty, we also need to protect our environment and reduce plastic pollution.

Finally, I have to say the best way to place our discarded colored contact lenses in gray is garbage with other solid waste.

Other TTDeye Contacts You May Like

Besides grey contact lenses, in TTDeye you also have other choices. For example, kinds of blue contact lenses, refreshing green colored contact lenses, and other colors lenses. 

The following are these contacts that you can use for cosplay or Halloween

All things you want to know about gray contact lenses are above. Anything else you want to know or confuse, just send the email or leave your comments below. If you learn something from these, please share it with your friends to let more people know.