3 Important Things You Should Know About Eye Exam

26.05.2023 | Leah | TTDeye Care

Nowadays, wear kinds of colored contact lenses have become a fashion, because it’s pretty, convenient, and comfortable. More and more people regard contact lenses as the best alternative to glasses, especially for the young age between 18 to 25.

According to TTDeye’s marketing research, these young people takes up almost 70% of all contact lenses consumer market. Accompanied by more consumers in the contact lenses market, some eye problem is also coming, and most of them are lead by faulty use of contact lenses. Such as having no idea how to choose suitable circle lenses, how to get the correct eye exam, and how to read a contact lenses prescription. Then I will give you an answer to the following content.

Then I will divide my opinions into 3 parts.

1. Why do you need to take the contact exam?

2. How to choose your pleased ophthalmologist?

3. How do you choose your suitable contact lenses according to your contact lens exam?

Plus: I will also tell you how to read a contact lens prescription

Then we will go to the first part -why you need to take the contact exam.

Several doctors said that eye infections have increased these years due to the environment, ignoring eye health as well as incorrect contact lenses wearing. Actually, most of these infection problems can be avoided totally if people take care of their eyes and take contact eye exams.  

1. Know clearly about your eye vision

One contact eye exam will include several parts, they are distance visual test, near vision test, color sense exam, external eye part test, and IOP (intraocular pressure) test. After taking these tests, you will know your eyes condition clearly and comprehensively. And your eye exam doctor also will give you several pieces of advice to protect your eyes better. Then you can buy your suitable contact lenses on the basis of an ophthalmologist’s prescription.

Plus: When you take eyes test for contact lenses, you should tell your optometrist. A regular eye exam may not suit contact lenses. When you need to wear circle lenses, you’re better to tell the optometrist in order to do a detailed examination, as well as tell you how to read contact lens prescription and choose your suitable colored contact lenses.

In order to take care of your eyes, most doctors will advise you on the following points.

  • Should give your eye more time to breathe. There are some people too fan circle lenses to remove, however, when wearing these colored circle lenses long time, it’s bad for your eyes. Just because your eyes need to breathe. Though some colored contact lenses enjoy high oxygen permeability, it’s also best to remove your contact lenses and make your eyes free, especially at night or sleep.
  • Using professional care solution to clean your lens. Some people just use water to clean colored contact lenses, it’s so wrong. No matter tap water or bottled water, there are full of mineral substances, when clean colored contact lenses use this, it will pollute them. So you just need to use professional care water to clean contact lenses.
  • Better change contact lenses case 3 months and clean it often. As we all know, want to ensure circle lenses are clean, you need to offer one clean store place. It’s not enough to use a professional care solution, you’d better clean the lens case more often, and change it in 3 months.

2. How often do you need to take one contact lens examination?

Due to our eyes changing, it’s not scientific to buy one pair of contact lenses on the basis of the contact lens eye exam 2 years ago. According to American Optometric Association, adults had better do a contact lens examination every two years. While people over 60 ages better do contact lens tests once a year in order to ensure eye health. However, the experts also advise the people who wear prescription lenses more often, to do yearly checkups may be better because it’s so bad for your eyes when you order contact lenses using inaccurate inspection results.

Choose your suitable color contact lenses from prescription

How do you find a suitable ophthalmologist?

These years, more people choose colored contact lenses instead of traditional frame glasses, because beautiful and convenient. However, when choosing or wearing circle lenses, some tips we need to know in order to protect our eyes correctly. The first one is that you'd better take an eyes exam to clear know your eyes situation, such as myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism, as well as your spectacle lens power, then you will pick your suit contact lenses better.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Take Eyes Exam

1. There are 2 different prescriptions, which include frame glasses prescription, and both frame glass and color contact lenses. Before you take an eye exam, you need to tell your doctor clearly which exam you want to take. Because these two kinds of prescription hold different items and enjoy different prices.

2. Find a satisfied ophthalmologist. One effective way to find an eye doctor is to search on Google directly. Search the doctors near you, then scan and pick one with the best and high score reviews. Once you choose your suitable doctor, you can call him to do an appointment, you'd better leave a detailed message, for example, your name, birthday, frame glass or contact lens prescription, and so on.

3. Be sure to go to the clinic 15 minutes ahead of your appointment, because you need to fill out one form with your personal information.

4. If you just wear colored contact lenses the first time, your doctor also will recommend contact lenses types and brands, and teach you some basic information related to how to wear or remove contact lenses.

5. Finally is the prescription. I will introduce you clearly to how to read one prescription following.

3 important parts to prescription

Eye Exam Prescription

1. Name, eye exam date, and expiry date, which means in one year period from the exam date, you can buy contact lenses according to the degree in the prescription.
2. Ophthalmologist's signature and license number.
3. This will be the most part-contact lenses degree.
I will introduce you to the vital part of the prescription.
RX column.OD means right eyes, OS means left eyes.
Sphere refers to a degree."-" means myopia,while "+" means hyperopia.
Cylinder refers to the astigmatic degree
Axis means astigmatic angles
Curve refers to eye radians.
Diam. is the diameter of the iris, which is equal to the diameter of the black part in your eyes.

After you read your prescription correctly, you can order your favorite contact lenses anytime anywhere.

Hope can help you a little about taking a right eye contact exam. Any question can contact us, TTdeye is here 24/7 for you.