Where to Buy Scary Colored Contact Lenses for 2022 Halloween👻

09.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion

When it comes to what to wear on Halloween, you can choose to go in one of many different directions nowadays. However, the classic choice— a downright scary Halloween costume will never be the wrong one. If you’re looking to go all out on the spooky, creepy, and scary vibes this year, TTDEYE has got your options.

Whether you’re channeling your favorite creepy characters from movies (ahem, Carrie, the Nun, Michael Myers, the list goes on) or you want to go with a traditional zombie or clown costume, there are plenty of frightening ideas out there for you to choose from. Not only the costume, but your makeup also determines whether you can be the queen at this horror party. TTDEYE has a wide range of contact lenses to match all kinds of spooky makeup, so pick a pair to inspire your 2022 Halloween look.

Gridding White/ Blind White

There’s a reason the skull costume is a Halloween classic: When done right, this look kills at parties. In need of the perfect sugar skull look for Day of the Dead? Don’t worry, TTDEYE got your skull eyes. The white lenses are essential for your creative skull makeup look.

TTDEYE Gridding White and Blind White can be the best choice.  With the mesh pattern on it, you still can see through from the Gridding white. Without the transparent part, you can’t see clearly with the Blind White except some lights. Both of them will cover your original eye color and give you really scary white eyes. Take them for creating more skull looks. Check here for more white contacts👉TTDEYE White Colored Contacts.

Twilight Vampire/Dangerous Ruby

If you are sick of classic bloody vampire makeup, try applying the popular graphic liner and cut crease eye makeup to your Halloween party. @junglekooked uses the Twilight Vampire Red for his dark liners and dark lips, which take a spooky turn in this soft vampire makeup look. This kind of look will absolutely stun your friends! And @serinamakeup also creates the red caution eye look, combining the most popular cut crease painting tricks with the pigment red lenses, her eye makeup is very harmonious in tone. Twilight Vampire can be your top 1 choice for those who want vampire vibes whether you want to keep the gore to a minimum or heavy.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, clowns are always in style. Reaching peak popularity with the Hollywood debut of Pennywise in IT, it seems that clown makeup is sticking around these years, as a new report from Cosmetify found that nearly 2.4 million people have Googled clown makeup ahead of Halloween 2020, while over 106k have searched for the looks on YouTube, making the clown look highest searched on both platforms. You won’t want to miss some of the red lenses used to match your scary clown makeup look.

@blendingismycardio and @bluegrassandlashes have created these super dope half-clown looks. Both of them chose to use Dangerous Ruby as the dark side of the clown. If you are going to do Pennywise makeup for 2022 Halloween, try these red lenses! Check more red lenses for Halloween HERE👉Cosplay Red Lenses.

Gecko/ Reptile Glow

There is endless animal-inspired makeup for every Halloween, and the reptile makeup always makes people more spine-tingling. TTDEYE Gecko collection and Lizard Eye Collection are getting ready for your creepy but glam animal makeup.

Vivid cracks are full on the surface of contacts just like the ivy clings to the wall, a slit lies across the lens where the vision gets through. The Lizard Eye Green is the perfect one for a sneak-like vibe looks. @emeli_an_ blended the contacts perfectly with her green liners, changing her into a seductive Medusa. @iamnataliaz used these green lenses to cosplay Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones.

And Gecko collection can be used not only as the eyes of the gecko but also as the eyes of snakes and other creepy reptiles.@_pepper.jeji and @bleedkitsune applied Gecko to their dragon-inspired makeup which makes their whole look more cinematic. These kinds of animal lenses are really crazy and special FX that make you stand out at a Halloween party!

If your want to be a cool leopard, lion, tiger, and other felines this Halloween, you are not allowed to miss the Reptile Glow. Our excellent makeup artists have applied the art of painting to their faces, transforming themselves into the queen of the “Halloween forest”. The bright yellow color and the black shuttle-shaped pattern surrounding the pupil can turn your eyes into wild beast eyes in a second. Create your animal-inspired makeup looks that are sure to turn heads this Halloween. Check all animal eyes👉TTDEYE Animal Eye Contacts.

Final Words

Halloween contact lenses are also known as decorative contacts, costume contacts, novelty contacts, and special effect contacts. People use these contacts to elevate the look of their costumes on Halloween. Actors and actresses also use these contact lenses when playing vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other similar characters in movies and television shows. Most Halloween contact lenses are purely cosmetic (Plano), which means they won’t correct your vision. Costume contact lenses are a great way to spice up your look this coming Halloween. Check the <COSPLAY> section on TTDEYE.COM for more cosplay lenses you want and create your makeup idea with them for the 2022 Halloween!🎃