TTDeye New Lenses for Spring 2023 Have Launched!

07.06.2023 | Leah | Product Review

Are you ready for a fresh new look this spring? Look no further than TTDEYE’s new line of contact lenses! With three brand new series to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect look for any occasion.

Sin Collection

Water content: 38% / Base curve: 8.5mm / Diameter: 14.0mm / Graphic Diameter: 13.5mm

Finally, we launched the Sin series - our new product for this spring. These lenses feature superb coverage and a highly saturated color for a truly bold look. Available in brown, blue, grey, and green, each color is bright and eye-catching, with a tinting diameter of 13.5mm that subtly enlarges your eyes for a truly mesmerizing effect.

Satellite Collection

Water content: 40% / Base curve: 8.6mm / Diameter: 14.2mm / Graphic Diameter: 14.1mm

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TTDeye Satellite Blue

TTDeye Satellite Brown

TTDeye Satellite Green

TTDeye Satellite Grey

Next up is the Satellite Collection. Available in four stunning colors - brown, grey, blue, and green - these lenses feature a beautiful transition between two shades of the same tone, with a dark limbal ring that really makes your eyes pop. Whether you’re going for a natural or dramatic look, the Satellite series has got you covered.

Icing Collection

Water content: 40% / Base curve: 8.5mm / Diameter: 14mm / Graphic Diameter: 13mm

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TTDeye Icing Brown

TTDeye Icing Grey

Finally, we come to the Icing Collection. Available in brown and grey, these lenses feature a black outer ring that really makes your eyes stand out. The inner ring is a single color with excellent coverage, ensuring a natural, seamless look. Whether you’re going for a sultry smokey eye or a more subdued daytime look, the Icing series is perfect for any occasion.

Final Words

No matter which series you choose, you can trust TTDEYE to provide top-quality lenses that are comfortable, safe, and easy to wear. So why wait? Try our new spring products today and discover a whole new world of beauty and style. Here for more new lenses👉TTDeye New Contact Lenses