Tips for contact lens wearer

07.04.2024 | Isabella | TTDeye Care

  Contact lenses has been considered as a medical device for a long time, but now it is given some other new features like changing the color of people's eyes. Generally speaking, a right color of contact lenses can not only redefined your youth, but also elevates your charms instantly. So since the autumn is coming to an end, here I'd like to share some tips about how to choose the right contact lenses for autumn & winter that pair with your makeup with you, the lens wearers.

  1. Polar lights Blue IImatch Taylor’s makeup

  Blue is the color that many girls are fond of.Taylor Swift’s makeup is a typical example.Her winning approach was not just the blood red lip, but the charming blue eyes. Polar lights blue makes elegant and evil coexist,let a person appears to have a kind of demon female feeling. If you match a floral sweater or shirt, you are your own goddess now.

  1. Brown lenses match Thin powder frost

Apart from the eye-catching clothes, there are eye-catching makeup in the Fashion Show.The thin makeup, under the super model's angel's face, is very fresh and moving .With regard to makeup choice, brown is the most versatile color. The trend of makeup look gradually turns natural and fresh, so here I strongly recommend you the Queen Chocolate and Snow Chocolate.


Queen Chocolate is so natural which lets many females fondle admiringly. And Snow Chocolate really makes your eyes shining like the stars. It's easy to dry out during the autumn, brown lenses match thin powder frost is quite practical no matter the skin color.

  1. Gray lens match cats eyes to overturn the Christmas makeup

Michelle Phan has been on the “Forbes 30 under the age of 30” by applying makeup at 27.She always shares her knowledge of makeup and skills and the persistence of female’s beauty and dreams,many young girls imitate her makeup. In one of her sharing , she shows herself with an exaggerated cat eye with purple berry lip makeup.


Except the long eyeliner, grey, blue,purple and other colors lenses are also crucial in her makeup.


While enlarging your eyes, you will be able to make your eyes both bright and gentle,the whole field is getting stronger. So perhaps it is a good choice for you to have a try during the Christmas time.


In order to make the contact lens function well, except those tips for contact lens wearer. First understand your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you'll look better with the help of the lens and makeup. Do not forget to protect them when pursuit beauty. It's easy to be beautiful.