Buy Grey Contact Lenses -You Have to Know 5 Things(2019)

10.08.2023 | Logan | TTDeye Care

“ I never go out without makeup and colored contacts”, said by Eudora, one of my best friends from university.

Nowadays, lots of people chase fashion and pretty just like Eudora. There is no doubt that kinds of grey contact lenses are good equipment to own charming eye makeups and fashions style. 

TTDeye Pearl Grey Contacts

TTDeye Pearl Grey Eye Contacts:

However, are you sure you really know how to buy your suitable and satisfied grey colored contacts from price, brand, quality to shipping, package?

If there are a little confusing, you should read this post, I'm sure you will buy your perfect grey circle lenses after read this. 

Ok, let's begin now. 

I will divide these things into 5 parts just like following.

Buy Grey Contacts-You Have to Know 5 Things

So let’s just begin now.

Only we know it clearly, we can pick up the one most suitable and satisfied, no matter what it is. So before you decide to buy grey contact lenses, you’d better know how many types of it.

Kinds of Grey Eyes Contacts

Like other eye contact lenses, in order to chase natural look, all grey contacts are also designed based on people's real eyes, usually, we called it iris. In order to chase real effect, some grey contacts lenses are designed with a similar color to our eyes, while others may be decorated with small colored dots or gradually varied lines or shape.

Due to transparent on the center of grey lenses, where is just the position of our pupil, we can look things clearly.

According to the different application, we mainly can divided grey lenses into 2 classes

TTDeye Crystal Ball Grey Color Contacts for Sale

TTDeye Crystal Ball Grey Contact Lenses:

Enhancement Tint and Opaque Tint

1.Enhancement Tint

Wear these lenses not only can correct our vision, but also change our eyes color to chase fashion and pretty, make us special and charming. Due to big market demand, many color contact supplier is researching and designing new types of grey contacts for sale.

With different light transmittance of 90, 80 or 70 percentage, these grey contact lenses online can also own different figures. Of course, besides grey color, this kind of contact lenses also have other colors, like blue, green, hazel or something else.

For this enhancement tint grey contacts, according to different lens color and iris, so there are may have different product adorn.

2. Opaque Tint

Compare to enhancement tint colored contacts, opaque tint can change your eyes color completely. However, these color contacts also have various colors just like the enhancement tint.

Usually, in costume or theatrical movie, these opaque tint circle lenses will be used more.

Prescription and Plano Grey Contact Lenses

Here, another thing important you should know, grey eyes contacts can be got both prescription contact lenses and plano contact lenses.

1. Prescription Grey Contact Lenses

Prescription grey contacts lenses are mainly designed to correct your myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, at the same time, it also can change our eyes color. However, TTDeye grey contacts for sale are not available for astigmatism. For myopia and hyperopia is great.

2. Plano Grey Color Lenses

Differ to prescription grey colored contacts, plano colored contacts only designed for change our eyes color with zero degrees, which haven’t any effect for our vision.

Besides degree and color you should know when buying grey contact lenses, you’d better know some information about grey eye contact lenses materials.

Commonly, there are 3 materials used in all kinds of grey eye contacts, which includes the HEMA common materials, silicone hydrogel materials as well as non-ionic raw material.

Detail information about these 3 kinds of materials I have told in my last grey contact lenses post, you can visit to know more.

After reading the above content, I’m sure that you will know clearly which kinds of grey contact lenses online you would like to buy. Then another big question is where and how to buy the best grey contact lenses.

Keeping read and you will find a great answer.

 TTDeye Ocean Grey Contact Lenses for sale

Where to Buy Grey Eyes Contacts?

Just like buying other things, for cheap grey contacts, you can also buy mainly from 3 channel.
1. First color contacts brand website. Such as Geo, Airoptix, 1800 contacts, TTDeye and so on.

2. Third-party trading platform, just like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and so on.

3. Of course, you can also buy grey eye contact lenses from the local. Sometimes, you should pay more than online when buying in local.

4. Another effective way that I use is coupon site, search the famous coupon site in google, you will find plenty of coupon sites, search grey contacts lenses you want to buy, for example, the name of grey contacts you know, such as queen grey, polar lights grey contact lenses, as well as crystal ball dark grey contact lenses, you will find so much contact lenses coupon, which will help a lot to buy cheap grey colored contacts with first class.

5. Another way that I used often is social media. For example on Instagram and Facebook, I will follow the famous color contacts brand, such as TTDeye that I pay attention more. Once they have discount activities or latest vision publish, we can know the first time, then you can get your favorite grey eyes contacts for sale early.

TTDeye Polar Lights Grey Contacts for Sale

Among these 5 ways buy cheap grey contacts, I use 1, 4 and 5 widely. Of course, you can use them together just to choose the trustable and cheap grey contacts.

For example, from brand social account state, such as followings, share, like and comment, you will know clearly and comprehensive to one brand, it can also help you decide on whether buy grey colored contacts or other color contacts or not.

This also the reason why I choose TTDeye grey contact lenses more, they have almost 500,000 fans in Ins, and I think I can trust them to rely on their many followings.

TTDeye Instagram:

TTDeye Facebook

The most important point I want to say, eyes are the most important organ for our body. In view of healthy and safe, we should buy grey contact lenses from a trusted brand and regular channel.

Just think about, we have a deal with 2 important issues during buy cheap grey eye contacts for sale, next also most important is how to choose your suitable and best grey contact lenses.

After seeing below, you will know more fashion and makeup information, according to these, you definitely can explore another beautiful and charming style for yourself.

How to Choose Your Favorites Grey Contact Lenses

Which Thing You Should Consider When Buy Grey Lenses?

1. When buying grey contact lenses for you, not only the eyes part you need to consider, you should think about more, such as where would you want to go or go frequently when wearing grey contact lenses, which kinds of style you prefer, which makeup and cloth you want to match, after think over these, basically you will know which grey lens online you want most.

Visit here to see more skill to make gorgeous eye makeup.

2. Combine with the methods I introduce above- where to buy the best grey contact lenses, you can find your trustable color contact brand and coupons, then you can shop now.

3. Also have no ideas about it? Doesn’t matter. I will recommend the best grey contacts I have bought for you.

First, queen grey contact lenses, which I bought the most. The apparent features of queen grey contacts are natural, imitate people real eyes, queen grey contact lenses own delicate figures and natural colors. It’s also the hottest colored contacts these 2 years.

TTDeye Queen Grey and Polar Lights Grey Contacts

Second, polar lights grey contacts, which also belong to natural contacts. Polar lights grey colored lenses also have delicate figures, the big difference between queen grey and polar lights grey is the color.

Look carefully you will find, both of these 2 best grey contacts are adopted grey color, however, the queen grey have a little green, while polar lights are classical grey.

Look here, you will know clearly.

Do you think it’s totally ok after all these things you get, and you also find your favorites grey contact lenses online?

Of course, you can just place your order now, however, in order to ensure everything is ok when buying grey contact lenses, I also think you also want to see these important points below, which related to shipping, price, customer service, and other tips you need to for protect our eyes better.

Let’s just move to this step.

5 Tips You Want to Know Buying Grey Contacts

1. Generally speaking, when buying grey contact lenses online, the price is the most important thing that decides whether we buy colored contacts or not.

However, in the market, we will see so many grey colored contacts with different price, this price also has a big difference.

I want to say, in order to ensure our eyes safe and healthy, low price isn’t the only thing we should think about.

Just as I said above, you also need to consider if this colored contact brand is trust, how about other people review, a well as the quality. After judge this, you can buy satisfied grey contact lenses.

2. Then the second important thing we concern is shipping. When buying grey contact lenses online, no matter where you want to buy, you should find the shipping term before an order to avoid unnecessary trouble future.

3. Sometimes, customer service also the point we think. As far as I know, almost all selling channel online for grey colored contacts have customer services, such as message, email or online chat, we all can contact with the brand.

TTDeye Other Beautiful Color Contacts

Ps: More important point, never share your grey contact lenses with others for our eyes health.

Combined my 3 years experience buying grey colored contacts, think about shipping, customer service and price, quality, TTDeye will be my favorites brand, especially when promotion, there will have a big discount. During these time, you can buy grey contact lenses with low cost but high quality.

All TTDeye Grey Contact Lenses You Will See Here.

Ok, that’s all I will share with you about important points you want to know. If have any question, you can just email me though [email protected], I will be here all the time.

If this post is valuable for you, just share it with your friends, and I will insist on share significant things for you constantly.