Starshine Doll Brown

25.03.2022 | Robert | Eye Fashion

Maybe you can see the whole stars from my eyes!

@pigeon_pie_art brings us a fantastic picture. I like it very much. She wore Starshine Doll Brown, a contacts with intricate star patterns.Dark brown in contacts is a relatively low-key color, accompanied by a blooming star pattern, but also to see the gorgeous side of it. The central part of Starshine Doll Brown is a six-pointed star that is spreading outwards, and can be seen in a variety of lines, like a star that is constantly emitting light and heat. And between the stars, you can see a lot of little stars, like fireworks, blooming outwards.

The look of @pigeon_pie_art goes well with the star's theme, embellishing the eyebrows with colorful diamond jewelry, which also reflects colorful light. Best of all, she added a sparkling starlight effect to her pupils, as the vast star-sea moves in her eyes. Plus the irregular symbol around the eyes, add a lot of mystery to the whole makeup look, just like to travel in outer space.


What are you waiting for? Feel the glamour of starlight together!


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