Pink and Purple Colored Contact Lenses Collection

03.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion

Whether you’re new to the world of colored contacts or have bought countless pairs of different styles and colors, you may have overlooked the fantastic effects of some light dreamy contact lenses. The addition of some dreamy color contacts will give you the buoyant and cute look that will impress anyone graced by your gaze. Just take a look at some of these lenses that you should think about adding to your look. These lenses are a great addition for flaunting fashion, completing your daily makeup or cosplay costumes, or being the pinnacle of party pageantry.

Rio Blue

Base curve: 8.6mm | Diameter: 14.4mm | Yearly Lenses 

Whilst dark-eyed customers can enjoy eye color transformations from all kinds of styles and shades, three-tone color effects for lenses will give a more dreamy effect. With the light blue, dark blue, and purple limbal ring, these blue lenses offer the best balance between natural color coverage whilst maintaining the realistic look of an iris. This one is suitable for some cosplaying of anime characters with blue eyes, and for some fantastic creative makeup looks.

Kawaii Pink

Base curve: 8.6mm | Diameter: 14.4mm | Yearly Lenses 

Pink lenses transform eyes into warm, joyous eyes that are lively yet fictional at the same time. The design of Kawaii Pink is very unique, consisting of three vibrant colors, red, pink, and brown, which will give you totally cute anime eyes. These pink lenses are opaque so that they can cover your original eyes’ color perfectly.

Regardless of being unnatural, Kawaii Pink helps accentuate your eye color and enhance your beauty and loveliness to the maximum. Perfect for cosplaying some anime characters with pink eyes.

Luna Pink

Base curve: 8.5mm | Diameter: 14mm | Yearly Lenses 

Starting off subtle, it’s easy to highlight your eyes with just a small amount of pink color. A great example of this is the Luna Pink which features swirling blue and pink patterns around the iris. These are best suited for a fashion statement that you don’t want to be forgotten in a hurry.

Falling Star Purple

Base curve: 8.6mm | Diameter: 14.4mm | Yearly Lenses 

Of course, the highlights of lenses aren’t always subtle as is the case with these unique purple lenses. With sky blue blends with a dreamlike purple ring, a gold meteor shoot across the starry sky and falls into your eyes, there are plenty of different looks that you can achieve with these purple lenses. Just looking at them, it’s hard to look away from their stunning color effect.

Loving Series

Base curve: 8.6mm | Diameter: 14.5mm | Monthly Lenses 

TTDEYE finally makes it real! The Loving Series is heart-shaped contact lenses and has three colors for you to choose from. Don’t worry that it won’t fit your eyes. The lens itself is still round but with the design of a heart. The dark outer rim will slightly enlarge your eyes, and the yellow star pattern in the middle will light up your eyes. Heart eye contacts can be used for cosplay purposes or just for fun on any day!

NASA Purple

Base curve: 8.6mm | Diameter: 14.2mm | Yearly Lenses 

Saturn’s ring around the center of the pupil, scattered small stars, crescent-shaped highlights... “NASA” is like taking you to the mysterious outer space. The starry sky in the inner ring merges with the same color in the outer ring, making your eyes look like a planet, shining and charming. Try these soft purple lenses for your creative dreamy makeup!

Final Words

Dreamy contact lenses feature mesmerizing designs along with realistic patterns that never cease to amaze those who aspire. They create a new horizon of beauty that enchant & make you look glorious. Some of the pink or purple variants may add a spooky touch depending on the opacity. Let your eyes play the tricks by equipping them with colored contacts.