Must Have Accessories for Halloween

03.08.2023 | Thomas | TTDeye Care

 When the store puts pumpkins, devils, skeletons, candy on the shelves, you know that Halloween is coming .The mysterious witch, cold and pale corpse princess, or a colorful clown…… to be the focus of Halloween night, you should be well prepared for the party. In addition to all kinds of funny costumes, you must have accessories for Halloween. Here I find some pretty cool Halloween accessories that not cost too much for your reference.

Be a stylish ‘witch in the Halloween night


Whether it's Vivienne Westwood's punk witch, Anna Sui's sweet witch, or Luella horror series with a black humor, in the world of fashion, witches are always fashionable and interesting. The magic hat is a standard outfit for witches. A long, pointed hat with black or purple, and a coat with a wide arc is more suitable for collection. Imagine that, what if there is no delicate makeup?

The witch of the imagination appears mostly in black, but black is easy to create a sense of distance. So I recommend you to use the most approachable earth color series. The beauty of a large area of eye shadow is the gradient of color. When painting this makeup, it is better to prepare two or three eyeshadow from shallow to deep. Then choose the lens color that will make your eyes look deeper. Ocean Green or Gradient Star Brown, which are natural and a little different.


DIY a Sexy Catwoman Halloween makeup


Catwoman look has spread already a long time, is not as easy as you think. First you have to prepare a cute cat ear hairpin, cat faces are also necessary. If you don’t want to buy the masks that sell in the store, you can do it by yourself. Draw up the mask, you can use the makeup eyeliner brush, in case you mess up you can erase it. After you have the outline, fill it in with the black paint. Make sure that the blank paint is even. You should also bring the edge of the mask out just a little bit further pass your hair line which is more angular. For lenses, TTDEYE will offer you a wide variety of Halloween series. Zombie Curse won’t let you down.


 Encounter the fairy elves

Worried that no driver will take you home after the party?Want to stand out among hordes of zombie vampires?Maybe you can try this one. You can also add your own trinkets, like garlands, elf ears, a blond or silver wig, shiny nail polish…Remember to choose a natural color of the pancake.



Although I mentioned you must have accessories for Halloween, and recommended a couple of costumes. Fashion is never defined, the classic movie band, art, star can be a source of inspiration. I hope these tips will bring you some fresh inspiration. Wish your Halloween night, screaming and laughing, happy Halloween!