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24.03.2022 | James | Eye Fashion Product Review

Today we bring you a review about Magic Red from @tsuincos_ . 

@tsuincos_ with Magic Red is just like a like a gorgeous fantastic elf.

Here is her review :

These contact lenses are a very simple design and a pretty vibrant red . The design on them is a black rim around the outside of the lens and the rest is just pure red.The pure red really stands out and my brown eye is pretty much coloured but I thought that it would be more of a darker red from the picture but overall(it might just be my dark eyes tho) I'm super satisfied with the lenses.

Perfect comfort! I didn't even notice I was wearing them sometimes. And I didn't have to take them out and put them back in. Enlargement ❤️4/5
There is quite an enlargement but it's not super enlarging. I love how they aren't that enlarging since i would probably use these for creepier characters not dolly.

Shipping/service ❤️5/5
The shipping was so quick! They put express shipping on them so it arrived really quick ! And the service is so nice!
Overall: 4.5/5 ❤️
Lenses are absolutely incredible and I never thought red would show up so good but I just wish it was a tad darker because in natural lighting it's a very faint red; but still noticeable! Overall I love this company and I totally recommend them!
Go check them out they sell awesome lenses! And I was so lucky to get this opportunity to get sponsored by them :)"

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