How to Get the Smokey Eye Look of Jessica Alba

21.03.2022 | Diva | TTDeye Care

Meta Description: Learn Jessica Alba’s iconic Smokey eye look. The eye look is perfect for an everyday office look. If you are going to a party, pair the Smokey eyes with some juicy lips. 



You must know Jessica Alba from her iconic movies like Fantastic Four, Sin City, Good Luck Chuck, and many more. However, these days she is getting a lot of attention for her beautiful Smokey eye look. Her Smokey eye is the perfect look for special office meeting days, romantic evenings, or any special occasion.

This article will guide you through all the steps for achieving the iconic Jessica Alba’s Smokey eye look. 

Don’t Get Intimidated by Your Eye Shadow

Before going into the tutorial, let me tell you one thing, you build up your look in Smokey eye. It will look a little out of place when you start getting into the look, but you are only fluffy brush away from achieving the perfect smokey eye look. When it comes to a smokey eye, it is all about blending. You do not need to get intimidated that you messed up. The more you blend, the look will start coming together. 

Apply Eye Mask and Moisturizer Before

When it comes to makeup, preparing your skin is very important. for that reason, Jessica has a few skin-prepping steps that are:

  • Jessica puts on a Shea butter antioxidant mask for 10 minutes. 
  • Later she puts on a hydrating face cream from honest Beauty. 
  • Then she puts on a water base cream for hydrating her face. 
  • Then she massages in the cream with Nurse Jamie’s amethyst face device for a few minutes. 
  • Later she uses a face roller from Nurse Jamie to reduce puffiness and naturally contours her face. 
  • Next, she puts on an eye mask and lip scrub.
  • Immediately after the scrub, she puts on a lip balm. 

This is how Jessica Alba Preps her skin. However, you can skip a few steps here and there to make things simpler.

The Technique: How Does She Do It

To do her smokey eye, Jessica uses 4,5 different products that you can quickly get from Sephora. Or you can buy its dupes from any drug stores. 

  • From a basic neutral eye shadow palette, she first puts on the brow bone color all over her lids. Then she buffs out the shade with a fluffy brush. 
  • Later, she goes in with a shimmery brown color over her lids. 
  • In the next step, she puts a blushy pink eye tint along her eyelash line. 
  • Then she puts a brown colored eye tint on top of the pink hue to form a gradient.
  • then she buffs the brown and pink tint with a fluffy brush. 
  • Next, she takes the Pat McGrath Mother ship II Eye shadow Palette in Sublime. 
  • She then mixes the gold and brown color from the palette and buffs it into the corner of her eyes and underneath the eye. 
  • She extenuates the color in making it a wing. 
  • In the last step, she takes the bronze color from Dior Backstage Face Palette to blend out the wing on all over her lid. 

That is all she does to achieve that perfect cat eye Smokey eye look.

Use of Honest Beauty’s Matte Primer

Alba knows her makeup! Her use of two types of primers and that says it all. She uses a glow primer and a matte primer, both the of the primers are from her brand honest Beauty. She puts matte primer on the areas that she wants to keep matte and glow primer on the spots, where she wants to look glowy.

It is Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Honest Beauty is a 100% cruelty-free and toxicologist audited. The brand philosophy is to create products with minimal ingredients. They want to avoid all the irrelevant chemicals that might cause sensitivity. This means that they avoid putting fragrance in most of their products.

Honest Beauty believes in transparency, so they label all their ingredients on their packaging. Therefore, you can easily avoid harmful and allergic components. They encourage their consumers to turn and learn their beauty products. 

An Added Touch for Your TTDEYE Contact Lenses

Finding some exciting contact lenses can be a struggle. From TTDEYE, you can find some of the most exciting and natural contact lenses. You can buy rainbow lenses, natural lenses, cosplay lenses, and any other kind of lenses you can think of. 

TTDeye colored contact lenses will be the perfect extra touch in your smokey eye look. Light-colored lenses will make the entire look pop more. 

Clean Beauty Is Better Skin Care!

The clean beauty movement is all about filtering out the products that might contain harmful ingredients like parabens, mineral oils, artificial fragrance, sulfates, and artificial colorings. All of these ingredients are harmful and might irritate your skin.

When you buy clean beauty products, you know the only good stuff is getting to your skin. The parabens, mineral oils, and sulfates are filler ingredients. These ingredients do not offer any exclusive benefit, but with passing time, they might severely damage the skin.

Jessica Alba’s beauty brand is also concentrating on similar aspects. They believe in not putting extra chemicals in them. They try to be transparent and innovative with their products.

If you watch Jessica Alba’s makeup tutorial video, you will notice that she repeatedly mentions that she has sensitive skin and eyes. It is a clear sign that honest Beauty has a mission to produce products that focus on sensitive skin types.

Final Take 

Jessica Alba’s brand is currently a lot of attention for being a brand that uses great actives and simple formulas. On their website, you can design your skincare routine at surprisingly low prices.

Considering it is a celebrity brand, you might assume that products might be on the higher end, the prices range in the middle to high-end price points.