How to Do Lenses Care

07.04.2024 | Michael | TTDeye Care

Last lesson, we have talked about how to tell the right side of contact lenses. And we have received a lot of likes and positive comments after that course was out. At the same time, we have given our first response to everyone’s comments and DMs.

And good news is that there are less people mistaking the right side of colored lenses.

Today we will welcome the last lesson. And thank you all for your following.

Fourth lesson: how to do lenses care

Colored eye contacts are indispensable to people’s makeup as they make eyes beautiful and colorful. But colored contacts are a little bit thicker than contact lenses, which may cause comparatively less comfortable experience. What’s more, there are many bad lenses in the market. How to do the care? Wearing colored contact lenses and contact lenses for long may produce protein precipitation, which should be erased completely, or it may cause strong foreign body sensation.

Here we would like to share several ways,

When wearing lenses, there will be more secretions, like protein and lipid in the eyes. They could stay on the lens, making the lens thicker and scratching the cornea. Therefore, it is much more important to do cleaning on colored lenses than that on contact lenses. There are three ways as following,

A. Rubbing

Wash and clean two sides of lenses. Never trust the solution featured by the function of removing protein without rubbing. Both rubbing and cleaning are necessary.


  1. Pour some solution in the palm and rub the lens with one finger (usually middle finger);
  2. Change fresh solution, turn the lens over with the tweezers and clean another side of lens;
  3. Wash the lens with some solution while hanging the lens with tweezers;
  4. Keep the lens in the box with solution 3/4 filled to make the lens fully spread.

B. Wobbling


  1. Put the circle lenses back to the box with 3/4 fresh solution inside and close the hat tight;
  2. Wobble the box left and right for around 1minute to wash the precipitations on lenses away. Never move the box up and down to avoid coloured lenses folding.

C. Auto-washing

First, you need a auto-washer. It will do washing and cleaning under the processed frequency automatically once initiated. This machine can make better effects of washing lenses and prolong the using of lense!

Until now, this is the end of TTDEYE colored lenses lessons. But no worries! We will provide more articles in future, like literary poetry, romantic love stories, touching family stories, and so on.

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