How Much Do Colored Contacts Cost? 11 Brands Reviewed

21.03.2022 | Bernice | TTDeye Care

Are you looking to buy coloured contacts but wondering ‘how much do contacts cost'? Fret not. With our comprehensive guide, you'll know about colour contact prices in no time.




Before you start your shopping spree, you should know that coloured contacts generally cost more than regular contact lenses for a variety of small and significant reasons. One of the primary reasons why the price increases so much are the additional development and research that is involved in the production of such lenses. This is because lens manufacturers first have to research on their own and thereby determine the popular colour choices - only after which they start adding tints to regular contact lenses - finally producing coloured contacts. The process is lengthy because manufacturers need to ensure that such coloured contacts should look natural in the eyes of the user. Moreover, the tinting procedure also enhances the overall manufacturing costs and the number of coloured lenses being sold also don't support the economies of scale as well.


What Are Some Of The Uses Of Coloured Contacts?


The following are some of the significant uses of coloured contacts:


  •     Used To Mask Deformed Eyes - Individually produced and hand-painted lenses, known as custom colour contacts, are generally used as prosthetic contact lenses. These lenses are mainly designed to mask any deformed or scarred eye. These contacts tend to cost almost several hundred dollars.


  •     Used For Cosmetic Purposes - Alternatively known as theatrical contact lenses, these contacts are used for special occasions such as costume or Halloween parties. These are generally sold individually, and the prices can range between $50 to $200. 


  •     Used For Correcting Astigmatism - It should be known that coloured contacts can correct astigmatism as these lenses require a more sophisticated design to correct astigmatism properly. Moreover, the lenses need to be prevented from rotating on the eye.


What Is The Typical Cost Related With Coloured Contacts?


  •     When it comes to proper contact lens prices that are coloured, it all depends on the type of lens along with their style. It should be remembered that disposable coloured lenses cost between $45 and $90. On the other hand, lenses that are used for extended wear can cost between $12 and $90 and therefore can last anywhere between a week to almost three months. However, lenses that are generally designed for long-term usage can cost between $55 to $200.


  •     Apart from the actual cost of the lenses, the user also needs to spend upon an eye exam along with the fitting charges as well. The combined cost can go well over $200. Furthermore, if the customer faces extended problems when using the lenses, then another visit to the eye doctor or professional is recommended - which will add to the overall cost.









5 Star

Comfortable, easily available, light on eyes


Air Optix


4 Star

Crystal clear vision & comfortable. 

Suffers from lens glare.

Chroma View


3 Star

Nice collection of shades & made out of softer material.

Not great for dark coloured eyes.

Eye Fusion


4 Star

Highly durable & provides enhanced vision.

Lens material quality could have been better. 

Fresh Look


4 Star

Enjoyable to wear & extremely comfortable. 

Users can experience fitting issues. 

Tori Colors


4 Star

Perfectly affordable & hassle-free to use. 

Difficult to find stocks online/offline.

Johnson & Johnson


4.5 Star

Value for money, lightweight & durable. 

Vision can turn out to be slightly blurry



3 Star

Looks natural & comfortable all-day. 

Longevity of the lens could have been better. 

Solotica Hidrocor


4.5 Star

Simple, beautiful & authentic.

Doesn’t look natural on the eyes.



4.5 Star

Innovative & pretty looking lenses. 

Make your eyes dry faster due to less water content. 



4 Star

Looks gorgeous with perfect fit and prevents eye dryness. 

Each pair only lasts six months. 

Colour Vision


4 Star

Natural, dramatic & easy to use. 

Has less shades of colour to choose from. 



Review Prices Of 11 Well-Known Brands For Coloured Contacts

1. TTDeye 

TTDeye is a famous brand that provides a wide range of colored contact lenses ranging from $14.99 to $39. The brand provides high quality contact lenses along with its essentials. Lenses of all colors, types, styles and powers are available with an affordable price range. The lenses have a usable period of one whole year.

2. Air Optix

Air Optix is a brand selling coloured contacts in various colours, and their prices generally hover around the mark of $22.99. Colours include grey, blue, sapphire, brown, honey and the like. The lenses are usable for 30 days only.

3. Chroma View 

When it comes to prices for coloured contacts from Chroma View, the lowest price sells for around $12.99 while the top-most price goes for approximately $24.99. The lenses can be used for 90 days.

4. Eye Fusion

Eye Fusion generally sells their coloured contacts starting around $12.99, and the prices go up to almost $29.99. Their lenses could be used for one whole year.


5. Fresh Look

Fresh Look is another vendor known for selling their coloured contacts in different colours. The lowest prices start at $17.99 while the highest rates go up to $22.99. The lenses that are sold by this brand are daily disposable lenses and can only be used for a single day.

6. Tori Colors 

Compared to other brands on this list, Tori Colors sell their coloured contacts around $60.00. Their prices are standard, and therefore, there are no lowest or highest prices. The lenses can be used for only 30 days.


7. Johnson & Johnson

The Acuvue range from Johnson & Johnson has a standard price of $59.99 and comes in a package of 30 lenses. These lenses are daily disposable lenses and should be changed on a per-day basis.

8. Waicon

If you want affordable yet performance-oriented coloured lenses, then the brand of Waicon should fit you. Each pack contains two lenses of your choice of colour and has a standard price of $37.00. Each pair of lenses can be used for two months.


9. Solotica Hidrocor

The Safira coloured contacts range from Hidrocor generally costs around $34.40 to approximately $54.40. The package comes with a single pair of lenses and therefore has an expiry value of almost one year.


10. Bella 

Bella is a well-known brand in the world of coloured contacts, and their products typically cost between $48.30 and $59.60. The package comes with two lenses and therefore can be used up to one year at most.


11. Anesthesia

Anesthesia is another famous brand selling coloured contacts, of which the prices start at $15.00 and go all the way up to $82.60. Each package will contain two lenses and will be usable for six months.


12. Colour Vision

Talking about Colour Vision, the prices for coloured contacts have a standard rate of $67.50 and comes with two lenses in the package. Each lens can only be used for 30 days.


Things To Look Out For When Buying Coloured Contacts


1. Take An Eye Exam


It’s always recommended to opt for an eye exam before you plan to purchase coloured contacts from any retailer around you. Taking an eye exam will help you detect any problems within your eyes, which will help the eye doctor to suggest better lenses for the same. Even if you had taken an eye exam six months or one year back, it’s recommended to perform an updated test which will put you in the right shoes to get recommended with the best available coloured lenses.


Moreover, if you have a family history of having problems with various eye conditions, then setting up an appointment with an eye doctor is utmost necessary. You can proceed with your family-prescribed eye doctor, or you can select your own by searching on the internet or receiving recommendations from your friends or acquaintances.

2. Checking With Your Insurance Company


If you have medical/health insurance, then you should be checking with the insurance company whether the entire cost of obtaining an eye exam along with the value of the coloured lenses will be included with the same.


Most medical insurance companies out there generally cover the entire cost of the eye exam along with the lenses - if all the charge sheet along with prescriptions are raised. Therefore, it's necessary to confirm the same from your insurance company.


3. Always Purchase From Reputed Retailers


It's always recommended that you first investigate the retailer by reading online reviews and suggestions before planning to purchase any product from them. Experts always say to buy lenses that are FDA approved, because lenses that are FDA passed tend to follow strict rules & regulations to meet the final certification.


4. Look Out For More Options


It should be noted that you have to widen your research for the best available coloured lenses in your budget. For example, you'll need to compare prices from both online as well as offline retailers. You can even inquire with your eye care provider as well so that you might get treated to exclusive discounts and other benefits. Some eye care providers (both online and offline) might also provide you with a free exam if you buy the lenses from them - which is indeed a nice touch nonetheless.


In case you have a severe eye care condition, it's always a better idea to work with a healthcare provider instead, as they'll be able to advise you better on which lenses you should choose.


5. Ensure Proper Fitting


Once you've obtained your coloured lenses, it's time to check whether the same fit correctly or not. It's essential that the lenses should fit properly and look natural on your eyes rather than something out of the ordinary.


If the lenses don't correctly fit on your eyes, then you need to get them re-fitted by a professional again. The process is indeed cumbersome, but in the end, it'll be worth it.



With the provided data above, it can be easily seen that the prices for coloured contacts generally range between $20 to $60 on an average. However, it should be noted that the expiry limit of each lens is not on the same page, though. One pair of lenses can last you 30 days while another pair of lenses can last you up to a year. Therefore, you have to judge yourself and know your priorities before you invest in any of the above products. Whether you want a daily disposable coloured lens or something of long-term value, you need to make your own decision first.


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