TTDeye Flower Brown Circle Lense Show

11.03.2024 | Mason | Eye Fashion Product Review

Today, we bring the Flower Brown to everyone , very grateful to @wintervea for us to take pictures.

Flower Brown is a special contacts.In the middle of contacts you can see a pattern of flowers, very delicate.The color is divided into three layers, the middle of which is a dark brown flower disc with a slight black embellishment, followed by light brown petals, and the outside is gray. You can clearly see the layering of three colors, the color from the center to the periphery become more and more shallow, which makes the pattern of flowers more three-dimensional.You can feel the steadiness of the flower disc and the lightness of the petals.

Flower Brown is only suitable for light colored pupils, so it is difficult to see the effect on the dark pupils. It can make your lighter eyes brighter. Of course, you don't have to worry about comfort. This contacts is very comfortable to wear. When people see you wearing Flower Brown, you'll be amazed at the flowers in your eyes. A man who has flowers in his eyes, must see the world is colorful.

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