Floating Eyeliner Will Be The Eye Make-up Look For 2020

15.11.2023 | Alfred Ray | Eye Fashion

Makeup artists, bloggers, and models are now wearing the classic floating eyeliner of the ‘60s. Here, we have everything you need to know about the current trend that has taken the beauty industry by storm.

Floating Eyeliner Trends for 2020

Are you bored of the classic Smokey and ordinary eye? Would you like to add more pomp to your eye? Whatever your options, the floating eye will always take away the ordinary makeup look on your eye. And yes, you can wear the floating eyeliner even if you wear contact lenses.

If you're not sure how to make a floating eye, worry less, we'll dig into everything about the floating eyeliner to ensure you have that classy beauty appeal. We'll also look into why the floating eyeliner will be the eye make-up look for 2020. Keep reading.


What is a floating eyeliner?

Floating eyeliners have been around for many decades, and models such as Twiggy donned this look in the ‘60s. The style has made a comeback and is the in thing trend, especially during summer.

A floating eye line adds graphic details to your eye. To achieve such a look, you can extend the cat eye using a liquid eyeliner of any choice. You can add an extra line on the crease to connect these two at the outside edges. 

With the resurgence, models such as Lucy Boynton adopted this appeal during the SAG awards in 2019. Other popular celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian have been wearing this look.

Even on Instagram, beauty bloggers and make-up artists are wearing this vintage look. It's coming up as a fresh and modern make-up trend. Whereas it may appear like an exclusive make-up style that can only be done by a professional, a DIY hobbyist can achieve this at home. Therefore, it just requires some creativity and art to have floating eyeliner.

How do you achieve the floating eyeliner look?

Now that we have an idea of what a floating eye-line is, we'll explore the steps to follow to achieve this look. First, before you apply the make-up, remember to put on your contact lenses.


Priming the eyelid

Without a doubt, there are make options for achieving the desirable floating look. However, it all goes down to the choice of the base.

Before anything else, decide on whether you'd like a bold or neutral appeal.

Regardless of your choice, priming is the first step that you shouldn't overlook. It helps achieve a smooth and fine base for the make-up application. It removes any excess oil on the skin, thereby ensuring the make-up doesn't wear out and stays longer during the day.

By having a smooth base, the floating eyeliner will be even and won't crease.

One useful tip for priming the eyelids is to use a gentle cleanser before priming. Also, micellar water is an excellent choice. Also, apply the priming reagent gently on the skin to prevent tugging.

Blend the lid base

Blending the lid base is the next step. If you're a beginner, you can use a neutral base as this will cause your eyeliner to pop.

Once you decide on having neutral eyeliner, you may need some eye shadow for complementing your appeal.

In this case, blend with a lighter shade across the lid and extend beyond the crease. Next, dust with a light color on the middle area of the lid so that your eyes can pop. If you have small eyes, this trick will make them appear bigger.

If you like boldness, then you'll only need to dust with a light brown eye-shadow from the lash line above the crease.

You may want to keep the shade more so the one dimensional that has a bold crease. Therefore, this will keep the element and make your eyes be noticeable.

Etch the floating crease with an eyeliner

There is a wide variety of eyeliners on the market that will complement your look. These include the normal pencil eyeliner, gel, liquid, felt-tip, and mechanical. The accuracy of the scopes depends purely on your eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner on a thin brush is useful in achieving a smooth and accurate look. Some models prefer crayons or regular pallets on a slim brush.

Eye shadows are available in different colors and help you achieve a more commanding look. On the same note, you can get a classic look by using more meticulous strokes.

To create a crease, close the eyes so that you can estimate the real place where the crease is located. Here, you can choose an eyeliner color depending on your preference.

For a neutral crease, brown eyeliner will do the trick. However, for a bold crease, cobalt blue is an ideal choice. The next step is to start drawing an art above your eyes crease to have the ultimate floating eye effect. You can choose to stop here or use a bristle brush to blend evenly and create a hazier appeal.

You can add accents to the crease using a different eye shadow that will blend perfectly. In this case, try blending it upward to prevent interference with the crease's crispness.

Match the under-eye make-up to the floating crease

If you'd like to coordinate your make up and would like more pomp with the crease, you can choose to use similar eyeliner like the one for the crease on the bottom lash line. Notably, for a softer eye effect, don't forget to blend.

Finish by applying the mascara

Eye make-up is deemed complete by applying some mascara. If your choice was a neutral crease, use black mascara. However, for a bolder appeal, use cobalt-blue mascara instead of black.

In the end, with a neutral base, the lashes, floating crease, and lash lines match perfectly.


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Final words

There you have it. Don't you love it easy to blend with the current eye make-up trends and spruce up your looks? The inspirations from Instagram prove that you can add more pop to your eyes and achieve the floating eyeliner appeal. The good news is that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars hiring a make-up artist. You can achieve the look right at home.