Five Tips to Match Colored Contact Like Kendall Jenner

29.03.2022 | Matthew | Eye Fashion Celebrity Beauty


One glimpse at Kendall Jenner’s most post reveals you will be drawn to the unique charm of mature brought by her brown eyes, it is not hard to see, this girl really likes brown lenses. The brown-colored contact lenses offer a enlarge and brighten effect to Jenner’s eyes, making her looking more brilliant, pulling focus to her cool-toned metallic makeup. what’s more, brown contact lenses suits well with her jet-colored hair, showing us the firmness and neutral part of her personality.

Kendall Jenner always has her own fashion style, the girl knows how to make your own makeup suit for your eye color and leave others an unforgettable impression, in her fashion concepts, smoky eyes paired with brown lenses is never out of fashion, smoky can make the eye and facial structure more reasonable. There must be something we can learn from Kendall Jenner to create a makeup that suits for brown contact lenses. Today, I am going to bring you five tips to match colored contacts like Kendall Jenner.


Tip1. give dimension to your eyelids

Create a “ramp” for the eyeshadow by drawing two curved lines along the crease, lightly apply the eye shadow onto only the inner and outer corners of your eyes, making sure they won’t connect, which gives your eyes more depth in those where you applied product. Then take the eye shadow up all the way to your crease, creating a seamless smoky effect. In the end, highlight the center with a metallic powder. The most important part of this step is to make sure the center of your lids product-free to give dimension to your eyelids, the use of shadow plays a transition role from shallow to deep, and star shine eye lenses can make you look stunning. 


Tip2. add a touch of bronze to the eyelid

When you create a smoky eye look, always add a touch of bronze to the eyelid. "It's the best way of making the smoky eye look like it's part of you. There's nothing more cringe to me than losing a face behind a layer of makeup, and the addition of bronzer to a dark look brings some life back to the eye," said Kendall Jenner herself.

Tip3. diffused eyeliner


Connecting the upper and lower inner rims of your eyelids with black eyeliner to create the structure of the look. Next, using black or brown liner to line the upper lash line, and blend that color all over the lid from the lash line out to the crease of the eye socket .Use a brush to sweep until the liner is diffused out.


Tip4. Create distinct roots of eyelashes.


When applying mascara, use a lash comb in between coats to avoid clumping. Distinct roots of eyelashes with moist eyes make you look eyes moving, like girls in their golden age. Crystal ball Caramel brown lenses will be proper.

Tip5. filling in your eyebrows with a deeper color


When filling in your eyebrows, depict eyebrow shape with pencil first, and keeping the bottom darkest. Brown lenses clearly paired with Brown eyebrows, so choosing the dark brown pencil is okay. Remember that your eyebrow color should be deeper than the eye color, so that your eyes will look more natural.