Eyeshadow Do's and Don'ts

15.11.2023 | Daniel | TTDeye Care



We can’t be without the eyeshadow when we are to wear eye makeup. The eyeshadow can frame out our eye contours and highlight our makeup if the method of application is correct, conversely it might enlarge the shortcomings of our eyes. Here are some eyeshadow dos and don’ts I’m gonna share with you.


  • When you choose eyeshadow

Generally speaking, the primary role of eyeshadow is to impart third dimension to the eyes and make our cheek bright and beautiful through the tension of colors. So, either color or texture, when choosing and match eyeshadow, is a vital element that can’t be neglected.

  • Do

Deep color goes with light color. Choose eyeshadow owns deep and light color at the same time. It can add the three-dimension effect to our eyes, and if you want to try bolder choice, you can mix three colors. Normally, bright colors are more popular because they can clear our eyes.

  • Don’t

Never bottom your eyes with deep color and use those colors that do not match you skin at all, and don’t daub it too thick, which will make you look unnatural. Don’t make the line between deep and light color too clear, or your eyes can’t appear the deep sense.


  • When you operate

Painting eyeshadow is not so hard as you thought, but there are some tips for you to make it better.

  • Do

Use the color contrast to your pupils. If you want to master the makeup skills to make eyes deep and bright, just use the color contrast to your eyes to make them more stereoscopic. For instance, claret eyeshadow matches green eyes very much! Wanna try a gentle one? So use one similar to your pupils in case it covers your beautiful eyes.

Use the sumudger. Most eyeshadow casket includes a sumudger, as I mentioned above, to avoid the line between different colors to be too clear, the sumudger can play a part. The most charming aspect of eyeshadow makeup is that it plays up different colors and create charming and attractive appearance.

  • Don’t

Don’t daub shining eyeshadow on eyelids. The shine on eyeshadow will amplify the wrinkle on your eyelids, so don’t wear makeup that doesn’t fit your age at all. I suggest those fogging and silky products because they looks nobler and more graceful.


  • When you remove makeup

Clean your skin and remove your makeup completely is definitely the fundamental to improve our looks. If the cosmetics stays on your face, it will choke the pore.


  • Do

Pour coin size make up remover on the cotton pad and wait for it to be fully absorbed . Put your middle finger on the cotton pad and press it lightly along your eye arc to make the makeup remover dissolve eyeshadow totally.

  • Don’t

Use the makeup remover only once,knead the eyes back and forth or

use the face makeup remover to remove eyeshadow.


To sum up, practice makes perfect! Just try and you will get the knowledge about the dos and donts, and find the eyeshadow that suit you most.