Crystal ball Blue,Show it off!

11.03.2024 | Jones | Eye Fashion

Figured I should write a review for these lenses since a lot of you had questions!

Okay so these lenses are from @ttd_eye and I believe they’re called ‘Cystal ball blue.’I wanted lenses that blended fairly well with my eyes.To the point where you might not be able to tell I’m wearing any but still have a slight enlarging effect.Not only that but they actually managed to make them look a bit lighter and more dolly without looking fake!

They aren’t full lenses,they just sort of have an outer ring of color that blends inward.It’s much more noticeable on dark eyes although it doesn’t look natural.T

his company always has the softest lenses I’ve ever worn so I’m very happy about that.

I will also mention I tried getting brown lenses from them previous to this pair but due to the lightness of my eye they showed little to no colour change.But if you have brown eyes they show up well.

I felt awful that i couldn’t wear them but they resolved the issue and were nice enough to let me get a different pair instead.

Overall considering the conform of the lenses and kindness of @ttd_eye I would highly recommend this company.

Also I believe if you use the code ‘papapeachy’(on orders over $30)at checkout it’ll help save some $$.Feel free to ask questions if you have any!


More info,Follow TTDEYE Instagram official @ttdeye @ttd_eye

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